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Hi! I have a question! I'm having trouble getting my blues and greens to really show up looking their color. Everytime I use them the end up looking like either a black or a weird muddy brown. I use urban decay eyeshadow primer too! I'm wondering if there's a order I should apply my colors when using a blue or green to really get that true color! Thank you, keep the blog going I love it so much!


First, make sure the blues and greens you’re using are nicely pigmented and don’t have a muddy hue from the get-go by swatching them on your hand. If that muddiness is there on your swatch, it’s probably best you use another shadow.

If it’s a good, pigmented shadow, great! Now when you apply it, try using a flat and dense brush. It’ll pick up more color and you can easily pat it onto the lids. It may sound really obvious, but be sure your brush is free of any previous shadows you’ve used already! That can definitely cause any color lighter than what’s on the brush to look muddy!

For a more vibrant blue or green, use a lighter base beneath it. Something like NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk really helps bring out the true colors of eye shadows. Or, you could use a cream shadow in a similar color to your green or blue shadow.

As far as an order goes, I like to start at the top of my eye at the brow bone and move down, or start at the lashline and move up. That way, I’m not going all over the place over-blending things that don’t need to be and therefore, making them muddy.

Hope this helps you out! Really glad you like the blog :)

Happy Holidays!