pay me im poor


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

honestly the fact that the richest ppl on earth earn millions of $$ per MINUTE is so fucked up like…. im never gonna earn as much as these fuckers earn per min in my entire LIFE… that’s how messed up our system is…


I’m doing commissions guys! I’m a broke girl, and living is expensive.
But anyway, I will draw anything. You can contact me through ask or fanmail on itoshiteru or valdivieso-artblog.
All commissions will be sent via email for digital copies and USPS (with tracking) for pencil sketches.


Commission prices

Drawings with text- $17
2 panel comic- $20
(+$10 for every added panel, +$5 for additional characters, +$3 for background)

Bust- $10
Waist up- $12
Full body- $14

Simple/flat/line art colored
Bust- $8
Waist up- $10
Full body- $12

Traditional works
(Prices may vary, consultation required)

(Pencil sketches and/or digital/ please specify)
Bust- $5
Waist up- $8
Full body- $10

If you can’t purchase anything please reblog, help a sister out yo, thank you!!