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love at first sight part 2

Requested? YESSS 

so this is part two of love at first sight coming at ya.

(part 1)

pairing: Reader x Robbie Kay

warnings: fluff, may pass out bc SHIT 

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Robbie’s POV:

It’s been a few months since I met Y/N. I never thought that I’d miss a fan this much. I thought I’d get over it but I haven’t. I’ve been thinking about her constantly and I just can’t get her off my mind. I’ve been looking at her Twitter all the time and Oh good news though, her and her boyfriend broke up. Well good news for me anyway, that is if I see her again.

I was in New York for another convention. I decided to get out of my hotel room and explore a little bit of the nightlife. I put on a hat and jacket so that I couldn’t be as easily recognized. I went out and walked along the streets passing by people. Some didn’t even bother to look at me while others looked and they were looking for a while. A few fans came up and asked for a picture and/or autograph and I gladly did.

I decided I was craving a coffee so I went to a nearby Starbucks. What, is it a crime to want coffee at night? I walked in and ordered my drink. I sat at a small table and waited for them to call my name. Then I heard my name called and I walked up to the little counter to grab my coffee. I picked up my coffee and took a sip. I looked up at the girl who handed me my coffee and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I recognized the beautiful y/h/c hair.  She looked to be about her height. She had the same figure.

“Y/N?” I asked praying it was her.

She turned around and her eyes widened when she saw me. It was her. She tried to hide her excitement but it was obvious that she was excited to see me.

“H-How may I h-help you… sir?” she stuttered.

I smiled gently at her.

“I just wanted to tell you that this is an amazing cup of coffee.”

“I’m glad to hear you like it.” she said trying to stay relaxed.

“I also wanted to ask why aren’t you in y/h/t.”

Y/N’s POV:

I held my gaze upon him as I grinned finally giving into my excitement. I just couldn’t believe that I was having a conversation with Robbie Kay.

“Y/N?” he asked lowering his head a little as he looked at me.

I quickly shook my head and looked at him, blinking a few times.

“I’m sorry about that… I’m spending the summer up here with my sister.”

“That sounds wonderful.” he smiled. “Are you available to maybe take a stroll around town after your shift here?”


“I am. It’ll end in about 2 hours, got stuck with the night shift.”


And I’m having a heart attack.

“Wait… you barely know me and you want to hangout with me. Why?”

“There’s something very intriguing about you. And oddly enough you’ve been on my mind since I met you at the convention in y/h/t.” he said as his cheeks turned into a rosy pink.

And now I’m dead.

“Really?” I asked tilting my head.

“Yeah. You were just so… I don’t know… different than everyone else.”

I wanted to just collapse right there. I could feel my knees buckle. I have to hold onto the counter in front of me to keep balance. Then I heard footsteps come toward us.

“Hey! Y/N, you don’t get payed to stand around and-”

I looked to see my boss, Nicole standing next to me with her jaw dropped. She was a little older than me but she managed the Starbucks. She’s a big once upon a time fan like me.

“You’re… y-you’re…”

“Hello.” Robbie smiled.

“H-Hi… I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s fine,” he said to her then directed his attention to me. “I actually shouldn’t be rambling and keeping you from doing your job. But I’ll see you?” he asked. “In 2 hours?”

“I uh… yeah…” I couldn’t help but smile.

“Alright. I’ll see you then Y/N. And good bye, Nicole.”

“B-Bye…” she stuttered.

He walked out of the store and Nicole stood next to me as shocked as I was. I looked over at her and she looked over at me.

“How do you know Robbie Kay??!” she asked in complete shock.

“I-I met him at a convention a few months ago… I didn’t think he’d actually remember me…” I said letting go of the counter.

“And he’s coming back in 2 hours!” she said nearly squealing as she gripped my arm.

“I know… Oh my god. What do I do? What do I say?? Crap! And my hair is a disaster today!”

“Hey, you’ll be fine! And your hair looks great!”

“Okay… okay… I just need to breathe. Maybe just getting back to work will calm my nerves.” I said and went back to grab a cup and start making the drink.

Robbie’s POV:

As I walked out of the Starbucks I felt butterflies swarm inside of me. A great big grin appeared on my face.

I dont know what exactly to talk about with her though. I mean we are basically strangers and were actually going to be holding actual conversations and I wan to make them count. I just hope I don’t screw this up.


Y/N’s POV:

So working really didn’t help calm my nerves. I accidentally dropped 5 drinks, I slipped twice, I keep stuttering my words, and 5 minutes ago one of the coffee machines made coffee explode all over me. All of this in 2 hours. I’m just glad I had my hat on otherwise I’d have coffee all in my hair. But this is going to be a disaster.

“Hey, I think you should go home, you’ve had a long day.” Nicole said patting me on the shoulder as I tried to get coffee off of my arms and my shirt.

Just as she said that Robbie walked in, immediately making my cheeks flush and my eyes widen.

“Shit…” I mumbled.

“Hi Y/n.” he smiled as he walked up to the counter.

“Hi…” I said awkwardly as he came up to me.

He tilted his head in confusion as he saw I was covered in coffee.

“What happened? Why are you covered in coffee?”

“One of the machines blasted coffee out of it and it got all over me.” I chuckled as I looked up at him.

I shift my weight on my hips and the next thing I know I’m on the floor. Again…

“Ow…” I say to myself as I feel pain in my butt.

“Oh my god, Y/N!” he looked over the counter. “Are you okay??”

I stood up and leaned against the counter.

“I’m fine. These floors are just slippery back here.” I said scratching the back of my head.

“I mean my hotel isn’t far from here if you want to clean up.” he said looking at me a little sympathetically.

“Thank you for the offer but I’m fine.”

“Are you sure? I bet it doesn’t feel good being covered in coffee.”

“Yeah are you sure?” Nicole said silently to me as she gently nudged me.

“I mean… if you insist…” I shrugged.

“Okay, let’s get going.” he smiled as I came around the counter.

“I just have to get my things really quick. Thank goodness I packed an emergency change of clothes.” I said as I went to the back to get my things.

When I came back I found him right where he was before, just looking all around him as he waited.

“Okay, ready?”

“Yeah.” he smiled and we walked out of the Starbucks.

I felt his hand intertwine with mine causing butterflies to burst in my stomach, all of them flying around inside me. I felt myself tense up a little at his touch. I mean I liked him holding my hand and everything but I’m extremely nervous.

“Hey, are you okay?” he asked looking down at me.

“Yeah I’m fine.” I said warmly smiling at him.

“You sure? You seem tense.”

“I’m just a little nervous.” I chuckled.

“Honestly I am too. I mean I’ve been wanting this moment to happen for months and I don’t want to screw it up.” he said as he began to rub his thumb on my hand.

I blushed at words. They warmed my heart and made me feel… happy. He was making me feel so special.

“I never thought that this would ever possibly happen. I thought that the convention would be the only time I’d ever get to meet you in person.” I said as my cheeks turned a deeper red.

“Well I’m glad that you were wrong.” he chuckled before kissing my head earning a giggle from me.

Robbie was approached by fans and got asked to take pictures with them and he gladly allowed them. We would say goodbye and walk away.  Then they’d be behind us fangirling making us chuckle.

Finally we approached a gigantic skyscraper with so many floors it’d be impossible to count the floors from here. We entered through automatic sliding glass doors and Robbie guided me to the elevator. We went up to the 18th floor and went to room 1814.

When you entered the room where you could see a big bed and a really nice couch with a coffee table and a big chair next to it, which I sat my bag down in. There was a wall that was pretty much completely glass where you could get a beautiful view of the water and the city across the water. The lights from the windows brightened up the city in this dark night.

“Wow…” I whispered to myself as I looked at the view.

“You like it?” Robbie asked gently as he put his hands on my shoulders gently and moved them down my arms to my wrists. He rested his head on my shoulder as we looked at the water and all the boats just drift around.

“It’s amazing.” I chuckled as I barely leaned my head against his and he did the same.

“You smell good.” he said earning a laugh from me. “What? You do! You smell like a fresh cup of coffee… and whipped cream…”

I continued to laugh.

“Yeah because a damn machine decided to spray coffee all over me. It had to be today of all days…” I chuckled as he pulled me a little closer to him.

I turned my head a little and looked up at him. He went to give me a kiss on the cheek when I turned around and looked forward.

“Today of all days?”

“Yeah, I mean I’m here with you. I’ve been like totally obsessed with you for a few years and being covered in coffee doesn’t give off the best impression.”

“But you smell amazing.” he said breathing in through his nose which tickled my ear.

I started to squirm around a little and giggle.

“What’s so funny?” he said furrowing his eyebrows out of confusion.

“It tickled… When you smelled me…”

“I was breathing.” he chuckled. “But it tickled? How ticklish are you?”

“Quite. But let’s not do that.”

“What this?” he sniffed right next to my ear making me squirm and crumble to the ground.

Then he kneeled next to me and began to tickle my stomach. I laughed as I started to roll around and kick my feet.

“Robbie please stop!!” I laughed turning all around, attempting to make him stop.

“Not until you agree to give me a kiss.”

“A kiss!? Are you kidding??!” I laughed trying to push him away.

“Plus your laugh so adorable.” he added as he kept tickling me.

“Robbieee!” I whined.

“I could listen to your laughter all night.”

“Okay okay fine! Just please stop!” I laughed.

He stopped and I let out a sigh of relief. I looked at him as he held out his hand. I took it and he helped me stand up. He looked down at me with his beautiful forest green eyes.

He slowly began to lean in slowly. I saw his eyes were closed so I bolted to the chair and grabbed my bag. I went into the bathroom and locked the door behind me.

“Aww Y/N…” he said through the door. “Do you really not want to kiss me?”

“After I shower.” I said taking out my clothes.

“Okay fine… There are clean towels hung up and there’s plenty of soap in there. They gave me a lot of soap for some reason.”

“Probably because you’re like super famous and stuff.” I giggled as I saw the pile of soaps on the sink. “Wow, you weren’t kidding…”


“I’ll be out soon.”

“Okay. Well I’ll be out here when you finish.”


I took off my clothes and hopped in the shower. Wow… they have really nice water pressure.

Robbie’s POV:

Damn. So close. I was so close to kissing her. I was just too slow and she got away.

I walked over to the big window and waited for Y/N to finish in the shower. I gazed at the view of the water and all the little boats and as Y/N and I did earlier. As I watched them float gently across the water I started to get lost in my own thoughts.

I honestly feel so happy when I’m with Y/N. I know I’ve only actually talked to her like a normal person for not even an entire day, but I just feel so good when I’m with her. I feel like I can be more myself when I’m with her.

And she’s so beautiful too. The way her y/h/c hair (or curls) sways/bounce (depending on curly or straight) as she walks. Her y/e/c sparkly eyes looking into mine as she speaks. Her smile lighting up the room just make me melt on the inside. When her laughter fills my ears, it’s like an angel’s song.

I heard the shower turn off and the shower curtain open. I looked over toward the door and walked toward it. I waited outside it so that this time I’d get that kiss and she wouldn’t be able to dodge it so easily this time.

Then I started to hear her humming. She was humming a song and it was certainly music to my ears.

Y/N’s POV:

As I stepped out of the shower I sighed as I looked at the semi-foggy mirror. I wiped away the steam and looked at myself. I started to dry myself off. I began to dry off my hair with the towel. I dried off my body and slipped on the sweatpants and crappy T-shirt I had. I also put on socks since my toes get very easily cold. I began to silently  hum the song Hunger by Ross Copperman as I brushed my hair. When I got to the chorus I sang the words because I actually knew the lyrics.

I’m incomplete

‘Cause I’m on fire like a thousand suns

I couldn’t put it out even if I wanted to

These flames tonight

Look into my eyes and say you want me, too

Like I want you

I then went back to humming as I brushed the knots out of my hair. Once I finished I put my brush back in my bag. I put on a little mascara and blush so I wouldn’t look completely ugly in front of Robbie. I had a piece of gum as I put on my makeup so my breath wouldn’t stink. Once I was satisfied with the way I looked I put away my makeup and spit out my gum. I put my towels on the ground under the sink since a little sign said to put used towels on the ground unless you’re going to reuse them. I doubt Robbie would want to reuse my towels.

I grabbed my bag and held it in my hand as I opened the door. I go to walk out and I see Robbie standing about 5 feet from the door.

“Third time’s a charm.” he said as he walked to me and cupped my cheeks in his hands.

He gently pressed his lips upon mine, our lips connecting perfectly like two puzzle pieces. I, completely shocked by his quick actions drop my bag next to me and melt into the kiss. I feel his hands move down to my waist. I wrap my arms around his neck allowing the kiss to deepen. Sparks are everywhere. I feel like I’m on cloud 9. Chills  are running down my spine, my stomach filling with nerves. Good nerves.

Then I started to become lost in the kiss. I forgot everything else and lived in this moment. The pure, sheer perfection of this moment as his lips pulled back and brushed mine momentarily only for them to attract right back to mine like a magnet. He slowly backed me into the wall next to the bathroom door until his body was completely pressed up against mine. The contact of our bodies made my heart beat faster, it thumping out of my chest each second as the kiss continued. My fingers found themselves tangling through his chestnut locks.

His tongue traced the bottom of mine begging for entrance. I parted my lips slowly and his tongue quickly slipped in and began to explore my mouth. I moaned into the kiss and arched my back as his hands trailed under the hem of my shirt slowly making their way to my back.

He then pulled back and pressed his forehead against mine. My breathing was heavy and so was his. I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine.

“That was one hell of a kiss.” I breathed.

“I know. I didn’t want you to escape so easily this time.” he said as his breathing was hitched.

I began to rub the back of his neck gently.

“Well I certainly didn’t escape that.”

He didn’t say anything and only looked at me as he separated our heads. Both of us were still breathing heavily. I think that by far was the best kiss I had ever had.

“I always wondered what that would feel like… Gatlin is certainly is lucky.” I chuckled still out of breath.


“She got to kiss you many times.”

“Well we never kissed like that.” he said looking at me, his eyes flickering in every direction on me. “We never kissed with passion.”

I could feel my cheeks flush up and my heartbeat started to increase again as he said that. I could feel the nerves coming back. Soon my hands started to become shaky. I slowly loosened my arms from around his neck and moved them to his shoulders. I put them at my sides as he backed away from me slowly, eyeing me as I got off the wall and stood up straight.

“Are you nervous?” he asked sincerely.

“A little…”

“I’m so sorry, I basically forced that on you and–”

“It’s okay. I um… I liked it.” I said smiling up at him warmly.

“Oh.. That’s good.” he chuckled.

“Yeah… I haven’t felt this feeling since I was with my ex boyfriend…” I said rubbing my arm. “But we don’t need to talk about that.”

“Okay… Well do you still want to go take a stroll or would you prefer to stay here?”

“Let’s just stay here..  It’s getting a bit late.

"Yeah.. We can put on a movie.”


He grabbed the remote and guided me toward the bed. We lied down and Robbie turned on the tv.

“So what would you like to watch?”

“I’m fine with anything as long as it isn’t horror.” I said as I rested my head on his chest and wrapped my arm around his torso.

“Okay.” he said and put on ice age 3.

“Ice age 3?” I chuckled.

“It’s a great movie.”

“I know but I’m just shocked you didn’t pick something else like… Iron Man or Captain America or Thor where there’s fighting and violence.” I chuckled looking up at him.

“Hm… not my type of movies..” he shrugged with a smirk.

I laughed as he wrapped his arm around me and rubbed my back. Then I turned my attention to the movie. I eventually fell asleep on his chest.


I woke up and saw that the TV was still on and Robbie was gone. I sat up quickly and looked around for any sign of him.

Then I heard the shower on in the bathroom.

“Oh… okay.” I sighed to myself and lied back down I closed my eyes.

I heard the shower turn off and the curtain open. I turned to my side so I could try to fall back asleep. I heard a door open. Then I could see Robbie with a towel wrapped around his waist leaving his chest exposed. He quietly went to his suitcase and got out some clothes. He thought I was asleep. I turned in the other direction so that I couldn’t stare at him anymore. AH but I wanna stare at him. I groaned and opened my eyes. I saw Robbie was frozen in place. I sat up and looked over at him.

“Oh, hi Robbie.” I said rubbing my eyes.

“Did I wake you? I’m sorry…” he said looking over at me.

“No, no. You’re fine.” I said as I started looking at his upper body. “Very fine indeed.”

“Are you checking me out?” he smirked and raised an eyebrow.

“Maybe.” I shrugged then chuckled afterward.

“You like what you see?”

“Indeed. But you should change before I start fangirling.”

“Okay then. I’ll be in the bathroom.”

He walked away into the bathroom. I groaned and fell back in the bed. I put my hands on my face and made some very strange sounds.

“Damn Robbie you’re hot!” I whisper yelled.

I squirmed around my bed then lied flat on my stomach. Then I turned and lied on my back.

“How is it possible for someone to be so attractive?” I pondered. “How the fuck is someone able to be so god damn gorg–heyyy Robbie.” I said as he walked back into the room.

“What was that you were saying?” he asked with a smirk.

“Nothing.” I said shrugging it off.

“Okay… Well do you want to maybe go get some breakfast downstairs or order room service?”

“Let’s go!” I said springing up out of bed. and linking arms with him. “Sorry… that was embarrassing.” I said as I tried to unlink arms but he put my arm right back.

“Onward.” he said pointing forward. “But I need to put on a hood and sunglasses.

He quickly grabbed the hood and sunglasses out of his suitcase. He relinked arms with me and we went downstairs to get breakfast. We sat across from each other in a booth with the food we got. Robbie took off his sunglasses since, surprisingly there weren’t very many people here.

"So, you have a convention today?”

“Yeah… in like 3 hours.”

“Shouldn’t you be there, you know getting ready??”

“It’s in this hotel, plus I wanted to be with you. I talked to some people and they said it’s fine.” he said taking a bite of food.

“Aw… that so sweet.” I said with a cheeky grin.

“Also I wanted to ask you something.”


“Do you want to be my girlfriend?” he asked casually as he took another bite then looked up at me.

“W-Wait what?” I asked getting nervous again.

“Look, I know that it’s really only been a day that I’ve actually known you besides the convention in y/h/t but I really do like you, a lot.”

“But what about you and all the traveling for conventions?”

“We can figure out ways to see each other. After this convention I actually don’t have anymore for a few months and I’ll be shooting for a movie here in New York. You said you’re here for the summer right?”

“Yeah I am.”

“Then we can spend some time together while you’re here. Please,” he took my hand from across the table. “I know we can make it work. We will make it work.”

I looked at our intertwined hands as he began to gently rub his thumb on my hand like he did last night. My eyes flickered back up to meet his. He held soft smile on his face and his eyes sparkled. I felt a smile start to slowly form upon my lips as I chuckled and looked down at the table.

“Okay.” I said, blushing as I looked back up at him.

He smiled as he leaned across the table small table and pressed his lips upon mine. I smiled into the kiss then kissed him back. I put one hand on his cheek. Suddenly I felt my phone in my pocket vibrate. I pulled back from the kiss and looked at Robbie. I saw Nicole was calling me.

“Really bad timing Nicole.” I mumbled as I went to answer. I put the phone up against my ear. “Hello?”

“Y/N I know it’s your day off and you don’t want to be getting calls from me but I want to know what happened with you and Robbie.”

Then I heard giggles from across the room. Robbie looked over and there were fangirls sitting not too far from us. They had their phones out so I assume they are recording us or taking pictures. Great…

“I uh… I’m still with him…”

“Wait? Still?” she asked sounding shocked.

“Yeah… and I’m eating breakfast…”

“He bought you breakfast!?!” she squealed.

“Yes, Nicole.”

Robbie looked up at me and raised and eyebrow. I smiled as he kept making goofy faces at me.

“Ohhh my god!!” she said holding out 'god’.


“So what did you guys do?”

“Not much.”

“I want to know everything!”

“I uh… Maybe we could talk later. I don’t have enough time to tell you everything.” I chuckled in mid-sentence since Robbie made another funny face.

“Wait why are you laughing? What’s happening?”

“Nothing– Robbie stop!” I giggled as he pulled out his phone and began to take pictures of me.

“Stop what??”

“Please don’t fire me for this but I have to go Nicole. I’ll see you tomorrow.”


I hung up on Nicole and put my phone down on the table. Robbie continued to take pictures of me.

“Robbie, stop taking pictures of me.” I said trying to grab his phone.

“I’m not taking pictures of you. I’m taking a video.”

“Robbie!” I whined with a little giggle as I stood up and reached across the table to take it from him. “Please stop!” I giggled.

“But you’re so adorable and I’ll need entertainment during my breaks at the convention.”

“Robbie!” I said trying to act serious but ended up smiling again.

“Okay fine I’ll stop taking a video.” he said and ended the video. “But instead I’ll take pictures.”

“No!” I laughed trying to grab his phone.

He took a few pictures and smiled at me again.

“Stop!” I giggled.

“Okay fine I’ll stop.” he said putting his phone down.

He looked up at me then quickly took another and put it down. I narrowed my eyes and furrowed my eyebrows. He slowly grabbed his phone and took another picture.

“Jerk.” I said taking a bite of my food.

He chuckled as began to look at the pictures he took of me.

“Wow…” he said.

“What? How bad are they?” I laughed.

“You look beautiful.” he said showing me a picture.

It was a good picture of me I have to admit.

“Yeah, okay.” I chuckled.

“I’m gonna love looking at these and the ones I got last night during my break. Wait!”

I looked up at him.

“Last night?”

“Let me see your phone.” he said grabbing my phone off the table.

“Last night??”

“I may have taken a few pictures of you while you were sleeping.”

“Why?” I laughed.

“You’re adorable when you sleep.” he said sliding my phone back.

I saw that he added a contact with his name on it. My phone vibrated and I saw a text from him appear.

Hey baby 😘

I looked up at him and blushed.

“Hi Robbie.”

I heard the giggling again and the fangirls were still watching us.

“I should probably get going to the convention. They said I should be at least 2 hours early and it’s almost 12.”

“Okay. I’ll see you.” I smiled.

I got up and grabbed my phone off the table. Robbie stood up and hugged me.

“I’ll see you soon.” he said still engulfing me in a hug.

He let go of me and pecked my lips. I smiled up at him as my cheeks flushed. The fangirls started to squeal.

“I think you should really get going.” I chuckled.

“Yeah…” he smiled before he turned and walked away.

I sighed as I watched him walk away from me. I couldn’t wait to see him again after the convention.

anonymous asked:

Dominique said something about wanting Waverly to own being gay in season 2, how would you want/imagine that to look like/turn out?

knowing waverly lots of research and adorable dorkiness about it all. she looks up all sorts of facts and studies and the history of the pride movement and like the historical takes on sexuality. 

she keeps bringing it up in little awkward jokes and has at least one rambling monologue to wynonna about her sexuality whether that be figuring out if she prefers bi or pan or whatever or like a “how did i miss the signs i was such a bi kid” speech (wynonna is totally only half paying attention because theyre on a stakeout but shes trying)

also maybe a rainbow scarf/sweater (or maybe bi pride scarf/sweater and she gets nicole a matching rainbow one for their anniversary. nicole gets her a little stuffed unicorn)