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akrieger11: Today is Equal Pay Day—the day which marks how far into the year the average woman in the US has to work to catch up to what men earned last year. Women on average are still paid 20% less than men, and when you break the pay gap down by race and ethnicity, Black and Hispanic women are paid even less. It’s time to #ChangeTheGame because #20PercentCounts !! (📷: #isiphotos)

Life as an Native American girl

You know what’s sad?
Always having to stay in the car
because I am too damn scared to
go in the store.
I’m scared of their hateful and hurtful words.
A young Native American girl,
too fucking scared to go shopping
You hear of “black lives matter”
What about Native Americans?
Oh yeah, they’re shoved onto these lands called reservations.
This poor little prairie nigger
surviving off of EBT and commodities
scared of traveling.
Scared of the harmful words of the white man.
In the lakota culture, mitukaye oyasin,
That means “we are all related” Whatever happened to that?
I’m tired of being pushed aside
I’m tired of being hurt by the white man
I’m tired of seeing my oyate, my people
suffer at the hands of the white man
What do I have to do?
Scream in the governments face?
“Here I am fuckers, pay attention to my people, we are suffering!”
From the battle of the little big horn
To the wounded knee massacre
Our people are still having to deal with that depression
We shouldn’t have to.
We don’t deserve that.
We are indigenous people
Native to the land
We deserve much better
Than this shit hole that we call home
I was always taught to keep my
mouth shut when it comes to racist remarks
I want to break this silence
I want to go in the store and not be afraid of what others have to say.
I want to break free.


I actually deleted the comments that said things like, “You dumb cunt. This is bullshit.” There were three comments like that altogether. Also from men who are apparently enraged by the idea of the NWHL or women getting paid to play or girls getting into professional sports. 


This kind of reaction is exactly why we should be interested in a film that supports women athletes and women in general. There are only 9 days left to meet the goal of these filmmakers or they receive nothing. Please consider pitching in a few bucks. Hell, I’d pay $5 just as a big EFF YOU to some of these dudes who replied to my Facebook ad. 

Wouldn’t you?


He’ll Pay (alternate ending)

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

Title: He’ll Pay (alternate ending)

Pairing: Pride x Reader

Word Count: 1,179

Warnings: fluff, implied sex.

A/N: I made an alternate ending because I couldn’t decide which ending I wanted more, and a close friend of mine helped me in deciding the matter. I hope you all love this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

As you walked into the squad room all dressed up for a blind date, you got looks from your team.  All of them looking you up and down with wide grins of approval.  You were lucky to close a case early enough in the evening to still go on your date.  You had forgotten your phone at your desk.  It was on your way to the restaurant anyway.

“Wow look atcha [Y/N],” LaSalle mused.  “Goin’ on some special date?”

“Yeah, I just forgot my phone at my desk,” you replied.  “My friend set me up on a blind date with one of her friends.  It’s a new thing for me, but I’m excited nevertheless.”

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EXO as male courtesans

Part I ♡ Part 2

Inspired by the otome game that I played earlier this year << The men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya >>, I wonder myself how the guys would act as courtesans or, in other words, workers in a brothel. This is the story on which the game is based: “A closed island where baby boys are not born… In the middle of the island, there is a district where men are gathered. Some women just want children. Others are looking for love. Knowingly deceived by a lie, and deceived in return, all in a single night’s dream.

WARNING: Mature content.


Sehun would be an enigma. He made his debut at a young age. With a somewhat cold and arrogant personality, but when he walks into a room all eyes inevitably head towards him. Considered as the most attractive courtesan and definitely he uses this for his advantage. The majority of his clients would be older women. Most of the time he would act rough. Definitely the dominant type, Sehun movements would be fast and precise. Knowing fully how please a girl, once you fall into his trap, you would never escape. Although he doesn’t want to show it, he has an emotional side that is hungry for love.


Don’t be fooled by his innocent aura, Baekhyun is nothing like that when it’s about the pleasure game. Known as a playboy, most of his clientele has fallen deep because his sweet talk. Sometimes he can be a selfish lover, but always in a playful way. He will constantly tease you putting his beautiful fingers into action. With the goal on mind of make you moan, the nights with him will never be silent.


The favorite of the younger girls. Junmyeon is known for being a gentleman inside and outside of the room. Despite being a courtesan, his main attractive it’s his maturity and intelligence. Inclined to the style of soft and romantic sex, only if him doesn’t lose his control. When Suho can’t endure it any longer, his wild side would come to the surface. Dominant and rough, he will not hesitate to demonstrate with every part of his body who is the boss of the bedroom.


The courtesan with the most beautiful smile. Many girls prefer him for his friendly side, as it seems easier get along with him. Being the kind of guy who can’t control his hands and his mouth, Chanyeol would usually touch his partner a lot while saying some dirty things. He is something territorial despite not being of the overly dominant type. He likes to mark what he thinks that belong to him, so his specialty would be love bites, bites that next morning you would find decorating all your skin.


Another guy for which you shouldn’t be fooled by his looks. Kyungsoo may look small and quiet, but he will make you forget that image the moment you enter in his bedroom. Most times D.O. would be strong and rough, but if at any time you wish it, he wouldn’t have problem to act dominated against you. Although don’t forget, later he will sure make you pay for it.


The pride of the brothel, Kai is recognized as the number one courtesan. His favorite technique of seduction would be through dance. With the looks of an elegant animal, sexy and dangerous, many girls fall at his feet; but when comes the time to go to the bedroom, everything about him would change. Being still young, he would usually act a little shy the first time with a client and everything would be somewhat awkward but sweet. Some time later, when he can have more confidence with his partner, Jongin will be rougher, but always making sure of taking care of every millimeter of your skin with a boundless passion.


Chen would be known as the sexiest and a little perverted courtesan. Well-mannered and funny, for him isn’t difficult to get customers. Being the cheeky person that he is, his attitude wouldn’t be any different in the bedroom. Just to tease you, Jongdae is the type of say things gently in your ear while he gives you slow and smooth pleasure, sometimes barely touching you, making you want him even more. He will not be satisfied until he can hear your voice begging for more.


Slow, slow and slower. Yixing is the perfect definition of a dedicated lover. Everything would be focused on you and your fun. The movement of his hips would be fluid, with the perfect rhythm. He is known as the most skilled courtesan in bed and will make sure that you witness that, with your body and with your soul.


If a word has to define him that word would be versatility. Chosen by young girls and older women, Xiumin can please any kind of client. A gentle and concerned lover. A tough and passionate partner. Minseok is a courtesan who can suit the type of woman who has chosen him. Only one thing is certain and is that you’ll never leave his bedroom unsatisfied.


The GIFS have been collected over the time, so I really can’t remember who they are, so credits to the original owners. English is not my native language, so I apologize if it’s very bad.



Pureblood Pride Pays Off


Jonathan is back, and this is basically what I’m gathering from it. You can’t get fired for punching a person if it never actually happened, and on paper it never happened, because on paper Eduade will never admit that a No-Maj knocked him on his ass. Our regards to the students of Durmstrang. Shoot us a message whenever something stops working, because your “IT guy” sure as Stupedy won’t know how to fix it…

And for the record. Thank you Jon. Next time somebody talks down about “Muggles” the first punch is coming from me.

not worthy pt. 1

I thought I was the only one. I thought I was worthy enough. But I guess not.

pairing: jungkook | reader
words: 1.3k
genre: a bucketful of angst
summary: the plan was to live happily ever after with jungkook. not let your stepsister take him away from you

“Y/N, darling. I’m so nervous,” Your mum fidgeted about, eyes darting back and forth from her fingers that were tightly grasping onto the bouquet of flowers and the reassurance in your eyes.

“It’s okay mum. You will be fine,” You took her hands in yours. “Mr Kim is a lucky guy and I have never seen you this happy since five years ago,”

That was true. Broken bonds have left your family scattered and shattered, your life twisted in mess of distrust because of a man that  has grown on you like a plague. Through struggles, your mum made it. Found the love of her life, someone better, polished and undeniably worthier than someone who you once called pa.

Now you get to see your mum happy again. A sight that has etched in your memory and absolutely unforgettable.

“Okay Y/N. I can do this, I can do this. I can do this because you will be here,” She beamed at you, stroking your cheeks with her delicate fingers.

“I will always be with you ma,”

“I will see you at the alter. Go find Song, okay?”

The name rolled out of her tongue with such practice, a name that your mum has grown fond of and was proud to call Song her step daughter. But the name, even if it sounded pretty in many accents, had caused you to flinch and a shiver running down your spine.


Wonder why?

Face of such ineffable beauty, hair like silk and eyes that showed so much affection to anyone she talks. Her walk was a grace, flowing like the river and fingers that sprouts magic. She embodied everything a girl-defined beauty. Everything a girl would kill to possess such glorious characteristics.

Everything a guy would have his eyes settled on.

But it was all just a pathetic façade. Behind the grace and charms, was a manipulative repulsive soon to be stepsister that would get her hands on anything she wants. Anything. The underlying cruelty was sugarcoated with her charms that could woe anyone into getting her what she wants and that was what terrified you.


It was not that you fully despised Song. Loathing was a strong word. You were merely just – cautious. Cautious of what she could do to you.

Head in the clouds, and you heart still in a confused state, you walked out of the dressing room and bumped into a hard surface, the smooth fabric familiar under your touch as you tried to stabilize yourself. Your eyes settled in the warmth of your boyfriend’s eye, his hands intertwining with yours.

“Geez Y/N, I never thought you would be this nervous on your mum’s wedding. Now I’m worried what it will be like at our wedding,” His silk like voice tickled the shells of your ears.

His words had made your heart flutter, cheeks blushing furiously and hands gripping tighter in his.

“Of course I should be nervous. Its my mum’s wedding,” You pecked his nose with a kiss, making him curl his lips into a smile because you were just damn adorable.

“The food will definitely make all your anxiety go away,” You could almost here the cunningness in his smirk.

“Did you steal the pastries,” But he pressed his lips on you before you could scold him.

“You won’t get away with kisses Kookie,” You licked your lips, enjoying the tangy taste of strawberry and lime once you pulled away.

“I can’t -,”

“Y/N! Kookie!”

The voice was already cringing enough from across the hallway. And you have to bear with that for the rest of your life.

But that wasn’t what pissed you off.

No one. I mean no one. No one calls my boyfriend Kookie but me.

“Oh! Hey Song!” Jungkook replied enthusiastically, waving at her from across the hallway as she briskly walked towards the both of you.

“Wow, you look good Kookie,” Twitch. While she eyed your boyfriend with such endearment, you merely glanced away, gripping your hands tighter onto Jungkook’s.

“Thank you, and so do you Song,” His eyes twinkled as he complimented her.

“Do you like it? My dad got this for me. After all it was a special occasion,” The sickening smile made you want to puke while she did a twirl and you were going to bet that that was especially for Jungkook.

And if she remembered clearly. He was your boyfriend.

“Oh, Y/N! We got to go now! Dad and Ma will be going on the alter soon,” She turned to you, surprised at the fact you were actually existing right there.

“Mhm, I will see you later Kookie,” You tiptoed, giving Jungkook a kiss, pressing your lips firmly on his while his hand wrapped around your waist.

“Ugh, god. I have to deal with this for the rest of my life,” Song whined, chuckling afterwards as she grabbed onto your wrist and tugging you away from Jungkook. Although the humor in her tone was well practiced, you could tell she obviously disgusted by this.

“Good luck, love,” He shouted at you as he left your sight and you almost tripped out of giddiness because you could make out the slightly audible I love you.

“Love you too Kook!”

That wasn’t for her. That was for me.

Her hand on you was enough to make you pull away, hiding your disgust with a tight pursed lips.

“Come on Y/N! You can’t lose focus. Its your mum’s wedding. Pretend Jungkook was not your boyfriend today and maybe you could concentrate,” Her bluntness came with an overly bright smile that did not compliment that harsh words that left her lips.

“I -,”

“Come on, we will be late. Gosh, why are you always so blur,”

“We come today, to celebrate…” The droning yet nerve-wrecking voice of the priest has got you feeling a tight knot in your stomach.

This was it. Your mum was going to get married. You will have a new father. It was frightening to say it all at once. But no fear could not compete to the overwhelming pressure that is building up in you. Song is going to be your sister.

In a few more minutes, when the wedded couple says their vows, you will have to spend the rest of your life, learning how awful your sister was going to be. How she will unravel her distaste of her stepsister day by day.

You should be paying attention, showing pride and gratitude to your mother who had taught you to remain strong and confident for your entire life and fight for what you love.

But why were you silently screaming, tears at bay and your hands tightly clenched in fists in your bouquet of flowers as you watch your boyfriend giving playful and silly glances at Song from his seat in the audience. She was giggling, hands covering her mouth and sometimes throwing back sticking out her tongue at him.

Why were you bothered by this? He was probably being friendly. There was not a moment in your 3 years together that he seen you so jealous, envy brimming to the fullest. The sight was enough to make your heartstrings pull apart, your minds entangled with confusion and fear. You should have every right to be jealous.

And as your mother said those two words and so did he, there was no going back.

You should feel a sense of elation, relief and upmost joy because of such a blissful occasion. You should have congratulated your mum with more affection that she deserved for having such strength. You should have run off with Jungkook, him embracing you because finally, I can have you all to myself now.

But you couldn’t. Because while your mother waltzed with your step father, guests buzzing and chattering with wine glasses in their hands, you watched Jungkook from afar, the sparkle in his eyes when he talked to Song animatedly, the distance between them unbearable for you. You could see the sparkle in his eyes, so powerful and strikingly beautiful, chocolate swimming in the pool of his pupil.

You know the sparkle damn well, because he looks at you like that. The way he is looking at Song right now.

Song could get anything she wants. And you were down right frightened that she might take Jungkook away from you.

needed a story to escape to because my life isnt going very smooth at the moment. i just love how writing could give me so much pleasure. i hope you all enjoy this story. part 2 will probably come out next week or sometime this weekend:) love you bubz


everlarkaddict  asked:

I really love your drabble,how about katniss being jealous because some girl flirting with peeta at the bakery?

Thank you so much! This has been in my inbox for so long, and for that I’m sorry. The first part can be found here, but this can be read as a stand-alone. It’s unbetaed so all mistakes are mine.

Contains quotes from The Hunger Games books and films. I own neither.

If you like this story, please let me know. I’d love to hear from you! <3


No. He’s not interested in other girls. He’s loved me almost his entire life and it takes more than a beautiful woman to change that. A very beautiful woman.

I’m standing outside the bakery, looking through one of the windows. Neither of them has seen me yet and I guess that’s the reason she takes the opportunity to slide her hand up his flour-covered arms. His sleeves are rolled up to his elbows and when her fingers reach the shirt she leans over the counter, giving him a perfect view of her cleavage.

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Bitchy, self-doubting, boastful, incandescent, a Cheshire cat that got the cream, he will lay waste the field in front of him, and at some point sink to his knees and pay for his pride. Singing songs about love, self-loathing, fellow feeling and community, which all sound different from one song to the next; lyrics to holler back at him, to hold in your heart
—  Dan Cairns on Matty Healy, The Sunday Times Culture Magazine, 19.06.16
Black History Month Fact of the Day

If it weren’t for Marsha P. Johnson, a black trans woman, y'all wouldn’t have your precious pride fests. Y'all would be at home with a PBR and a rainbow flag if it weren’t for her and other trans women of color being at the front of the Stonewall Riots, putting their asses on the line for the gay rights movement. If it weren’t for black trans women, there would be no gay rights.

So the next time you or someone you know tries to police a trans woman’s bathroom usage, makes a rude comment, shoves her, anywhere, especially at a pride festival, you remember why you even have one to go to.