Sanders will introduce universal health care, backed by 15 Democrats
Republicans, bruised and exhausted by a failed campaign to repeal the Affordable Care Act, were giddy about the chance to attack Democrats and Sanders.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will introduce legislation on Wednesday that would expand Medicare into a universal health insurance program with the backing of at least 15 Democratic senators — a record level of support for an idea that had been relegated to the fringes during the last Democratic presidency.

“This is where the country has got to go,” Sanders said in an interview at his Senate office. “Right now, if we want to move away from a dysfunctional, wasteful, bureaucratic system into a rational health-care system that guarantees coverage to everyone in a cost-effective way, the only way to do it is Medicare for All.”

Sanders’s bill, the Medicare for All Act of 2017, has no chance of passage in a Republican-run Congress. But after months of behind-the-scenes meetings and a public pressure campaign, the bill is already backed by most of the senators seen as likely 2020 Democratic candidates — if not by most senators facing tough reelection battles in 2018.

The bill would revolutionize America’s health-care system, replacing it with a public system that would be paid for by higher taxes. Everything from emergency surgery to prescription drugs, from mental health to eye care, would be covered, with no co-payments. Americans under 18 would immediately obtain “universal Medicare cards,” while Americans not currently eligible for Medicare would be phased into the program over four years. Employer-provided health care would be replaced, with the employers paying higher taxes but no longer on the hook for insurance.

Private insurers would remain, with fewer customers, to pay for elective treatments such as plastic surgery — a system similar to Australia, which President Trump has praised for having a “much better” insurance regime than the United States.

But the market-based changes of the Affordable Care Act would be replaced as Medicare becomes the country’s universal insurer. Doctors would be reimbursed by the government; providers would sign a yearly participation agreement with Medicare to remain with the system.

“When you have co-payments — when you say that health care is not a right for everybody, whether you’re poor or whether you’re a billionaire — the evidence suggests that it becomes a disincentive for people to get the health care they need,” Sanders said. “Depending on the level of the copayment, it may cost more to figure out how you collect it than to not have the copayment at all.”

As he described his legislation, Sanders focused on its simplicity, suggesting that Americans would be happy to pay higher taxes if it meant the end of wrangling with health-care companies. The size of the tax increase, he said, would be determined in a separate bill.

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during the debate between Ted Cruz and Bernie sanders last night about obamacare this one woman told Bernie she has a small business (I think a hair salon) and she was like I can’t grow my business because I have to provide my employees with health insurance and it’s too expensive. and Bernie straight up told her, hey you’re not gonna like my answer, but I’m sorry I think you need to provide them with insurance (and then he brought up the fact that he thinks single payer health insurance is still the way to go). then this lady told Ted Cruz that without Obamacare, she would have died. and he gave some generic answer about how he doesn’t wanna take away all aspects of Obamacare (which btw is a lie because he once held a 20 hour filibuster in which he read green eggs and ham in order to repeal every last word of Obamacare). but like…..this is where we’re beginning the discussion. “I can’t grow my business” vs “I would have died”

His wife costs tax payers millions by refusing to move into the White House. The Secret Service is looking into leasing space in Trump Tower…. Think about that. We have to pay for Trump’s security to buy space in Trump’s building because his wife refuses to move.

He costs the taxpayers millions with each trip to Mar-a-Lago, his resort, where people pay lots of money to stay where he stays and take pictures with Trump’s security detail who carries the nuclear codes. It also costs the city’s police department thousands in overtime pay.

All this profiting off the office might only make me pissed off, and not nauseous with rage, if he wasn’t such a damned hypocrite on top of it all.

The Moral Travesty of Trumpcare

Shame on every one of the 217 Republicans who voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act on Thursday, and substitute basically nothing. 

Trumpcare isn’t a replacement of the Affordable Care Act. It’s a transfer from the sick and poor to the rich and healthy. 

The losers are up to 24 million Americans who under the Affordable Care Act get subsidies to afford health insurance coverage, including millions of people with pre-existing conditions and poor people who had access to Medicaid who may not be able to afford insurance in the future. 

The winners are wealthy Americans who will now get a tax cut because they won’t have to pay to fund the Affordable Care Act, and healthy people who won’t have to buy health insurance to subsidize the sick. 

House Republicans say they have protected people with pre-existing health problems. Baloney. Sick people could be charged premiums so high as to make insurance unaffordable. Trumpcare would even let states waive the Obamacare ban on charging higher premiums for women who have been raped — which actually occurred before the Affordable Care Act. 

America has the only healthcare system in the world designed to avoid sick people. Private for-profit health insurers do whatever they can to insure groups of healthy people, because that’s where the profits are. They also make every effort to avoid sick people, because that’s where the costs are. 

The Affordable Care Act puts healthy and sick people into the same insurance pool. But under the Republican bill that passed the House, healthy people will no longer be subsidizing sick people.  Healthy people will be in their own insurance pool. Sick people will be grouped with other sick people in their own high-risk pool – which will result in such high premiums, co-payments, and deductibles that many if not most won’t be able to afford. 

Republicans say their bill creates a pool of money that will pay insurance companies to cover the higher costs of insuring sick people. Wrong. Insurers will take the money and still charge sick people much higher premiums. Or avoid sick people altogether. 

The only better alternative to the Affordable Care Act is a single-payer system, such as Medicare for all, which would put all Americans into the same giant insurance pool. Not only would this be fairer, but it would also be far more efficient, because money wouldn’t be spent marketing and advertising to attract healthy people and avoid sick people.

Paul Ryan says the House vote was about fulfilling a promise the GOP made to American voters. But those voters have been lied to from the start about the Affordable Care Act. For years Republicans told them that the Act couldn’t work, would bankrupt America, and result in millions losing the healthcare they had before. All of these lies have been proven wrong. 

Now Republicans say the Act is unsustainable because premiums are rising and insurers are pulling out. Wrong again. Whatever is wrong with the Affordable Care Act could be easily fixed, but Republicans have refused to do the fixing. Insurers have been pulling out because of the uncertainty Republicans have created.

The reason Republicans are so intent on repealing the Affordable Care Act is they want to give a giant tax cut to the rich who’d no longer have to pay the tab.

Here we come to the heart of the matter. 

If patriotism means anything, it means sacrificing for the common good, participating in the public good. Childless Americans pay taxes for schools so children are educated. Americans who live close to their work pay taxes for roads and bridges so those who live farther away can get to work. Americans with secure jobs pay into unemployment insurance so those who lose their jobs have some income until they find another. 

And under the Affordable Care Act, healthier and wealthier Americans pay a bit more so sicker and poorer Americans don’t die. 

Trump and House Republicans aren’t patriots. They don’t believe in sacrificing for the common good. They don’t think we’re citizens with obligations to one another. To them, we’re just individual consumers who deserve the best deal we can get for ourselves. It’s all about the art of the deal.

So what do we do now? We fight.

To become law, Trumpcare has to go through 4 additional steps: First, a version must be enacted in the Senate. It must then go a “conference“ to hammer out differences between the House and Senate. The conference agreement must then pass in the House again, and again in the Senate. 

I hope you’ll be there every step of the way, until Trumpcare collapses under the weight of its own cruelty. House Republicans who voted for this travesty will rue the day they did. Any Senate Republican who joins them will regret it as well. 

Avengers Chatroom (feat. Tom Holland!Peter Parker)

Hey everyone!! Fifth post! Woohoo! I hope you guys enjoy :) don’t forget to send in requests and things to my inbox. I love you guys! Hollanders for the win - Xoxo K

- Tony has started a Chatroom -

- Y/N, Nat, Steve, Wanda, Thor, Clint have been added to the chat -

Tony: What’s up everybody?

Steve: Tony, pay attention to the meeting

Tony: It’s really boring.

Nat: Oh my god, Tony… If Fury catches you texting during this meeting…

Tony: I don’t care. I hate meetings. Besides, we need to figure out how to get Y/N and the Spiderling together.

Steve: Stop texting! Pay attention.

Tony: Oh please. Capsicle, you’re just paranoid.

Steve: Don’t call me that.

- Tony changed Steve’s name to Capsicle -

Tony: There, now I don’t have to.

Capsicle: TONY! Seriously?

- Peter has been added to the chat -

Peter: Hey everyone.

Nat: Oh boy… here we go.

Peter: What’s going on?

Tony: Not much. Just this stupid meeting. It’s really boring :/ Anyway… we wanted to talk to you about Y/N.

Peter: W-what? W-why?

Nat: Because… we know you like her.

Wanda: Yeah. She likes you too you know.

Peter: Wait? Really? Are you serious?

Thor: Yes, I have noticed your mutual attraction to each other. You are both quite oblivious. Almost to the point of idiocy.

- Thor has left the chat -

Nat: Why’d Thor ditch?

Tony: He’s still figuring out his phone.

Nat: Oh… right. Sometimes I forget he’s not from around here.

Capsicle: I’ve been frozen for 65 years and even I knew Y/N liked you, but we really need to get back to the meeting.

Tony: It’s so obvious. She’s got the hots for you, Spider-Boy.

Peter: I-It’s Spider-MAN.

Tony: Not until you grow a pair and tell her…

Capsicle: Tony, the meet-

Capsicle has been removed from the chat

Nat: Tony!

Tony: #Sorrynotsorry.

Nat: Ugh whatever. Anyway, Peter just tell her you like her.

Clint: Just don’t be creepy about it.

Peter: Uh. O-okay?

Tony: And don’t look like a total dork… cause you’re a total dork.

Nat: Tony, they’ve been friends for years, I think she’s already seen his dorky side.

Wanda: I actually believe it’s one of the reasons she finds him so charming.

Y/N: This is true.

Tony: Y/N?! When did you get on here?

Y/N: I’ve been here the whole time.

Tony: :O

Y/N: Bwahahahahaha >:)

Peter: Y-Y/N… uh, I want to ask you something.

Tony: Do it! Do it! Do it!

Peter: Would you like to… go out with me sometime? I really like you.


Y/N: My answer is yes, Peter.

Peter: G-great.

Y/N: How about tonight?

Peter: Sure.

Y/N: Pick me up at 8 ;)

Peter: A-alright. See you at 8 :)

- Peter has left the chat -

- Wanda has left the chat -

Tony: Thank god! I would have exploded if they took any longer.

Nat: I know right. They needed to get together.

Tony: But why did she put that winky face…?

Tony: Do you think there will be spider babies?

Clint: I don’t think they even know how to do that, Tony

Y/N: I wouldn’t act so sure

Tony: You’re STILL here?!

Y/N: >:)

Nat: Y/N, what do you mean by “I wouldn’t act so sure”?

Y/N: You’ll see… or will you?

- Y/N has left the chat -

Tony: …

Clint: …

Nat: She’s my favorite for a reason. She’s not afraid to hand your asses to you.

Tony: But you have to admit… she’s pretty weird.

- Chatroom has been closed -

the new healthcare (‘trumpcare’) bill allows insurance companies to price their premiums high when you’re sick.

that will literally kill people. for profit.

not only that, this bill will leave even more people uninsured than the former.

capitalism really is ruthless.

eyeing dems who’d rather “compromise” on this than consider single payer…