pay the refs

1. God hates us lol
2. Suarez needs to be benched he’s been so awful
3. Denis needs to be played more
4. ter Stegen’s positioning is bad
5. Does gomes have Lucho’s nudes (maybe we should give him more time Idk???)
6. We really need ney to start scoring soon, he’s been great so far
7. OUR DEFENSE SUCKS. In other news the grass is green
8. Umtiti and Geri 💞💞💞👏👏
9. We didn’t pay the refs enough this time around probs bc we bought too many players
10. Lucho’s stubbornness….
11.Messi turns 30 this year, what we gonna do when he’s gone…. He cant be saving us all the time but he’s doing exactly that. Sighs.
12.Liga over, we should just focus on the cl that’s the trophy I really want.
13. Things look bad but lol, football. As always, visca el Barça.

How To Recognize Astro’s Voices

A friendly guide to Astro’s voices!! Just in case anyone gets confused (whether you’re new or have bad hearing like me) here’s a brief description of each member’s voice. Hope this helps ^^

  • Sanha/Yoon Sanha

Sanha has a boyish, youthful voice that is slightly throaty. You can literally hear him smiling when he sings; it’s very evident that he’s enjoying himself.

  • JinJin/Park Jinwoo

JinJin’s rapping is slightly husky, and he has a strong, consistent, and vERY DEEP VOICE. Very deep. On lower notes, his voice gains a raspy edge.

  • MJ/Kim Myungjun

MJ always sounds like he’s having fun. His voice is bright and eager, and his high notes are fully displayed in Cat’s Eye/Puss In Boots. In slower songs, his voice is steady and clear.

  • Moonbin

Sometimes you might mistake him for Sanha because his voice has the same kind of passion behind it. Moonbin’s voice is calm and assured but full of spirit at the same time.

  • Cha Eunwoo/Lee Dongmin

Eunwoo’s voice always has an edge of elegance(?) and is really easy to recognize because of its clarity. (In every song he sings he sounds very classy and prince-like)

  • Rocky/Park Minhyuk

Rocky’s voice can sometimes be rough but it’s constantly brimming with energy no matter what song he sings. His rapping is pronounced and filled with vigour.

anonymous asked:

Do people forget refs are humans too? We sit behind our computer screens analysing the same moment again & again they have SO much pressure on them from fans in the stadium, the players, they have to make a decision ASAP. Every FUCKING TEAM gets decisions in their favour at some point. Does that mean every team pays the ref? Also football is not as 'pure' a sport as people make it out to be, you gotta be street-smart. (part one)

Rival player made contact, yeah i wouldn’t EXAGGERATE a fall, but if I could use that contact to my team getting a penalty and win us a game, fuck yeah i’d do it! It’s not playing dirty, you’re not fouling or killing or hurting anyone. This is just my opinion, but yeah wanted to share it. I’m a neutral and I’ve spoken to colleges’ coach, he said the PSG-Barca ref actually did a decent job, all things considered. (part two)

yup. i more or less agree with you. i don’t like dives, i think it takes away from the sport. and although there was contact in the penalty area, it felt more of a dive and less of a fall to me. but tbh when i watched it then, live, it felt real. it felt like a real deserved penalty. and i can only imagine how difficult it is to make such decisions in such difficult circumstances.

i think people should realise football is not fair. you have to come to the match fully prepared for the fact that some calls which SHOULD go your way don’t ACTUALLY go your way. teams have to win despite/in spite of the referee, you have to outplay your opponent. how many times have teams won because of bad calls, or fouls. don’t forget maradona won a wc game on a handball. same with england and their wc win with the ball that never fully crossed the line. we can’t pretend that huge games are not won or lost on ref’s decisions. that’s part of the game. it’s unfortunate. until we get video tech, there’s really no way to make football completely “fair”. barcelona have had their share of bad ref calls, just like we’ve had our share of good ones. we had some penalties that weren’t called for us in that game. we had fouls that weren’t punished properly. that’s the way the game goes. seasoned football fans understand that. simple.

also? can we stop pretending that we weren’t simply better than psg? we were. we outplayed them. tactically. and otherwise. we were better. that’s all.

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I couldn't watch today's game, but I agree that the Barca squad has been exhausted especially given the amount of workload they've put in on Wednesday. Barca can bounce back, but at the same time it pisses me off when I see those rants from those RM fans when it's not even El Clasico :o

lol. i don’t want to defend madridistas here, but like… if we were in the same position, i’m pretty sure we’d be outraged at the fact that madrid went through on a soft penalty. like do you think they’d care if monaco pulled the same comeback against psg? nah. i think the rivalry is too big for us to be really neutral ever. it’s just annoying because there’s a very vocal bunch of anti-cules on this site and it always seems to be the same arguments over and over again so… that can get boring. at this point, i can recite it all myself: barca is all msn, we pay the refs, we dive, suarez is a racist rat, cules are so ew, messi doesn’t pay his taxes. have i missed anything? i always think of it this way: the most rants come when we’re winning, so why should we complain? haha ;)

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I'm cool with discussing how the ref fucked up, and I'm sure there are different views on what is and isn't "hating". But I'm also pretty sure "Your team is EVERYTHING that is wrong with football" would not pass as "critique" in most circles. Nor would saying of a player, "I hope someone breaks both of the rat’s legs", or "choke you piece of useless shit", or "when will he fuck off and burn in hell". Or saying things like, "imagine being part of fc barcelona yikes".

Um he’s a racist and literally anything I say about him is warranted, so don’t bother defending him

also your team is the epitome of cheating, corruption, and paying off refs, so yes they are everything that is wrong with football..they embody everything that is wrong with the current state of the game..Are they the only ones responsible for its demise? of course not, but they do play a big part in how disgraceful this sport has become in the past few yrs  

and yeah being part of that club and celebrating that club is not something I can ever support, so of course I’m gonna be all “yikes” at everyone who’s acting like they saved football today 

Habs fan to do list, now that we made the playoffs:

1) Cut back on drinking, just in case a player needs a kidney
2) Get a Tomas Pleknec trampstamp
3) Conver to the religion of Carey Price
4) Send fruit basket to the parents of the players thanking them for the job well done
5) Eat a poutine
6) Start kickstarter to raise money and pay refs to like Gallagher
7) Photoshop the team with the cup
8)Clean your room (there will be no time whe the playoffs start)

Celebrity Sighting

Around mile 90 of the bike, a race official motorcycle slowly passed me, trolling for drafting cyclists.   Usually I don’t pay much attention to the refs but when I looked over I realized that this race official was none other than @runningwithabottleofwine!  It turns out that she’s not only a great local athlete, she’s also the head drafting referee - thank goodness I was on my best behavior..