Detroit is getting a neighborhood of tiny homes that homeless people rent to own

A local nonprofit organization called Cass Community Social Services is spearheading the project, which will build 25 single-family homes ranging from 250 to 400 square feet. The first house was completed in September, and six more are expected to be built by the end of the year.

At least half of the 25 houses will be occupied by formerly homeless people, with seniors, college students and Cass staff members making up the rest of the population. […]

When they move in, residents will start by signing a one-year lease with a stipulated rent that amounts to no more than one third of their monthly income. They’ll continue to sign new annual leases for their first three years in the home (as long as they pay rent on time and comply with the rest of the terms).

After three years, they’ll be invited to sign a land contract that amounts to the total rent for four subsequent years. After paying that off (seven years after moving in), the resident will legally become the owner of the land and home. Their rent will have essentially bought them the house.

Fowler says the hope is that the homes can become cushions the residents can fall back on in times of crisis, and can allow them to take out loans with better interest rates.

“You have something to leave on generationally in your family, which is part of the American Dream,” [Reverend Faith Fowler, the executive director of Cass] says. […]

Once complete, the neighborhood will also be exceptional for another reason: Each tiny home will look unique. Cass purchased 25 individual sets of architectural plans, ranging from Cape Cod to Victorian to Modern styles.

“Everything is very different on purpose so people have a pride in their home,” Fowler says.

Now that the initial model house is finished, the rest of the homes are expected to be built in batches of six. Because they’re so small, each only requires five weeks of construction and costs an estimated $40,000 to $50,000.

The development is completely funded by private money, much of which has come in the form of grants from organizations like the Ford Motor Company and the RNR Foundation. So far, Cass has raised $800,000 of the desired $1.5 million.


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Armitage shows impressive range as he ages Kenneth upwards, channeling his hawkish charisma into more darkly funny places than his screen roles allow. He’s a louche, petulant but winningly playful 19-year-old, an exasperated working father of two and, finally, a smugly retired businessman, cracking open expensive wine while his resentful daughter struggles to pay her rent.
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Aperture Towers (Apartment Complex AU)

  • Caroline, the landlady and freelance scientist who has an indulgent way of dealing with those who can’t afford to pay rent. One might argue that financially twisting one’s arm enough negated the conditional “voluntary,” but she argued that it really was a matter of free will. You could enlist as a test subject of your own volition and she would see to it that your debt was waived, or you could be evicted. It was a rock and a hard place, sure, but you had the luxury of choice to cushion either.
  • Virgil, the maintenance worker, and roomies with Mel
  • Doug, the artist who lives in the basement. He’s probably lived there the longest (even before Caroline took charge of the tenancies), but is the least known, never venturing into conversations beyond polite “hello”s. Sits at the very edge of the group when community meetings are called, and is usually the first to leave. 
  • There’s a self-professed Oracle running an out-of-home fortune telling business in her apartment. She doesn’t advertise it to the other tenants–– she doesn’t need to. You just need to follow the choking scent of incense if you want your future revealed to you. 
  • Chell’s the most recent move-in. Accompanied by her faithful companion, a stout and scraggly sheep dog, she settles into the apartment two doors down from Wheatley. 
  • Said neighbor finally meets her after coming home from a particularly harrowing work day, made even more aggravating by the incessant fucking barking going on next door. There was a No Pets Allowed rule in effect, but nobody wanted to be the anonymous tip-off that shipped someone’s furry roommate off to the pound. The general sentiment was “don’t ask, don’t tell,” and there was an unspoken communal understanding to cast a deaf ear to the occasional yaps that seeped through the walls, denying anything and everything when the landlady came a’prowling. But fuck it. Wheatley was having a bad day, and so it was time to ruin someone else’s. He storms up to her door with a vicious knock and perhaps a tad too strong an opening on his tongue.
  • Chelley? He gags down every expletive he knows because, oh look at that he’s been getting his new neighbor’s –– his cute new neighbor’s–– mail. Where is it? He, well. He actually didn’t bring it. No, no–– it’s not in his apartment either. He, uh, burned it. Why did he do that? Well. It was spam. Mostly spam. All spam, in fact. Decided to save her the trouble. Aw, is that a dog? He loves dogs, him. 
  • Not Chelley? He threatens to out her to the landlady. Other people live here, you know. Cue Chell going through a rotisserie of sympathetic neighbors to temporarily hide her dog from this asshole’s petty wrath. At least now she’s getting to know the other tenants: Craig, who was adamant about not letting that mongrel into his apartment (neat-freak), but between Chell’s own stubbornness and a hell of a lot of bargaining finally obliged… but just until the first routine investigation was over! Rick, who was more than happy to do “a little favor for a little lady.” Cue his wink bouncing off her poker-face with an almost audible tink. (”Um. Yeahgreatthanks.”) And the guy always wearing some form of NASA paraphernalia or other. ( “DOG? IS THAT A DOG? I LOVE DOGS. DID YOU KNOW THAT THE RUSSIANS ONCE SENT A DOG INTO SPACE? HER NAME WAS LAIKA AND––”)

I found myself in the mall bc I was like cool I can pay my rent now maybe vans still has that plaid button up my sister stole and maaaaybe there’s a space heater at Ross and Zoe needs hangers and I just walked around, glaring and nauseated by the foul deluge of consumerism and superficiality that surrounded me, wondering wether we as humans are actually motivated by anything besides the basic carnal instinct to reproduce and wether we are, in the end actually any more enlightened than the rats that feed on our garbage.
Then I went into Barnes and Noble imagining that there might be any of those Llewelyn herbal almanacs around (HA) and they were playing Disney soundtracks and I just walked around singing and making christians feel uncomfortable

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The Rent that Magically Pays Itself

So, has it ever been explained why Neal’s crappy rat-infested squatter den always seems to be available for the Nevengers whenever they have to be in New York?  When Robin had to leave Storybrooke with Roland and Not Marian, they ended up moving into that place.  And when the Nevengers had to chase after Henry and Violet when they went AWOL, they ended up crashing there.

First of all, who keeps paying the rent on that place?  Why hadn’t the landlord cleaned it out of all of Neal’s stuff when it was sitting empty all throughout the Lost Year?

Second of all, why would the Nevengers keep going there of all places when they need a place to stay while they’re in New York?  If the filthy squatter den was left untouched despite no one paying the rent, shouldn’t the same hold true to that fancy penthouse loft apartment where Emma and Henry were staying during the Lost Year?  In all seriousness, who would choose to stay here

when you could go here?

(images from

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Is his work money going into that joint account though? To pay for rent, bills and food for the animals? I'm sure the reason you took money from the account isn't as important.

Nope all of those are hooked to my personal once again