Like the reason I don’t like seeing white owned taco places or Mexican restaurants is because white people are always talking bad about Mexicans for being poor, not having jobs that they consider worthy of respect, and not being successful by their standards. They’ll fire Mexicans for standing up for their rights, like participating in the day without immigrants, or even if they let them keep their job they’ll pay them dirt, lower than minimum wage if they can. So they’ll do anything they can to keep us from being successful, and make fun of us for not being successful, but at the same time try to make themselves rich off of our cuisine while taking away business from our restaurants. it’s so frustrating

Not complaining but I hardly had to pay uncle sam dirt this year because I’m a “small business owner” this is why our roads and bridges are crumbling

In the late 1990s, still the dark ages for female executives in Hollywood, Dolly Parton invited a young woman to lunch. The woman, Gail Berman, had worked for Sandollar Productions, Ms. Parton’s company, which struck pay dirt with “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Over chicken Caesar salads, Ms. Parton told her former employee that she had been unhappy to discover that men at the company had given Ms. Berman a less-than-generous share of “Buffy” royalties. With that, Ms. Parton gave a startled Ms. Berman a check. It was a formative Hollywood moment for Ms. Berman — a woman going out of her way to do right by another woman — that has stayed with her through an unusual entertainment career
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This is one of my most unique and treasured vintage lingerie items – a late 1940s Barbizon Taffeta slip in a grey-blue shade.   The features are sublime – side zipper, ornate lace bodice, lace shoulder straps.  Taffeta is a fabric with no stretch whatsoever, so you have to get the size just right.  I lusted after this slip for years once I saw it in the advertisement on the right.  I thought I hit true pay dirt when I saw it listed online for not much at all.  But I’ve also seen quite a few others like it over the past few years, so they’re still available.   

For those who can’t see what the advertisement is saying, here it is:  Barbizon’s New Taffeta is nylon and orlon that will rustle, rustle, and rustle forever– that never needs an iron!   Lovely miracle fabric that makes you feel so pampered and pretty – that underlines your Fall wools without static or cling.   Famous Body-Contour slips and petticoats from $5.95 to $10.95.   

Sometimes I think I’m the only person on the planet that really gets into these vintage lingerie items.  I guess on the one hand that makes it easier to acquire them, but makes it harder to share the joy and satisfaction about them.   


Did you find anything in your research? Yeah, did some digging into Isodyne and hit pay dirt on their secret weapon: an okie named Agnes Cully, kind of like the Heartland’s Marie Curie. These are patents. She was an inventor? And then some. Her work put Isodyne on the map during the war. You know the radio frequency modulators the allies used to send coded messages across enemy lines? Rotating the frequencies was her idea. What has she got to do with our case?

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🎼heyyy, I have been told you only date nice gals (guys) *points at dark* well if that's how you judge a lovers worth!🎤 *slaps dark's butt* you're ass just hit pay dirt I'm the most sensitive girl on god's green earth!!!!🎤

((……I’m not sure how to respond to this……. um………………………..))


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Yup and by focusing all the race issues in Tyler Posey instead of say… EVERYONE THIS SHOW HAS SCREWED OVER, you pull focus to something that frankly Posey doesn’t really identify with.//Your last sentence is something that I really want to mention to the stans but I just can't. It's the pink elephant in the room with their "arguments" and I just have to walk away. Meanwhile, they pay characters like Boyd dirt. I see y'all. I see y'all real good.

All the yes!

Tarok, one of the greatest trotters in history, with his sulky (and breeder/trainer’s son) Jørn Laursen. 
He was sired by the american Pay Dirt, out of the danish mare, Tina Virup. Born in 1972.
Tarok and his breeder(Karl Laursen)’s sons, mostly Jørn, crossed the wire first 111 times, out of 156 starts. He won races such as the 1967 Dansk Trav Derby(Danish Trot Derby) and the 1977 European Championships for 5-year-olds. He raced in New York once with less good results. In France he ran fourth in the toughest race in Europe, the best placing than any other Danish trotter before him. 

At the age of nine, in 1981, Tarok died of a deadly bowel disease. He is buried together with his breeders, Karl and his wife, near the place, where they lived. 
This horse was “every body”’s horse, and will forever be remembered as Dannebrog På Fire Ben here in Denmark (Dannebrog On Four Legs).

[[so instead of going to work today, our manager signed us up to do community service at a goat rescue. Which included shoveling hay, clipping blackberry bushes, and oh yeah, feeding and snuggling four to seven day old goat babies. Please ignore my lack of make up and sheen of dirt and pay attention to my goat baby.]]

We Were Paleontologists

Tom was my best friend when I was a kid. We’d bonded over a deep obsession of Jurassic Park and our subsequent passion for Paleontology.

We used to spend every weekend out in the woods excavating the forest floor for dinosaur bones.

But one day our parents wouldn’t let us go. We heard the adults whisper about another body being found “after all these years”. The whispers scared us and we agreed to play in the backyard instead.

That was the day we finally hit pay dirt. After a year and a half of looking we had finally found our first section of dinosaur skeleton – and in my backyard no less! We hurried inside to tell our parents but only my father was home. He was excited and agreed to take us to the university the next afternoon to present our findings.

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