pay me money to draw my bbs

Many things happened this month

Ahhhhhhhh finally . April is done !!!

It happened so much to me during this month !

I find a job at the opposite of where I lived

SO !!! had to package all my stuff, and moving in 2 weeks !

many many many stuffs ^^;

I worked hard, packed my stuff and spent my last days in my grand parents home. The Easter day at 1am I took my car, hugged my family and took the road. But unfortunately I had a car accident… 30 minutes before the arrival TnT

A deer tried to the road. I was at 90km/h. Everything happened so fast, I didn’t have time to brake and hit it TnT. I don’t know if it was okay or no…but I sadly thing it didn’t survived…. =(

Luckily the motor of my car is behind so I had been able to continue to drive till the city.

(my poor bb TnT)

So I arrived in my friend home ( I ll live in her home few month until I’m sure this is a good job and be sure they won’t fire me )

 Many things to tidy ( try to find Lapiz on this pic ^^ )

So, many things to do, many things to pay ( plus the taxes who arrived this week… TuT)

So I wasn’t very present on my Lapiz’s blog

Plus I’m trying to gain money with some commissions so I didn’t have time to draw some updates.

But now many things seems to be fixed ( except taxes as usual XD )

So I ll work and update soon ^^ I have many ideas and many funny stories to share with you ^^

I love you all, and see you soon

And big good luck hug to all those who are worked for their finals <3

And of course the usual … SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH XD


hello!! as you can see I’m kinda broke rn; and me and my sister need to come out with some extra money to pay and feed our bb!

The prices are pretty much there but if there’s anything else you might wanna discuss it’s fine by me! Payment will only be accepted in paypal! paypal is 

Reference is needed when drawing anything! 

I’ll be opening up 10 slots for now! since i’m a college student, it will probably take a bit for me to finish it, but that may also not be the case (cause if I’m not busy i’ll probably finish it up quickly!!) I won’t be able to take any more commissions until i finish the first 10 requests.

If interested send me:

  • an email at
  • contact me at my Skype: caadee
  • or send me an ask here!

pretty much to discuss and ask questions so we can figure things out!! I’ll be updating with the slots on this page! And if you can signal boost this too it would be perfect!! 

thank you for your consideration!!!