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How to Deal with Paranoid Thoughts

1. Keep a diary of your thoughts. Check this record daily, and look for patterns.
2. Notice what triggers these kinds of thoughts and patterns – other people, situations, or general moods and feelings.
3. Try and frame extreme thought patterns so they’re more reasonable and balanced.
4. Look for evidence that backs up and supports these new perspectives (That is, more reasonable and balance, and less extreme, thought patterns.)
5. Pay attention to the people you are listening to each day. Are they extremely critical, and do they put you down?
6. Check your overall wellbeing – such as amount of sleep, the kinds of foods you’re eating, and when and how much you are drinking.


you know what they need to invent?? a body pillow that also has arms and legs so you can wrap them around you and feel like you’re being cuddled. y’know for us sad, lonely people..

You Are My Song (Pt. 1)

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Summary: You meet Kihyun in psychology class and can’t stand him.  Outside of class is a different story.

Disclaimer: All of the things mentioned in this story are all works of fiction and have been made up by me, the author.  I did not intend to make anything based on real life, and any coincidences to real life are purely coincidences.

Members: Kihyun x Reader

Rating: PG-13/R (mature content to come in future chapters)

Length: 3,813 words

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Oh my gosh, I love headcanons surrounding Murdoc's vocal tics. I tend to imagine that they are due to intrusive thinking and identity threat, which I began ticking from. Like, every time a thought pops up that he feels implicates him badly, he makes a noise or distorts his speech, as a way of showing guilt or detachment from the thought. It's confusing to everyone else, because they obviously can't see his thoughts. I also headcanon that Murdoc is half Georgian, in terms of race.

i really love his vocal tics they’re just such a charming little addition to his speech patterns. my housemate has something similar and i just find it really nice?? to hear i can’t explain why it’s just lovely

I know we all like to say SP’s treatment of it’s characters isn’t surprising any more, but it’ll never stop blowing my mind how this company continues to do itself absolutely no favors just because… well at this point, I honestly don’t know. I gathered that there are people over there that don’t like to handle Sasuke, though for the life of me I can’t figure out why. It’s obvious they don’t get Sakura on any type of level (they stick her in a tsundere mold and call it a day), and people there have some grudge against her for not being into the main character so they take it out on her in the pettiest of ways. Both characters are either handled poorly and not at all.

And they’re two of Naruto’s most popular characters.

It’s clear they know this. In the Last they marketed the hell out of Sasuke, this newest episode they poked at Sasusaku in the preview like they do when they want to catch the audience’s attention. And they fail to deliver. They tease, they grab at the audience who are too naive or don’t pay attention to their patterns, and then pull the rug out from under them, and this has been something they’ve done for years now. I guess they don’t care if they piss off a big portion of their fanbase because they continue to bring in money, but holy shit would they have bigger numbers if they would just cater to their most popular hetero ship in the series.

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oh oh oh!! what about an au where you're in a long distance relationship with soldier 76? any ideas about how that might go?

I love how much love this old boy is getting. A precious good boy indeed. Enjoy! ^-^


  • LDR relationships make it much easier for him to get close to someone quicker, as well not to be so stressed and defensive and worried about everything
  • He sends you messages all the time
  • If you’re in way different time zones, not only does he send good morning/night messages during his night and say; he pays attention to your patterns until he figured out when you usually get up and go to bed, then send them at those times too
  • Internet dates
  • You guys will stream movies and video chat while watching, or set up your own little candlelit dinners at home and video chat your dinner (you cute dorks)
  • He stays up as long as he physically can during these just to be with you
  • He wants to be the last to fall asleep
  • He usually isn’t though
  • At some point (probably on a special occasion like your birthday or Christmas) he’ll just randomly message you like
  • “Hey I’m at the airport come say hi :P”
  • and then you’re just like
  • “o-o” “wat” “????”
  • “i” “i am here”
  • You get your ass out of your house as fast as humanly possible
  • Depending on the differing time zones, he might show up a day early or a day later than he’d plan
  • He’s all excited about all his plans and when you tell him, he sulks like a kicked puppy
  • You promise to cancel any plans you had for that day and do all those plans he has in mind anyway
  • He gets all happy again
  • The first time you meet in person, he acts like an actual nerdy teenage boy
  • Can’t handle himself
  • Might cry
  • All blushy and touchy
  • Is always touching you the entire time you hang out
  • Like this is real???? Oh my god???? They’re so perfect???? I mean i knew they were perfect but now i’m actually touching them and they are p e r f e c t???
  • Offers you his jacket
  • Tries to be overly gentlemanly and you finally have to confront him and tell him to stop being weird because you know that’s not how he acts
  • Like sweetheart we do actually know each other
  • So cut the shit and give me a piggyback ride to get lunch my steed
  • He eventually does calm down and go back to being himself
  • When he has to leave again for the first time he does actually cry
  • Promises to video chat as soon as he gets home and swears he’ll be back again
  • He lives up to both of those promises

one of the reasons that drew me to bts over all the other popular groups (i’d been listening to a smattering of songs over the years) when i started seriously getting into kpop were the bangtan bombs

they used to drop them like hot eggs on the sidewalk back when the group was younger, and the combination of seedy hotels that everyone’s been to but have never visited and the relatability of their personalities (not necessarily their lives lol) were a terrific precursor to obsession imo. bts seemed like they were on a perpetual roadtrip: one that’s equal parts tiring and exhilarating where all the bedrooms and midnight antics and bed sharing and late night gym sessions and peeling bathrooms and flickering lights and badly maintenanced pools are incredibly grounding. they’re familiar. you’ve never met them before, but you’ve lived their same shoes and like hell goddamn humans are nostalgic by nature and bts is so fucking familiar which makes them not really Idols but rather Friends and urges you to join their family and travel the world with them which in turn makes u want to cry a little bc you feel so close but ur arms aren’t long enough to follow ;(


Mini Cosplay Tutorial: JJ from Yuri On Ice!!!


  • 2 yards red jogging fleece (from
  • 1 yard black jogging fleece (from
  • 1 red maple leaf patch (from Fabricland, other versions also available at Canadian Michael’s stores)
  • 2 spools of thread at least (I went through an entire black spool of thread while zig-zag stitching all the edges)

Wig: Rufio from Arda Wigs in natural black

Pattern: Jalie 2795 (all sizes)

While I won’t provide an exact step-by-step method of how I sewed my Team Canada jacket, I will give a brief rundown of how I pieced things together. 

First off a quick review of the Jalie pattern. Jalie is a Canadian brand so it might be harder to find outside of Canada. It’s also printed in French first with English underneath so it can sometimes throw you off if you’re not paying attention. This pattern is not exactly for beginners as it was very brief in its instructions and just assumed you had a basic knowledge of sewing/stitches/fabrics already. It did mention how to finish edges which was nice. Also the pattern book is HUGE compared to normal patterns (pictured beside a Simplicity pattern) and also made of actual paper and not flimsy tissue. The only downside was that there was no envelope to keep pieces in after they were cut out. Otherwise the pattern was fairly simple to follow along (I don’t think I even really looked at the instructions half the time) and the sizing was amazingly accurate and the pieces fit together perfectly without having to ease anything.

Things modified from the pattern:

  1. I made the 2 side panels out of contrasting black fabric.
  2. I used black polyester lining for the pocket lining instead of jogging fleece to make it less bulky.
  3. I removed the sleeve cuffs and lengthened the sleeves by 2.5″ and gave them a wide hem.
  4. I removed the horizontal sleeve seam across the bicep.
  5. I removed the pocket welts and just sewed straight pockets.
  6. I removed the waistband and lengthened the jacket by 3.5″ and gave it a wide hem instead.
  7. I added the red/black contrast fabric on the collar matching with the shoulder seams.

Overall it only took me about a day to sew so it shouldn’t be too bad to take on as a weekend project. The most time-consuming part was making the pattern adjustments for the sleeve seams and the waistband/cuffs/collar.

I’ll gladly answer any other construction questions anyone else might have. Just don’t ask “How much did X material cost?” because it’ll probably change every other week due to sales and promotions, shipping, location, available stock, and retailer and who knows how long this post will continue to circulate LOL. 

Also yes, I know that the real Skate Canada jackets are a deeper red (I went with the Olympic Team red instead since that’s what was available at the time) and have black contrast fabric under the arms. Since they only show JJ with that black underarm contrast in literally 2 3 second scenes I decided to go with no underarm contrast like all the other scenes and because I’m lazy.


Want to know what it is like to be a McDonalds employee? Well have multiple people shout at you and call you stupid, pathetic and degrading names for 8 hours a day 5 days a week while you stand there in your stupid hat being forced to smile and be helpful then wish them a happy good bye as they leave later to have them call up your store complaining about how rude and stupid you are and how they got the wrong order, even though you had double checked the order twice and they said “yes that is correct”. So next time you go to McDonald’s and go to abuse the staff, just think if maybe you had of listened to the order you would have the right food, or maaaayybbeeee it isn’t that poor crew persons fault that the price of your beloved big mac has gone up 15 cents, or maaaaayyybbeee there is an explanation with an easy fix to the problem and that you don’t need to abuse us. Not evey McDonald’s employee is a low life piece of shit going nowhere in life, 99% of us only work there for an income while we study or just some extra cash on the side while we begin our future or figure out our next step. So please stop being mean and be nice to us because believe it or not it is fucking tiring being abused every day for 3 years all for a shit pay and no sleeping pattern.

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Hello excuse me have you ever tested how the sexy level requirements are increased?? For example, if you have 10, does the next requirement increase according to the amount of sex appeal you have or is there a pattern?? If you know please let me know <3

Hello :) are you talking about sadism ? And I honestly never paid attention to the pattern :o I just do the lessons right away during the triple sexy fever and just work my way up 😂 sometimes I do the double fever o: sorry love I don’t pay attention to the pattern :/


There are a few things that Carlos may have neglected to tell Cecil.

Like his last name.

Or how he hasn’t actually dated anyone since his junior year of high school.

Or that he’s a wizard of the White Council and the regional commander of Wardens in the western United States and not, in fact, a scientist.

You know. Minor details.

Love is All You Need to Destroy Your Enemies by shadydave

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a tiny emmy nom wouldn’t hurt nobody if you ask me

On the Anger of Women

Becoming a feminist is sort of an emotional roller coaster for a woman. As you start to understand the mechanics of the patriarchal world we live in, we start to make sense of a lot of seemingly random unfairness in our life. We connect the dots, and start to gain vocabulary to describe these connections. A lot has been said about “empowerment”, but gaining this vocabulary and being able to name our oppression is truly empowering. Feminism is liberating.

But at the same time we gain this knowledge, we start noticing patterns and paying attention to events all around us. Misogyny is everywhere, surrounding us like the air we breathe. It creeps into every aspect of our lives, it infects our relationships with our fathers, brothers, husbands, coworkers, friends. This knowledge is painful to have.

And seeing all of this, women get angry. Very angry. And who could blame us?

Yet we are chastised for our anger all the time. Women are told we are “emotional”, but anger is the one emotion we are absolutely not allowed to have. No, anger is for men only, because anger is powerful. Righteous, justified anger is unwomanly, it’s unladylike. It’s not for us, they tell us. Our place is to be always calm and tranquil and accomodating. To never raise our voices. To be the motherly voices that applacate the anger of men, shushing them sweetly and rewarding them for their heroic deeds.

Anger is ugly. It contorts our faces into war masks, with bared teeth and wrinkled noses and bulging eyes, and we are not allowed to be ugly. We are women, and our place is to be pretty, to be always pleasant to the eyes of men. Anger is loud, and our furious cries for justice are bothersome and out of place, and “why do you have to be so angry all the time?”

Who never heard that?

“Why do you have to be so angry?”

Because we are women and our fury is laughable, am I right? Because we look so cute when we are angry. Because if we act like this nobody will ever listen to us, why are we so aggressive? Because we must be on our periods. Because we are shrews, we are hysteric, our voices so shrill and annoying, and above all, you must calm down, lady. You’re being unreasonable. Not all men are like that. You’re exaggerating.

Our anger is anything, everything but righteous. We are never entitled to it. Men are entitled to their anger, but we are not. We are outright socialized out of it, our anger nipped in the bud. Since we’re little girls, we’re taught to not shout, to not be aggressive, to not yell, to never respond with violence to violence. But boys… boys will be boys.

Boys will be boys, and girls will be passive, defenseless damsels who are not allowed to feel any kind of indignation at the boys who rape and kill our sisters.

It’s time for us to reclaim our anger. It’s time for us to be unwomanly, unladylike, and let them hear our bellowing roar: we are angry. We are angry because men are raping us. We are angry because men are killing us. We are angry because men are exploiting us as unpaid labor. We are angry because we bear and rear their children, clean their houses, cook their food, tend to their feelings, and what we get in return is a lifetime of fear and violence, and we have lived like this for thousands of years.

Do not apologize for your anger. We are entitled to it. We will be angry, raging, furious as long as you’re stepping on our necks, and we are entitled to every second of it. Do not apologize for the boiling rage that courses through you whenever you’re faced with the injustices that were done to you for the sole reason that you’re a woman. Do not apologize for naming the ones who are doing this to you. Do not apologize for pointing out male supremacy. We are socialized out of our anger for a reason, and this reason is because they know that anger will bring us together, it will push us foward, it will make us strive for change. They don’t want us to be loud, because they don’t want other women to hear us. They will shame and ridicularize it and deem it pathetic and innefective because they know the combined anger of all of us can bring them down.

Stay together. Stay loud. Stay angry.

i’m going to make a melee ai that literally just copies whatever you do. holy shit. to make its next move it will rely on selective ratings of previously seen actions. sequences of actions marked along a curve through a vector space adequately representing game state data will be valued based on favorable and unfavorable results. this score is weighted by distance from present game state and gives the odds for random selection. maybe even a neural network that selects large and small patterns to pay attention to and favors pathways that produce strategies that turn out to be effective. basically where and when to draw input from, and when and how to execute an output. for example it might learn about human reaction times by discovering that its most recent frames have no effect on its opponent’s decisions. would it be able to learn strategies that require inhuman reaction times if it only learns from human players? yes, i think so, if it learns a read-based style. it will be able to rank decisions that were reads for its human opponents based on much more recent information, so incorrect reads can be ultimately discarded and correct reads can be incorporated as reaction decisions. restrictions can be placed on the brain of the ai to make it feel more fair or interactive for a human player, such as imposing a .25 second reaction time or limiting the rate of decision making. if the ai is always forced to make decisions in real time it’s likely that limitations would appear naturally so the processing speed of the program would have to be kept pretty consistent. idk i feel like this is something i could really actually do

How to Deal with Paranoid Thoughts

1. Keep a diary of your thoughts. Check this record daily, and look for patterns.
2. Notice what triggers these kinds of thoughts and patterns – other people, situations, or general moods and feelings.
3. Try and frame extreme thought patterns so they’re more reasonable and balanced.
4. Look for evidence that backs up and supports these new perspectives (That is, more reasonable and balance, and less extreme, thought patterns.)
5. Pay attention to the people you are listening to each day. Are they extremely critical, and do they put you down?
6. Check your overall wellbeing – such as amount of sleep, the kinds of foods you’re eating, and when and how much you are drinking.

Part 2: The Girl He Left Behind (Harry Styles)

Read Part 1 here

Harry arrived at home and wasn’t able to sleep much that night, despite how well the day went. It hit Harry that he would have to leave her again to go back on tour in a week, something she surely wouldn’t take too well. He also doubted she would be able to handle the stress of dating in the public eye very well either. 

That feared Harry the most, the thought of her being targeted by the media, stalked if you will, the thought of her being harassed by fans, receiving death threats and insults. He didn’t want her to experience any of this, she deserved more. 

The next morning he decided they would reconvene at a restaurant they used to have lunch at in high school. She was out shopping with her mum when he called her, but agreed to meet him there nonetheless. This gave Harry enough time to get there early and order her favourite meal, he still remembered, in fact every time he ordered it on tour, he thought of her sitting across from him, wearing one of her sundresses with her hair tied back. 

“Um, can I have a platter of tacos and two coca colas, please?” He asked the waitress who blushed profusely upon recognition.

The waitress nodded and headed back behind the counter, peeking out every so often to see whom he was meeting with.

Harry felt arms wrap around him and looked down at his chest to see two manicured hands. He felt the smoothness of her gloss lips connect with his cheek and the scent of vanilla invading his nose. 

“Good afternoon, dear,” she said quietly, pulling away and placing herself in the seat across from him. 

 Harry’s dimples grew deeper and his eyes widened, as he reached his hand out to hold hers. “Afternoon, dear,” he teased. “How was shopping?”

“It was all right, mum bought way more than I did,” she said, examining the drink in front of her. Harry knew she was pleased with his memory, when she smiled and took a sip.

“I already ordered,” Harry said with a playful grin forming on his lips. 

“Oh no, what did you order me?” She said with a chuckle, her grip tightening on his hand at the sight of him lifting an eyebrow. “Harry please, you know how anxious I get over surprises.”

Harry did know how anxious she got, he remembered quite clearly how anxious she got every birthday when he told her he had a surprise as her gift. He would spend months planning his gifts, because he loved to see her that way. 

 “Don’t worry,” he reassured, tilting his head towards the waitress. The waitress placed the platter down on the table. “Told you I never forgot you, not for one minute,” he said, grinning at the sight of tears welted in the corner of her eyes. 

She rubbed his hand gently and Harry leaned in to kiss hers. 

Watching her smile and laugh throughout the meal was far too bittersweet for him to enjoy. He had just made her smile and he was going to have to take it away. 

 “Um, so I thought maybe we could talk about a few things,” Harry said, carefully treading around the hard discussion. 

 She nodded and didn’t seem worried by his words; he liked that. 

“The lads and I are heading back on the road next week,” he said watching her.  

Her smile dropped slightly, which she tried to hide. “For how long?” she asked. 

“Three months and then I’m off for two weeks,” he said, preparing to get blasted. 

 Harry watched her play with the collar of her shirt, while her eyes peered in the other direction. 

“I’ll be here waiting,” she finally said. 

 Harry could see she was trying to hide her disappointment and it bothered him, but he knew he had a responsibility to uphold and others who depended on him. 

 “I’m so sorry, I wish I didn’t have to leave like that,” he said as he stared down at their food. 

 She extended her hand towards him, once again. “It’s okay, dear. Whatever you have to do and wherever you have to go, I support you.” 

 Harry lit up; she was always so reasonable and kind-hearted, never thinking of herself. Harry loved that about her, the way she lived to see others smile. He had been doing that for years for young girls around the world, but what he wanted more than anything, was to be the one putting a smile on hers. 

 That’s when he remembered, he had to protect her from the chaos that engulfed his world five years ago. He didn’t want her to go it alone, to go anything alone, never mind the scrutiny any association with him was going to bring. 

 “Erm, I was thinking maybe we should keep our relationship quiet for awhile, you know, until I’m back home,” he spoke. 

 She smiled politely. “I suppose that’s a good idea.” 

 Harry felt much better have the discussion off his chest, though he did notice a slightly more somber aura surrounding them than yesterday. 

 He did most of the talking that afternoon; in fact he would do most of the talking over the next couple of days, until he was boarding the plane to head on tour. A separate car drove her there and crew snuck her in past security. 

She wrapped her arms around him tightly and Harry felt the desperation in it. He tightened around her and kissed her head, wanting nothing more than to say there with her. 

 “I’m going to miss you,” he said pulling away and flipping his coat over his back. 

 She pulled his body close to her, “I’ll miss you too, dear.” 

 He kissed her once more before he walked up the steps to the plane. He turned back to face her and said, “I’ll call you when I arrive.” 


 When Harry stepped off the plane fans immediately mobbed him. Security hadn’t planned for this occurrence, as the lads’ arrival was supposed to be secret. Someone working there likely tipped the media and fans off. 

 Harry looked down at his phone upset; it had been dead for a while and would likely remain that way a few hours more. He was hoping he would get the chance to speak to her before she left for work. 

 The crowd continued to grow and showed no sign of slowing, so the crew brought them into their work area to wait it out. 

 After four hours, the crowd died down as fans thought the boy band had left the building through a back door. The boys happily signed autographs for the thirty girls remaining on their way into a blacked out SUV. 

 “Anyone have a charger?” Harry asked. 

 Zayn reached into his carry-on bag and dug around, “No, Harry, I must have packed it in my luggage.” 

 “You’ll just have to hook it up when we get to the hotel,” Mark added. 

 And that’s just what Harry did, watching over it eagerly while it turned back on. He dialed her number and waited for what he knew would be the voicemail, to greet him. 

 “Hi beautiful, sorry to bother you while you’re at work, I intended on calling sooner, but we got stuck at the airport and had to hide from fans. Erm, I’ll call you in the morning, which is night for you, I think. I love you and miss you,” Harry said, disappointed he didn’t get the chance to hear her soothing voice before bed. 

 He climbed into his sheets and drifted off. 

 She didn’t get the opportunity to hear his message until after her shift had ended; it made her smile nonetheless. Truthfully, she hadn’t slept much the night before, worriedly awaiting a call from Harry that never came. She even checked the news every so often just to be sure everything was okay. 

 Her eyes were fluttering shut by quarter after nine and any attempt at fighting the heaviness of her eyelids was failing miserably. She fell asleep and didn’t wake up to any calls.

 She woke up to her alarm the next morning and checked her phone. To her surprise she found there was no missed calls.

 Harry on the other hand was just heading to bed, unaware that he was forgetting to uphold his word, he, after all, was not used to having a steady relationship in his life; it had been awhile. However, he realized soon after being awoken by Niall and Louis jumping on his bed, he had neglected a promise he made and immediately headed to the bathroom to make the call. 

 This time Harry didn’t get so much as a ring, just her sweet and familiar voice asking him to leave a message. He wondered what she was doing this Friday evening; at home or out with her friends, either way he was hoping she was enjoying herself. He decided to leave a short and sweet message, being careful not to annoy her with rambling messages proclaiming his dearest thoughts of her. 

 “Hello dear. Um, I won’t keep you for long, just wanted to say I hope you are well and out having a good time tonight. I can’t wait until I get to see you again. Call me when you can. Miss you.” 

 She was out with her friends at a local pub, but she certainly wasn’t having a good time; any fun she planned on having died with her phone, a little over three hours ago. 

 Once she got home she plugged her phone in and watched the loading screen impatiently, until finally it turned back on. She gave it a few minutes to wait for any texts or voicemails to come in, but once again she saw nothing. She was beginning to regret telling Harry she couldn’t afford the long distance texts and refusing to let him pay for it. 

 This pattern of missed communication continued for a few more days and Harry immersed himself entirely in his work, making an unwise decision the first night he had off. 

 Meanwhile, she checked Twitter on the train to work, as any journalist would. She always kept up with current events, crime, traffic, politics, not usually entertainment though, that is until she saw a photo of her boyfriend with a Victoria Secret model and a headline alleging the two had spent the night together. 

 She tried to laugh it off, celebrity news was usually made up rubbish anyways. Nonetheless, a lot of confusion plagued her positive mind, with their lack of conversation and his request for secrecy ringing in her head. 

 Harry was also confused, he didn’t know why she hadn’t returned his calls and it was starting to eat at him. He remembered her saying she couldn’t reply to texts, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t text her to express his concerns. 

 Harry: Hi baby, haven’t heard from you in awhile. Call me when you have a chance. 

 He checked his phone every minute for a few hours, his eyes seemingly glued to the screen. He couldn’t focus on anyone speaking to him, he couldn’t focus on a movie or game, he even struggled to focus on stage that night, forgetting lyrics he had sang thousands of times. Harry could feel something wasn’t right and he didn’t want to risk losing her again, in fact, he knew if he did he’d be losing himself in the process. There was only one thing he could do now. 

 The doorbell rang in the middle of the night and she jumped up from her bed, frightened by this off occurrence. She threw her bathrobe over her and tiptoed down the stairs, opening the door the smallest crack to peer out. She immediately backed up, heart pounding in her chest. 

“What the hell, Harry, what are you doing here?” 

 He moved into the doorway, his eyes looking heavy and his body looking weak. “You haven’t returned my calls or my messages,” he started, looking to the floor for a pair of men’s shoes that weren’t there, a relief to him no doubt. 

Harry noticed her staring down at her feet and her bottom lip quivering. He moved in close to embrace her and she backed up. 

 “What?” he said, “why are you backing away from me?” She didn’t reply so he continued. “I’ve just flown for 10 hours to see you for three before I have to head back, please talk to me.” 

 “I can’t do this, Harry,” she said, “I’m not okay with the way things are, they’re not what I want for myself and they’re not how I pictured things.” 

 Harry stared at her in disbelief. He didn’t understand why her mind had changed about their relationship after she claimed to love him all these years. 

“Is there someone else? Did I do something wrong?” he asked quietly, searching for answers. 

 “Did you do something wrong? How can you even ask me that, when you know going out with other women isn’t okay,” she replied. 

 He couldn’t help but chuckle, surprised by this statement. “Really? I never thought you to be the jealous type,” he half spat, bewildered by this side of her he never knew existed. “She’s just a friend.” 

 “Jealous? I’m not jealous, how arrogant of you,” she shouted sadly, turning away from him. “Forgive me for not being okay with being a secret so that you can carry on dating other women.” 

 Harry’s anger dropped immediately as he heard her stance. He hadn’t ever thought about this interpretation prior to asking for her secrecy, he only wanted to protect her. 

 He rested his hands on each side of her arms and pulled her in his direction. His heart ached at the sight of her damp cheeks and he quickly rushed to dry them. “You think I kept you a secret to hook up with women? I did this to protect you. I didn’t want you to face the scrutiny that comes with dating me, without me by your side,” he pleaded with her, his eyes glossing over as they followed a teardrop drown her face. “Babe, every relationship I’ve ever had has failed, once women see what my name comes with they run the opposite way. But you’re not just some woman, losing you is like losing my home, you’re the place I belong and it would kill me.” 

 She peered up from her sore, clouded eyes and gazed into his. Hearing him explain his side of the story made a wave of relief ripple over her. 

 “I’m sorry Harry, I’m sorry I misread things,” she cried leaning into his chest. “I shouldn’t have thought the worst, I shouldn’t have let it get to me. I know you’re heart is kind, it always has been.”

 He lifted her chin and stared into her eyes, his other hand brushed the hair from them. “Don’t be sorry, I promised we would get through all of this together and I meant it.” 

He pressed his lips to her forehead and she closed her eyes with the comfort of them. “Come with me,” he said breaking the silence. 

 “What?” she said stepping back surprised, once again. 

 “Come with me,” he repeated holding her hand tight. 

 “Come with you where?” she asked, “to the airport?” 

 He smirked out of the side of his mouth, his familiar dimples making their perfect appearance. “No on tour, I want you to come with me on the road.” 

 She was shocked at his proposal, though she was considering it. “What about my internship?” 

 “It’s over in a week, I’ll, um, have a plane pick you up,” he pressed. He watched her eyes and could see the uncertainty. “Only if you want too, but I mean, it would be nice to bring my home with me so I never have to feel lost again.” 

 She smiled at him, hearing him call her his home made her realize the one thing she had dreamed of the most was standing right in front of her, waiting to be grasped. 

 “Of course, I’ll come,” she said, throwing her arms around his neck and moving in close to his lips. “If I stay here without you, I’ll be lost too.” 

 Harry kissed her lips and for the first time in his life he truly did feel at home.


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