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To the anon who sent me an ask about Jesus Christ:

I am so sorry you think that of Jesus Christ… “If a man pays back evil for good, evil will never leave his house.” Proverbs 16:31. So please don’t be like this, all of my friends that have been recieving your hateful comments have been replying with love. If you choose not to stop your life with just be more miserable and full of hate. I don’t want that for you, I have no idea what you are going through to cause you to act like this but I will be praying for you. Jesus Christ died on the cross for you and everyone! He loves you. I just hope you are ok, and if you ever want to talk about what’s wrong or why you do not wish to believe in Jesus Christ, I will always be here for you. Jesus Christ will ALWAYS be there for you!
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
-John 3:16

 Had an interview at another vet today because the last one didn’t want me anymore 8)

The office is beautiful, the manager lady complimented me on how well I did on the interview, and I was actually asked a lot of questions about animals, which I wasn’t at my last job. There were questions like “What would you do if you saw a coworker mistreating an animal?” and “What do you think of euthanasia and how do you handle it?”. One near the end she didn’t ask me, she crossed it out and said “I already know how you feel about the human-animal bond” since we were talking about pets and stuff…

Idk it just felt so much less like A Medical Office and more of a comfortable, homey place. It’s way farther away but hey, maybe they’ll pay me more! idk man it’s only been like 4 days of not working and i’m already going completely stir-crazy.

Jamaica’s six-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt is featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated three weeks before the start of the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Bolt withdrew from the Jamaican Olympic trials on July 1 with a hamstring tear, but was still selected to the Jamaican national team last week on a medical exemption. SI’s Tim Layden writes in this week’s cover story how Bolt plans to push past his injury setback in his quest for three more gold medals to cap his transcendent career.


Okay people. Bc I have had countless anons asking for this video, it’s time that I just post it and get it leaked onto the tag again. This is in relation to what rebleigh was talking about in regards to Eric & Dylan being subjected to mind control. The info is versatile, but I will not stop until I entertain various Columbine concepts from every angle; even the ones that are difficult to grasp. Some people even say it was a satanic sacrifice in some conspiracies. Like damn. The point is, we all just know that being fishy af is JeffCo’s past, present, and future. Along with the rest of the government/media/world.

Before you come into my anon box w/ all of your corrections on information- note that I am not the producer of this video & I recognize that shit like the whole “wicca” thing is blown wayy out of proportion. Take it w/ a grain of salt. I am delivering to the tag this video; to get your wheels turning or something. Maybe not all of the facts are correct but the overall ideology of skeletons in the closet in regards to the Columbine massacre would not be something surprising to me. Yes, my mind would be blown. But I would not be fucking surprised.

IMO, we still don’t know shit about shit, and there is a crucial amount of information being withheld from us. A meaningful amount. All of the information that we do know, was decided. ie. The Basement Tapes. Easily accessible example. 

So not even associated w/ the video, it’s kind of like the afterlife. You may think that you know, or have proof behind what you know, but you never really do know until you die. So nutshell- my point is that believe you me, there is an extensive/vital amount of information being withheld from us. Too bad we’ll probably never know it. Until one of us gets brave enough and becomes the knight in shining armor that broke into JeffCo, slayed Jerry, and released the tapes.

Personally, this was an interesting ass little presentation to me. The song conjures up overwhelming heavy/hardcore Columbine feels, and the end line comes to an affecting close. They will always look soo damn distant in that suicide picture. Gone. Absent. Checked the fuck out. Wasted. 

For you my little anons. Make what you want of it. They could not have picked a better song.

Im seriously curious about Fiidora because all the other noah its like “oh yeah boom chronic headache and pain for like three days/ a week/ whatever and then poof ya’ll got marks on your forehead and are a noah and can do some crazy ass shit and get sexy as a side effect” but SERIOuSLY HOW WOULD ONE GO ABOUT HAVING AN ENTIRE MOUTH GROW IN YOUR STOMACH AND HAVE YOUR TONGUE GROW EYES I JUST-