OK, j'avoue.

J'ai passé la journée d'hier à trimballer des tables, des fûts, à tracer des emplacements à la bombe sur le parking de l'église du village.
Ce matin à 5h j'étais à l'entrée, à orienter les exposants ou à m'engueuler avec eux.
Et après matinée en cuisine à pré cuire des frites et des cœurs de canard (ouais, c'est les landes…). Ou au bar à servir des demis.

C'est pour l'assos des parents d'élèves. Pour payer les voyages et les jeux des gosses. Pour participer à la vie du village.

Mais franchement c'est surtout pour rire avec les potes, pour le verre de rouge avec la tartine de foie gras à 9h, pour le pastis de 12h, pour échapper un peu aux conneries inutiles qui peuplent mes journées.

Une petite sieste et je vais aller ranger.

His wife costs tax payers millions by refusing to move into the White House. The Secret Service is looking into leasing space in Trump Tower…. Think about that. We have to pay for Trump’s security to buy space in Trump’s building because his wife refuses to move.

He costs the taxpayers millions with each trip to Mar-a-Lago, his resort, where people pay lots of money to stay where he stays and take pictures with Trump’s security detail who carries the nuclear codes. It also costs the city’s police department thousands in overtime pay.

All this profiting off the office might only make me pissed off, and not nauseous with rage, if he wasn’t such a damned hypocrite on top of it all.

maybe politicians and the super rich are so worried about poor people cheating the system to survive because they think we’re like them and want more money than we could possibly spend … at the tax payers expense, which is exactly what they do for themselves. They’re worried we cheat the system for money to live on because they cheat the system for billions to sit on.


“Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?

Jeremiah 32:27

Do you have a problem believing that the moment a sinner receives Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, he is saved? I believe that you will say, “No.”

Let me then ask you which is harder for God (though in reality, we know that nothing is hard for God): To save a soul from hell or heal a sick body? Of course, it is “harder” to save a soul from hell because God had to send His Son to the cross.

So if God has already given you the greatest miracle that you can ever receive, which is to pluck you out of the clutches of eternal damnation and give you eternal life, what is healing your body, saving your marriage, turning your rebellious teenage son around or giving you that business deal to Him?

Therefore, don’t think that when you come to God with a headache, He says, “No problem,” but should you come to Him with cancer, He says, “Cancer? Wow! Not that easy. This is more problematic. I will need more power!”

No! It may appear more difficult to us, but with God, nothing is too hard for Him because He says, “Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for Me?”

This was indeed the case for a church member who was suffering from ovarian cancer. After I had prayed for her, I told her, “This cancer is not a problem for God. Just believe that when God said that nothing is too hard for Him, it is so!” In a matter of weeks, she came back with tears in her eyes, testifying that she went back to the doctor and he pronounced her healed after he could find no traces of cancer in her.

Beloved, if it is a miracle you need, it is a miracle you will get. God has already given you the greatest miracle of eternal life, so why would He not give you all the other lesser miracles?

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weightlessribbons  asked:

Could you elaborate on the difference between "socialism" and "state capitalism"? For instance, what would we call government infrastructure programs, or single-payer healthcare (keeping in mind that the government will be considered to be legitimately democratic by most people)?

I’d say that whatever the government does in the realm of programs can generally be separated from the economic system itself. By this I simply mean that you can have single-payer healthcare and public sector jobs in a capitalist, state capitalist, or socialist context. State capitalism is when the government becomes the analogous capitalist class, deciding what to do with the means of production and the surplus labor value; the supposed idea is to reinvest the surplus back into the economic infrastructure (as an individual capitalist would for their enterprise, except writ large), building it up to the extent that a transition to full socialism could be made easier. In this way, many Marxists argue that a society ought to go through this stage if it has not gone through an analogous era of late-stage capitalism – the argument being that socialism requires a history of liberal institutions in society to have as smooth a transition as possible. Unfortunately, you still get class stratification in the form of a detached party apparatus that winds up acting very similar to a ruling class under private capitalism. Lenin recognized that what the USSR had achieved was state capitalism and he hoped to see an eventual transition to full socialism. Socialism, in turn, is when the actual producers collectively own and democratically manage the means of production and the common necessities of life; a planned system, like state capitalism, but planned in a bottom-up fashion by the workers themselves. Marxist definitions describe it as having a state, whereas the communist stage afterward is stateless.


Can you imagine the headlines comparing Barack and Michelle to welfare queen, greedy handout seekers if they vacationed on a weekly basis on the tax payers dime?

There would be a million think pieces about the first black president’s lack of decorum and class, how it disparages the black community, and makes it so hard for black people in positions of power to be taken seriously