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Aeon Dream Studios Facts, Pt 1

I have no idea why, but as I was working on Hikaru’s route, I suddenly had the thought that you guys don’t know a lot about our processes or anything. And hey, you may not care! But I had the urge to write down some facts about us as we come to a conclusion after a very long year of development on our first game. Some facts are general, some are personal but for some reason, I just wanted to share it with you all.

  • Aeon Dream Studios is one year old, in our second year. It’ll be two years this August.
  • We all worked without a single drop of pay for a year.
  • Aeon Dream Studios consists of a creative core of three women from different countries: Vietnam, Lithuania and the US.
  • Of these three, two are people of color and one from a country with a long history of oppression.
  • All three have struggled with depression and other similar issues throughout their lives, but have struggled and grown as people through ADS.
  • All three had significant life struggles and changes during our development of MDSOA, but thus far have been able to overcome them all.
  • All three are responsible for the entirety of the writing, world, and art, though we do contract a small portion of the art out, even that is directed under the artist.
  • We work regularly with three other contractors for the Backgrounds, Programming and CG Art.
  • Our Lead Artist and Art Director Gess, is responsible for drawing all the sprites from concept to the final version you see in the game. She is also responsible for the direction of the CGs and the final version you see in game. Gess also oversees all visuals, including BG, modifications, and GUI. She even oversees promotional materials and screenshots.

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