so i met thomas sanders ( thatsthat24 ) and it was really good. i felt very comfortable talking to him and it made me so so happy. i thanked him for being such a good person and stuff and i almost started crying because i just got really overwhelmed with appreciation for him i guess? and right after that i asked him for a picture and he helped me take this selfie!! and we hugged and then i went away and i don’t even know man. it was just really good. i dont think im expressing how happy i was or still am with my words but gosh dang im so glad, you guys.


hey everyone!!

i (along with a couple others) am interviewing this person (jeffrey marsh) on friday (4pm pst) about self-love and gender expression!

they (jeffrey) are on vine and youtube if you want to check them out and what they do is promote positivity and self-love thru social media and motivational speaking !!

our interview is going to be live on google air (LINK) and will also be on youtube if you can’t make it live (will post link later)

here’s our official description:

“Join the Gender Spectrum Youth Council as they interview YouTube Vlogger Jeffrey Marsh on April 22 at 4pm (PST). A social media icon and speaker, you may recognize Jeffrey from their uplifting Vines and positive presence on Instagram and Twitter. Their affirming messages encourage everyone, regardless of gender or sexuality, to be themselves.”

it’s gonna be a really fun, really gay time and i hope you all can make it!!!!