Okay so im sorry for the really bad quality but i couldn’t get my scanner to work so i had to just take a picture of it. Anyways, if you’re on here then it pretty much means that i love you, you’re perfect, and i wanted to thank you for making tumblr enjoyable for me everyday. I know i dont talk to a lot of you but now you know that i secretly admire you. So yeah THANK YOU!!!! 



Btw this is in no particular order at all!!! i appreciate you all equally!!! :)

dont u hate it when u tellin a funny story and u laugh at it and everyone else still gotta straight face and aint even payin attention so u gotta play it off

emwahtsons asked:

so we're the same age so obviously i love you because 15 is the worst age possible. i love your about page because its clean and i like the navi thats connected to it :)

i actually like being 15, idk i feel like i have a lot of freedom and i can do what i want but maybe thats just me. also…i have an about me page?? i didnt even know that im so dumb ((oh it needs to be updated…. quickly))

  • my favorite thing about your blog:theme
  • my favorite thing about you: you’re really pretty and look at you with emblem three ;)
  • overall blograte: 10

blog lovin’ yay ((finishing from last night, you can keep sending in!))

also follow ellie and tell me for a surprise

No offense to everyone at the vmas but I ain’t payin attention to nothing else but Nicki snatching Miley by the mop dreads