I owed my sister $10  and told her it would take a few weeks for me to get it. Every couple days within those few weeks she asked me for the money. She then cussed me out in the middle of my Hist122 class today. So here is her $10…in pennies and nickles….i even threw in extra so she could take it to the coinstar machine. Will update more when she comes home.


😂 #paybackisabitch “Charlie Brown’s Payback”


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So despite my sister not living here anymore she continues to find my Nutella jars no matter where I hide it and polish the whole thing. I came back from a few days away from home to find my sister has polished off TWO 750g of Nutella AGAIN whilst I have been gone since Thursday so what did I do? I just went down to the supermarket and brought a small jar of nutella + liquid laxatives and mixed it in with nutella. Karma is a bitch haha! most of you may think this is too far but I am so sick of her eating all of my food. #paybackisabitch #karma

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It’s almost 3am, and I still haven’t slept. It took me 20 minutes to make this cup of coffee because I kept spilling everything. I have work in 4 hours.💀 #paybackisabitch #damnit #thisyearisgoingtobebad

Our friend bailed on us on our movie day but we had his mug, it resulted in:

We named her Titi, at least that is her prostitute-ring name. 

We sent him a series of pictures captioned by her:

1. “Help me Eric! They’re doing things to me! Evil things! I’ve been passed around this entire restaurant, so many dirty greasy hands! HELP ME!”

2. “I don’t even know what liquid is in me!!!”

3. “They ran out of spoons! It isn’t even my time of the month!”

4. “Ahhh so many people touching me!”

5. “David (our red robins waiter) thinks I am pretty and these people are sketchy…he’s nice." 

6. "At least they tip well here.”

7. “Morgan and I are Maxim’s next cover models.”

8. “I am an excellent midwife, the streets can be hard on new mothers.”

9. “When I’m sad I go for a nature hike, which is a lot.”

10. “I have met new friends to explore my sexuality with.”

11. “Woohoo, time for a movie on our day off!”

12. “I like meeting new friends.”

13. “Before the movie we like to take pictures, we are all very close. They say that I am a cooler friend than you Daddy. I still love you.”

(I hope people think twice before ditching me and my friends! We are so awesome, but don’t let us near your dishware ;) )

I hope this applies even if the couple is married .
I’m going to start paying more attention when she gets dressed in the morning so When she matches at night I play hard to get and say I have a headache!! #PayBackIsABitch 😂😂 (at Jokilands)