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27. Moving in Together

It’s wasn’t a crazy suggestion with Judy brought it up.

Nick seriously needed to get out that leaky damp, probably not legal at all crap hole he was in.  It was no doubt bad for his health.  Honestly Judy had no idea how he managed to even sleep in a drawer, let alone live in that place.  Judy just needed more space, or at least something of a kitchen, and far thicker walls.

Besides it was more economical to move in together.  Why pay to separate price rents on crappy places, when they could split a higher one with actual quality.  Not to mention it would be a similar commute to and from work.  They’d have their own separate rooms and spaces if they need to get away from the other.  The pros far outweighed the cons.

They found a place rather easily.  The application was approved in almost no time at all, which had Nick dumbfounded.  Bogo raised an eyebrow at them when they handed in their change of addresses, but he seemed to understand their reasons.  Or didn’t care much about it to make something out of it.

“That the last of them.”  Nick stated as he placed the last box on the ground and collapse on the couch.

“Finally!”  Judy breathed digging through a box.  “Now to make this place feel like our own.”  Nick could hear her shuffling through the box, removing something wrapped in newspaper. He turned to watched Judy walk over to the wall by the door and hang something on the wall before backing away.  “There we go.”

Nick pushed himself off the couch and moved to join her.  

“Definitely our place now.”  He grinned out, looking at the framed picture of Judy and him at his graduation.

AN: This isn’t the best, but it’s all I thought the idea was cute.

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commissions are open

thats right boys you can now officially $$pay me$$ for art, prices and examples are below


Small Pixel Piece/Banner - $5.00 (pictured above) example

Large Pixel Scene - $15.00 - 20.00 (pictured above) 

example example example

Add 1 simple animation*: free

Add 2 or more simple animations: +$1.00 per additional animation

* A simple animation is an extra frame to add a bit of lively detail to a piece. This can include: leaves falling, bubbles/ripples moving, sparkles, characters bobbing in place/blinking/making a minor movement, etc.

Additional note: Please notify me if you would like a specific resolution

Wiggle Animations: An animated 3-6 frame piece – smaller sizes are exclusively bust shots, while full pieces can include larger sizes/fullbody shots. All 100x100 and 200x200 pieces automatically come with backgrounds.

100x100 mini - $8.00 (pictured above) example example example

200x200 - $10.00 (same as mini, but allows for larger resolution/detail)

Full-Sized Piece: $10.00

example example

Add background: $5.00 - $10.00 depending on complexity

Add additional character: $10.00 per additional character

Still Image Icon: $5.00 (max 300x300 resolution - basically an icon minus the wiggling bits. good for a blog icon here on tumblr since gifs don’t work)

if you’re interested in ordering anything like what you see here, please message me, and we’ll discuss specifications/payment!

one of sacramento’s most popular city-wide event is it’s annual camping trip. kids, families, and teens all gather at camp pollock to sing, eat, and all around enjoy each other’s company. it’s a great way to meet new people as well as try new things. just beware for the creatures that lurk around in the dark and never go anywhere on your own. if you do, you’ll surely pay the price. everyone is invited to come on down and have a good time by the campfire. share spooky stories, go fishing, or enjoy the warm glow from the fire. the possibilities are endless.


  • this is a two-day event. we will be having a chatzy on saturday and if you guys want we can have one on sunday too.
  • this is a dash and chatzy event meaning once we start all threads must cease for the moment until after the event on monday.
  • feel free to continue previous threads after the event ends.
  • please tag all event starters under sacramento:camping.
  • if you wish to post camping attire please tag it under sacramento:outfits.
  • there will be a coach bus taking everyone to the campsite so odds are your character is there. if your character is not at the campsite, please message us so that we know. generally everyone is at the campsite whether you’ll be here for the chatzy or not.
  • you cannot leave the campsite while you’re there until the end of the event.
  • this is basically a situation where everyone is forced to stick together and it kinda promotes us to interact with everyone in the community.
  • if you guys want, we can also assign tentmates, so comment if you’d like that for some extra added drama.
  • please like this post once you have read and know that you will be able to attend the chatzy on saturday at 7 p.m. EST.
Sic Semper Tyrannis, Chapter 6

He had not dreamt of Ares in some time. In fact, he hardly dreamt of anything any more. He wondered what that meant. Recovery, perhaps? Or over-medication, more likely, but what a price to pay. What an insignificant price for love - true love, real love, love that crushed his ribcage and crippled him. He was bound and shackled, but he was sure he was more at peace now than he had ever been.

Doubt creeps into the minds of even the most stout-hearted men, and so Kylo finally begins to realise he may be in over his head. The penultimate chapter has a content warning for dubcon (coercion) and mentions of death/murder.

Read it here on AO3.

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Radiant Garden and Agrabah have been military allies for generations, but for even longer they have been mutually racist. And yes, I mean racist, not prejudiced. A Radiant Gardener in Agrabah can expect to pay higher prices for just about anything, be mocked behind his back, and be generally assumed to be dishonest and treated as such. An Agrabah native in Radiant Garden will be assumed to be half savage, hiding weapons, and generally hostile. Leon, in later chapters of the fic, refers to Saïx as “mutt.” This isn’t a reference to the fact that Saïx wasn’t bred. It’s a slur against his Agrabah heritage.

Incidentally, most countries outside Agrabah proper don’t really realize the Bazhir are still around. It’s like telling the average white American that Native Americans and Romani are still around today. It just doesn’t occur to them. To the ones who know they’re around, Bazhir are basically stereotyped to be everything wrong with Agrabah but worse.

summer fun trash crew.

that tank top was jack’s, he made wilhelm wear it. they also make wilhelm carry all their stuff. the two scoop cone is jack’s too, if you were not tipped off by the mess of sprinkles.