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I don’t know okay. I was bored in class, had a fountain pen. This mixed up with my obsession with WKM. 

Boom. There ya go.


I know the truth. It was them  f r o m  t h e  s t a r t.

I t  w a s  t h e  J i m s.

first off don’t rb this please and thank you and also this is nearly ten years ago so my memory may be fuzzy on details

second a disclaimer don’t fucking do any of this shit bc if you do im gonna feel guilty for ruining your chem class

third of all everything was Chris’s idea and absolutely nobody can prove otherwise

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Ive seen people say that nikki's mom is flawed because she sleeps around but i think its more that ehhh she doesnt pay attention to her daughter.

nikki’s mom.. yeah dude, that’s a can of worms right there. the problem would def be that she’s too occupied with her own life to care enough for nikki’s emotional needs.
nikki is a wild child, but she’s not a bad kid. and the way her mom treated her in parents’ day (not paying much attention to her, basically not caring which CAMP she was in or that the flowerscouts incident was seriously traumatizing to her) and how nikki recalled her in prevous episodes, really paints a picture.
sleeping around in itself wouldn’t be a problem, but the way she treated nikki when they were supposed to spend time together IS.

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I am confused about this wish world stuff. It only came into existence when Queenie 2.0 made the wish, doesn't that mean the life Wish Hook lived when the roads diverged when Regina didn't cast the curse is fake. Like the daughter is fake? I guess Tremaine must be from there too or else wtf... If I am supposed to care about them should we not also care about Wish Henry who was left an orphan there at 14?

I am confused about this wish world stuff. 

You should really be asking someone who pays much better attention than me, but let’s give it a shot.

It only came into existence when Queenie 2.0 made the wish, doesn’t that mean the life Wish Hook lived when the roads diverged when Regina didn’t cast the curse is fake. 

Exactly it came into existence then, but we’re to believe that the characters were given histories like they were real when they were magicked into existence. I think we’re supposed to believe that each characters’s backstory is the same until Regina didn’t cast the curse.

Like the daughter is fake? 

Since the daughter would have been born after the histories diverged, I guess the daughter would have been created at the same time the Genie created the realm, so she and her backstory are conjured by the Genie.  Whether that makes her real or fake, who the fuck knows. 

I guess Tremaine must be from there too or else wtf…

Maybe?  We’ll see if that’s a plot hole that ever gets filled. 

 If I am supposed to care about them should we not also care about Wish Henry who was left an orphan

As an anon suggested to me over the weekend, this show would get a real jolt of energy if  WishHenry was the big bad.  That would be awesome! And very watchable.

But, yes, it’s very disturbing that WishHook is going to be this real character that we get to know with a real backstory and the audience is supposed to empathize with and root for, but Regina murdering WishSnow and WishCharming is a non-issue and the fact that she orphaned another version of her son, something we don’t talk about. 

Short black dress

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Who: Gray

Genre: suggestive

Hey guys! How are you doing? I hope you are having a great week so far <3

This one is not so good, but I hope you like it and sorry for any mistake :)

“Hey guys”
You said confidently while entering AOMG’s office.
They answered at a unison without paying too much attention to you. Your boyfriend didn’t even say a word. Jay, Kiseok and Seunghwa seemed to be very busy with the computer. A nice beat was being played.
You left your jacket on a chair and leaned against the wall, waiting for them to finish what they were doing. Seunghwa had texted you this morning, after a long week of barely saying two words to you, to ask you to come to their office. They had something to propose to you, he had said.
You couldn’t avoid to look at him and smile a bit. He looked so gorgeous when he concentrated on his music. In that moment, you almost didn’t care that he ignored you or had been ignoring you for almost two weeks.
“Well, I think this is perfect, we can start recording the lyrics,” said Jay “ Y/n, we asked you to come because we wanted…”
He suddenly looked at you and he went silent. You could see his eyes looking at you from top to bottom. That caught Kiseok’s attention, who also looked at you. His reaction was exactly the same as Jay’s.
You raised an eyebrow, pretending not to understand what was happening with them.
“Wow, Y/n, sometimes you make me regret having introduced you to Seunghwa” You laughed.
It was true. You two had been friends with Jay for a couple of years, and he was the one who introduced to your boyfriend.
For the first time since you had entered the office, Seunghwa took his eyes off the computer screen to look at you. You pretended you didn’t notice, smiling flirtily at Jay.
That black, short dress. He knew it too well.
Seunghwa loved fashion, and he used to buy you clothes almost every week. No matter how much you rejected them, he would always end up using you as something like a mannequin to try cool clothes.
That dress suited you too well, so well that he had told you that he was almost wishing that you would use it only with him. He was joking, but you could see some truth in those words.
And you were vengeful that day… So the black dress was perfect, armed to kill.
You looked at your boyfriend, pretending to be distracted. He gave you that mysterious look of him, never letting you know what was he thinking. You two kept looking at each other for a while. He, as serious as always, and you, defiant, like saying dare say something. Suddenly, Seunghwa smirked, like coming up with a master plan. That smirk of his could always make you shiver.
“So, what a coffee guys? I was about to go…”
You heard Jay. Immediately, looked away from your boyfriend to look at your friend, but you knew he was still looking at you.
“No, no. I will. You have to work on that song, and I don’t like being here trapped that much. And, since you haven’t said what did you want from me… I’ll let you think.”
You ran away from the office, almost without asking what did they want.
Seunghwa and you had been dating for almost a year, and he still could make you feel like a shy teenager. He just needed one of his looks.
You were too tempted to not go back to the studio and put some excuse, but you decided you needed to fulfill your mission.
“Here are your coffees, guys…”
You said as you opened the door. Your boyfriend raised his eyes to look at you and smirked again. He was alone.
“Where are Ssam and Jay?”
“They had something to do.”
“Oh, really?” You saw your boyfriend getting up and going towards you “Then I guess you don’t need me here anymore. I’ll go”
“Why? You don’t want to see me?”
“Of course I want – you pouted”
Seunghwa smiled and pat your head.
“I think I know that dress.”
“I thought you said you wouldn’t wear it.”
“I was kidding”
“I supposed so.”
“Is there any problem? You don’t want others to appreciate my beauty?”
You provoked him. Bad mistake.
Seunghwa smirked again and pushed you against the wall, leaning his arm on it to keep you from moving.
“No problem at all. Let them see, I’ll be the only one who touches you.”
He approached you even more and then kissed you passionately.
In that moment, you knew you wouldn’t be able to escape from him.

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This may be rude..... but Harry softly circling the insides of your wrists and you aren't paying much attention, bc you're having a great time at this party. But then he leans into your ear and whispers some absolute FILTH.

I’m literally swirling just thinking about harry whispering in my ear about how much he wants me or what he’s gonna do later akskdkkdkdkd

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tbh mitsuhide’s entire act 2 felt like a story event to me, it took me until chapter 6-7 to feel remotely invested and then it was a lot of ‘wait, what?’ (but also i was probably not paying as much attention to details re: lack of investment) .... I did notice that they kept saying nobu vanished though which made me more ???


I agree completely. The Divine Ending was good, I thought. (Well, up until the modern day meeting and the fact that no resolution came from that, either???) The rest of it was just as you said. It was the boring usual in a lot of parts. And then strange alien tea man would pop out of a dark corner and say something ominous and then float away back into the mist. 

I appreciate subtlety in certain things, but when you have a whole route building up to a certain event and then you basically skim over it and give no concrete explanations its like…okay? 

The whole vanishing thing was odd. And like I said earlier, the only reason for the phrasing that makes sense to me is that they just tried to 1)make it more mystical and 2)make us feel worse for Mitsuhide. Like, having a dead body and being like alright you have to die vs. nobu *vanished* and we don’t know much but oh well sorry pal this is just bad luck right, someones gotta pay. It just makes it more tragic. He watched Nobu like walk right into fire and still all he said was something like “our lord is no more” ??? instead of “homeboy straight strutted right into the flames you guys” 

Idk the whole thing was odd lol  

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📚: a book you are currently reading

i literally finished the book i was reading a couple of hours ago, so the book i am about to start reading is ‘prince of the blood’ by raymond e fiest!

🎁: best gift you’ve ever gotten

me: immediately blanks on every gift i’ve ever gotten lmao ummm probably my laptop!

🌸: favorite flower

i’ve never payed much attention to flowers tbh! but i think tulips are pretty

thank u for asking! send me an emoji


wolfstar babes


Magnus being very much not okay after what happened to him.


Remake of this gifset because bless the new gif size limit.

I’m really sad to hear about Choa leaving AOA. I actually got into AOA because of her. She had charm to her character and her voice was what attracted me to her and her group’s music. But to hear that she had been struggling with depression this whole time and had forced herself to smile through it all really put my perspectives in a new light. Any idol can be suffering from depression or anxiety and we wouldn’t know. Be it the member whom we call the sunshine or the angel of a group, they can be forcing themselves to act happy. This shouldn’t be surprising to hear, but it should be reminded. Again, I’m sad to see Choa go, but if she is leaving in accord to her mental health, then I am thoroughly supporting her choice.

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