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Bidding War (RWBY Snippet)

Winter was enjoying her little sister’s plight when she was grabbed by an irate huntress. 

“I need to borrow money!” Ruby growled.

“What?” Winter gave an inelegant yelp and tried to pry Ruby’s hands off. She had absolutely zero success. “Why do you need money?”

“Why do I need money?” Ruby waved one hand in the general direction of the stage. “Have you not been paying attention? They’re bidding for Weiss, and the bid is already higher than I can afford!”


Winter had been wonderfully amused when her sister had shown her possessive side a few months ago and outbid everyone to spend the evening with Ruby. Not only were the two of them already in a relationship but the money had also gone to charity. Everybody walked away a winner. Well, except Weiss. That evening with Ruby had not come cheaply although the mysterious destruction of Weiss’s desk suggested that the evening had also been quite an enjoyable one.

Now, however, the shoe was on the other foot. Blake had asked for volunteers for an auction to raise money for needy Faunus, and Weiss had volunteered. A massive bidding war had ensued for an evening of Weiss’s time, and Winter had watched as Ruby’s amusement had turned into something that closely resembled homicidal rage.


She’d always thought that Yang was the sister most like to go crazy and murder everyone, but apparently, she’d underestimate Ruby. Also the tic that Ruby’s eye had developed could not be healthy. Either she was in the middle of having a stroke or the murdering was about to begin. It could also be a combination of both since Winter was fairly sure that Ruby could murder most people even while having a stroke. She was just that good, and a giant scythe that was also a sniper rifle was perfect for murdering people who didn’t know how to keep their grubby hands off Ruby’s Weiss.

And now Ruby wasn’t just grabbing Winter, the younger woman was shaking her around like a rag doll.

“Give me your money!” Ruby’s eyes blazed with silver fire… no… actually… there was light coming out her eyes. Okay… this was now a very serious matter. “Winter!”

Winter decided to do the rational thing: she decided to give the scary huntress with glowing, silver eyes what she wanted.

“Here!” Winter fumbled for her wallet. “You can use this. It should have enough!”

“Yes!” Ruby snatched Winter’s wallet and shoved her way to the front of the crowd. “Hey! I’m bidding! Hey!”

And that was how Ruby helped finance three schools, two orphanages, and one hospital, all of them for Faunus.

All i’m saying is pi delta phi should have done a little blurb to make it interesting to bid with each girl. A few of them I don’t even know who the fuck they are. It sounds like a money pit. We gotta pay for bid then pay for a blind date with little incentive. Bad business deal.