Viz’s original promo for Ranma ½ on VHS.
“For just $29.99! And that’s TWO TV episodes!”

Just out of curiosity, I plugged that into this Inflation Calculator I found; and with current US inflation, that would’ve been like spending $47.16 today. For 2 episodes of anime. (Dubbed only, to boot! If you wanted it subtitled, that was $39.99…which would be like spending $62.89 today!) 

Now we can watch episodes legally for FREE thanks to Viz. What a crazy time we live in, huh?


Studying art made Santigold who she is and now she’s paying it forward // Check out her #campaign4change, teaching kids to express themselves in bold and creative ways

The thing that hurts me most is that Bellamy and Clarke started this journey together. They’ve been on Earth together since day one. They learned from each other. They trusted each other. They counted on each other. They smiled at each other. They laughed with each other. They loved each other either platonically or as something more. They were seperated so many times, but they were always searching for each other.
Now Bellamy’s not going to wake up in camp and know she’s there. Bellamys not going to be able to lead with her, fight with her, or even just talk to her. For the first time since they’ve been on this planet, Bellamy and Clarke have parted ways without a secret mission or hidden agenda and don’t know if they’re ever going to see each other again. Even though we assume it’s not, they both think that after everything they’ve been through this may be the end of their journey together.

If that doesn’t make you want to cry I don’t know what will.


The photo editor I use just got a comic set of filters and shit. I played around with the filters. Also, I just wanted to post more of my killjoys pictures that I haven’t used before. What do you think?


I finally do my ice bucket challenge for ALS awareness! I was challenged by tons of people, namely Brian Clayton and Razz. You’ll notice the video is a little longer than 50 seconds. Bare with me; I’ve got stuff to say!

Here are the ones I nominate:

Doug Walker, Rob Walker, Rachel TIetz,Tamara Chambers

Charley Marlowe, Brad Jones, Lewis Lovhaug, KaiserNeko, Lanipator


Dear everyone ever:

the answer to the question “are libraries still relevant” will always be Yes, the answer to “are libraries going away” will always be No

It is not a new question, and it was one that people were asking long before the Internet. 

Libraries and librarians have been adapting and changing for millennia, and will continue to do so long after anyone who is asking that question now.

hello i’m an 18 yr old trans student who can’t afford my school books let alone my testosterone or the money to get my anti-depressants and i really need help so that i don’t go into a really bad depression again. i also recently got hit by a car while riding my bike and was ticketed for some reason, so it’s likely i’ll have to pay for the x-rays and ticket. please donate to my youcaring, i am really desperate for help, i’m only 18 and this is way too much stress for me…

Happy Birthday to the man with the plan. We may not get to see your fro as often as we used to, but you’re still as important and lovable as you were three years ago. I think it’s safe to say we all love Princess Fro Fro and hope it’s been a great birthday.

 so this is a picture of me and my friends with kevin from walk the moon, taken at like 2am at mohegan sun. so when we saw him just as we were about to go to our rooms we went up to him as quick as we can like oh shit hi, not paying attention to anything Else, or who he was walking behind because of course my full attention was on him. he was really nice and stuff, but  2 days after we got home my friend closed up on the pic to realize that fuckiNG NICK WAS IN THE BG OF THE PICTURE SMIRKING AND SHIT AS IF HE KNEW WE WOULD FIND HIM IN IT AND WANT TO JUMP OFF A BUILDING CAUSE WE DIDNT EVEN SEE HIM WALK PASSED US IM SO MAD LOOK aT HIS FACE LOVE ME NICK FUCKING HELL WHY

alright, i’m going to tell you guys a story.
at PAX on friday my sister (vav) and i were standing around next to the signing area waiting for our friend to pay for merch. ray turned around and was like ‘cool cosplays!’ which made us die inside. then jack was like 'hey vav! want to take a photo?’ i thought ally was joking when she told me but he literally wanted to let us bypass a TWO HOUR LINE because he didn’t want to make us wait when other people would want to take photo’s with us. and we got their autographs and we got a hug from both of them.
moral of the story: cosplays are great and the staff at Rooster Teeth are the greatest people in the world.