pay the price

Emma Swan is in terrible pain and hates the dentist. As a foster kid, no one ever took her in for regular cleanings, and she’s paying the price as an adult. The amount of discomfort a simple cleaning causes leads her to steer clear of the dentist unless it’s an emergency, and she has to admit, she’s not going to get through this agony without a professional.

Killian Jones is a well liked dentist. While he, of course, flirts with any of the lovely women who come into his office for frequent, very frequent, cleanings, he also is exceptionally good at what he does and truly cares for his patients.

When Emma Swan enters the office, he thinks she’s another one of the women there to look at his pretty face, and turns on the charm.

But when he realizes how much pain she’s in, and finally takes a look in her mouth, he sees so much more. This is the mouth of someone whose childhood was nothing but neglect. It’s a story he knows, as it’s his own.

His manner changes. Emma appreciates that there is no pity when he realizes how much work there is to do. Nothing more than a straightforward assessment of what needs to happen today, and what could help stave off future problems.

For the first time, Emma makes follow up appointments, again and again. She can’t talk as she sits in Dr Jones’ chair with her mouth full of dental instruments. But she listens as he tells her about his life. Being abandoned. Joining the navy in his brother’s footsteps. His brother’s death. The navy paying for dental school. How much he enjoys his work when he’s truly helping people.

By the time Emma’s teeth were healthy, several having been replaced, she realized how much she would miss Dr. Jones. His stories. Him calling her love. His casual flirting.

He had once said, “I can tell a person’s whole history by looking in their mouth.” And she was sure he had guessed about hers. If she were to tell him her past, he would never judge her. Emma was brave when it came to running down a fugitive in the street, but never if it meant letting her guard down.

But something about Dr. Jones made her feel like it was worth it.

As she was leaving his office after her last required appointment, he said he would look forward to her six month cleaning. The thought of not seeing him for six months sealed it, and Emma took a chance.

“Would you like to have dinner sometime?”

She blurted it out as though it was one word all together.

Dr. Jones smiled wide.

“It’s about time, love. Your turn to do all the talking,”

this was his plan all along…….. i’m so Desperate for the studio version i’d pay a full album’s price for juST ONE HQ COPY OF ON THE LOOSE


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How My Heart Reads Divide...

Decided to put all of my Ed Sheeran Divide feels/vibes/reviews in one post:

1)  Eraser is a song that left me openmouthed and a little emotionally confused. The lyrical sharpness was like glass and I felt like I kind of understood why Ed took a year off. It is white noise on edge anger simmering below the surface of a whiskey glass or behind a thin curtain of some other deadly vice that helps to numb the price of fame. It’s saying I’m fine but really rocking backwards and forwards within yourself on the floor in a mess of self doubt and regret and just…It’s raw honesty and pride and pretty lies that are more palatable than the harsh truths he delivers within the guise of a steely F64 stream of consciousness ‘what the hell am I doing’It’s heads in hands and excess and the reality of dreams that were born from records and roadtrips and wondering how on earth you ended up here. It’s a little jaded but it’s also a red flag, the moments in life when your brain is steadily inching towards danger but is perhaps able to prevent itself from falling at the last second. It’s realising that perfection is not attainable and that everyone has scars but it’s also about learning to dance with the skeletons in your closet and beating a path for yourself no matter what.

2) Castle On The Hill  sounds like its roots were tended by U2. It’s watching the sun rise from rooftops and rolling down hills. It’s playfights between couples where you laugh so hard you cry. It’s nostalgia and records and country lanes and cars and dancing in the rain. It’s holding hands and walking through villages where you know everyone by name.  It’s cups of tea, nicknames and muddy English football matches. It’s board games and Sunday roasts and long kisses, leaning against brick walls. It’s radiant smiles and having a song and banter between friends. It’s falling in love hard and wholly where everything is like a film reel from a 50′s movie. It’s feeling infinite and having mates and loves who are forever. 

3) Dive - I’m getting really big Stevie Wonder vibes. It’s bluesy with the hooked teeth of a guitar straight into your heart. It’s ragged desperate heartbreak and knowing you feel the stirrings of a person entering your inner world but being scared to jump over the cliff with them. It’s looking into their eyes after the beginnings of something that makes your heart race and saying “dammit I need to know you’re not going to break my heart.”

4) Shape Of You is all first dates and burning liquor and laughs in a crowded bar. It’s stumbling home through wet streets and slow dancing in the doorway. It’s hands in hair and running from a restaurant because you couldn’t pay. It’s watching the breaths of a lover in the dawn. It’s counting the freckles that adorn their stomach and back. It’s lingerie and home cooked meals and Netflix marathons and lazy Sundays when you realise you’ve fallen a little too far so all that you can do is keep falling hard.

5) Perfect is first dances and falling hard. It’s buying a ring because you look over one day and you think “If you walked away, my heart wouldn’t survive. I want to love you for every moment that I’m still alive (I’m writing this through a haze of emotion because this sums up every hope and dream I’ve ever had of the person who’ll love me despite all my hard stuff - wheelchair/anxiety/depression) This song is… true love. I’m going to go ahead and say that I think it’s true that that it’s better than Thinking Out Loud…)

6) Galway Girl is Irish af. I like to think of it as a flashback to the beginning of the Perfect ^^^ love story. It’s catchy and makes me want to do a jig. It reminds me of my parents and my aunties and cousins and uncles and sisters. It’s a clan song. It’s a chance meeting and having pieces fall into place from the very first day. 

7) Happier - AARGH. This is every feeling ever when the person you love even if only from afar seems happier with someone that isn’t you and you know you could do a better job but they might never look your way… I’ll be here, waiting always. 

8) New Man is a bit of 90′s R & B vibes. It’s a hip hop infused ode for what happens when the person who was a part of your heart comes running to you when a new relationship starts. It’s watching them change in front of your eyes for other guys (or girls) and it’s realising you don’t know who a person is anymore. It’s waves of history breaking upon a foreign shore. It’s losing maps to people you thought you knew like the back of your hand… It’s realising that they still want you in a way but it’s too late. 

9) Hearts Don’t Break Around Here is “Yes I’m in love and I want to shout from the rooftops.” It’s the little moments of a couple’s relationship. It’s realising that you’ll look to every day of growing old and the love story you get to live. All I can say is Jesus Christ Cherry, he loves you and it makes me so happy ❤️

10) What Do I Know is Ed’s way of saying Shit maybe they were right… that I saved 2017. He is bringing us all together, a crowd of colours and lives and lover types. No matter who you are, there’s a story on this album for you… It’s a carelessly casual man looking in, saying Fuck you, your walls will never keep us out. We’ll be screaming the words to this music, united and proud. 

11)  How Would You Feel is all butterflies and pure intoxicating love. It’s a girl wearing her boyfriend’s shirt and regular good morning texts. The soft secretive kisses in a car and casually intimate caresses. It’s meeting the family for the first time and imagining one of your own. It’s looking at a person off guard, saying “I love you” and feeling like that person’s your home.

12) Supermarket Flowers is about Ed’s maternal grandmother and it’s making me think of Nana who joined the angels three years ago and… 😭 I miss you so much. I hope you’d be proud of us x.

13) Barcelona is  dancing it out with people who share your heart. It’s Spanish carnival Latin vibes. It makes me think of  girls in deep red skirts and men with roses between their teeth. It’s music in your blood and floating away when you dance. It’s the magic moments of a party where you feel like moments could last forever. Who wants to meet me in Barcelona 😜

14) Bibia Be Ye Ye gives me immediate carnival vibes. It’s infused with the melodies of Africa so I can only assume this was his Ghana project. It’s nights of madness and vibrant colours and familiar strangers who dance on tables and offer you liquor. It’s the feeling I get every time I go to a concert or to a new country, the ideas of exploration and self discovery and stories that will make you ache with laughter years later as you look back on the Polaroids. 

15) Nancy Mulligan with its fiddles and it’s heart of true Irish blood makes me feel like I’m sitting at an impromptu gathering of musicians around my granny’s fire back home in Galway. It’s sepia photographs and wild cliffs and grandparents whose eyes shine with the fires of their youth as they tell you this story. It’s emerald hills and words in an ancient tongue. It’s a more modern Romeo & Juliet. It’s knowing that love transcends everything and you can have anything if you just have love.

 16) Save Yourself  has me gasping for air, my heart broken.
This song is all helping others only to have them treat you like you’re less than the dirt on their shoe. It has me thinking of savage wolves who want to tear you down but still expect you to smile. It’s despair and anxiety and depression with the quiet steady voice of strength that somehow by the tiniest of miracles keeps getting back up. It’s knowing you need to save yourself by loving all the broken parts of you but not really being sure how to do it.

OH MY GOD THIS RECORD IS SHEER BRILLIANCE. I hope you love my review (Sorry it’s so long!!!)


anonymous asked:

Should pedophiles kill themselves?

Listen, suicide is tragic. I’m not going to tell anyone to kill themselves. However, Anyone who prays on the innocence of children and creates a lifetime of damage and abuse by forcing them to fulfil their perverted, disgusting, and dangerous sexual fantasies is beyond selfish and evil and deserves every form of punishment known to man. I don’t care about it being a “condition”.. these people are parasites and add no true value to society.

Children are precious, they should be protected and they’re entitled to grow in a carefree, happy and loving environment. Childhood should be preserved and packed with happy memories and love. I have absolutely no tolerance for any form of abuse to children. If you cause any form of damage to a child, their adult life will pay the price. Leave children the fuck alone.

If I lose followers who happen to be pedophile sympathisers, then cool. Let’s see if your attitude remains if someone close to you is affected.

Tips for Getting What you Want out of Life

1. You need to begin by thinking about what you want your life to look like. It’s important to be concrete and specific here – not general and vague. Then, use that information to set clear goals for yourself.

2. Be confident and believe in yourself. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have what other people have, or should be that individual you’d really like to be. If you’re willing to work hard, and to pay the price required, then you can have what you want and find the niche for you.

3. Keep your focus on your goal – don’t get sidetracked from your dream. You’ll have to keep on going and to push through trying times. Remember, the prize is worth the effort; you’ll be glad you persevered.

4. Don’t give into temptation to go for lesser goals, or to do something attractive that won’t lead anywhere. Don’t pretend that you’ll be happy if you give up on your dream. You’ll wish that you’d be stronger and looked at the “long-term”.

5. If you slip up – just get over it – and move on with your plan. It doesn’t mean it’s over. Get back on track again. The goal is too important to waste time on regrets. Your focus is the future, and what will take you there.

6. Recognise your weaknesses – and then plan to manage them. That way, you won’t be taken by surprise, and you’ll have some strategies.

7. Finish what you start, and don’t leave loose ends untied. You have to be committed, and thorough, to achieve. Being lazy or half-hearted will hamper your success.

Yes, children not having licenses to mow lawns or sell lemonade is pretty bad, but you wanna know who is worse?

People who hold yard sales and garage sales.  

These people aren’t zoned to operate a retail business in their residence.  The streets aren’t designed to support dozens of people parking willy-nilly on the side of the road!  And the advertising for yard sales are slapped on street signs and stop lights.  At best this is littering on public property: at worst, it’s vandalism of the same public property driven by unrestrained greed.  

Once you get a yard sale, it’s even worse.  There’s no adherence to cleanliness regulations or safety training, something we demand strict compliance of from every other honest business.  But as you will see, yard sales are anything but honest.  

If you examine yard sales closely, you may notice that many of these people “employ” their own children or family members.  Many of the children involved in the garage sale industry are underage, and deeper investigation will reveal that the children are not paid at all!  This is no longer just beyond the scope of noncompliance with OSHA: this is open exploitation of children.  

And to top it all off, these so-called “business owners” aren’t even paying taxes of any kind.  They don’t pay sales tax, payroll tax, or inventory tax, just to name a few.  Even the biggest corporations comply with our economic regulations; there is no excuse to turn a blind eye to yard sales.  These people holding yard sales have a lot of nerve to evade the law.  

After all, their home, their “business”, everything they are selling?  

They didn’t build that.

Ok, so we’ve all read headcannons about Bucky being fully aware in winter soldier mode even though he’s not in control & may not remember after. So, I have this headcannon that Bucky originally was just screaming the whole time but after a while he just started offering snarky, bitchy commentary on everything old man Winter was up to.
Winter: assassinates president Kennedy
Bucky: oh good, you killed the fucking president, good job frosty. Way to use my patriotic ass. I was a war hero, I am a veteran damnit, I deserve better than this!!!
Winter: impales a guy
Bucky: oh look!!! A kabob, can we get something to eat before we go back? I’m starving & Hydra can’t manage to enslave a competent chef to save their lives. Plus, I’m pretty sure I saved Steve’s ass in the alley next to that pub. You know Steve, my best friend, used to be a little shit but now he’s a big little shit. Runs around in star-spangled tights? Anyway, it’s important to slow down every once in a while & take a break, relive good times.
So Winter eventually starts snarking back at him & it looks like he’s just arguing with himself so Hydra tries to wipe Bucky out of him but it never works. Winter comes out of the chair to blissful silence thinking this time it worked only to get out into the field when Bucky pops up like surprise motherfucker!!!!! You thought you got rid of me but you’re wrong, you wanna use my ass, you gotta pay the price. You’re stuck with me. So that’s the reason they give him the muzzle (that & his facial expressions because seriously) they got tired of the arguments getting voiced because it really confused the targets & annoyed the fuck out of the handlers. @bolontiku