pay it forward

Taco Bell Story

Okay so tonight I was supposed to work 8 hours but I ended up working 10 and a half because we got slammed and a bunch of people called off, and everyone was tired, and we all just wanted to go home, and I’m working the fucking drive thru by myself (order taking and register operating) so I’m losing my goddamn mind, and then this older woman, probably in her 60′s, pulls up to the window and says:

“Hi, I have a sort of odd request: can I pay for the next three people in line behind me?”

So of course I’m like, “Uhhhh, I guess if you want to. Do you want to know how much their orders are, or…?”

And she’s just like, “Nope, whatever it costs, I can pay.”

And I’m standing there, slack-jawed like “holy shit okay rad” and I ask her why? Why does she want to do this? And she answers:

“About 8 months ago, I got laid off and I was struggling really bad and a lot of people supported me with these little random acts of kindness, and I’ve got a new job and come into some money so I want to return that; good karma and everything.”

So I ring her up, and she thanks me and pulls away, and at this point I’m just like all sparkly anime eyes, and then the 1st person whose order she paid for pulls up, and it’s a young woman, maybe 19 years old, and she goes, “I’m so sorry, I thought I had a $10 bill but I only have a $5, can I take something off? I’m so sorry.” 

And I get to look at this girl and say, “Ma’am, there’s no need to worry about it, the woman in the car in front of you paid for your meal.”

And the look on this girl’s face…good god, she actually CRIED a little bit, shook my hand, and told me that the next time she had money, she was going to do the same for someone else.

The 2nd person that the woman paid for pulls up, hands me a $20 bill, which I hand back to her saying, “Your meal was paid for by another customer.” This lady gives me a blank stare, slowly withdraws her hand with the money, and whispers out a choked up, “Wow…wow, thank you; thank you.”

And the 3rd person whose meal was paid for (here’s the kicker) gave me a $50 bill to cover his $48-and-some-change order, and basically yells, “WHAT?!” when I tell him that it’s been paid for. He then declares, “Well, then I’ll pay for the next two orders; are they under $50?” (yes, they were) “Alright, fantastic.”

And after that, for the rest of my shift (another 35 minutes!), every person that came through paid for one or two cars behind them; some were simple 4 or 5 dollar orders, some were $45+, but everyone, regardless of how much their original meal was and how much the person’s behind them was, paid it forward. 

As far as I know, it’s still going on. I’ll have to ask my manager how it ended tomorrow. 

My faith in humanity has been restored; I’ve cried happy tears for the first time in a very long while; and today was a really good day.


nurse cat is here to heal you

Radamenes was two months old when he was brought to an animal shelter in Poland. Diagnosed with an inflamed respiratory tract, vets weren’t sure if he was going to make it.

He pulled through and began keeping other sick animals company. He would groom and hug the ill patients, paying special attention to the ones recovering from major operations.

Radamenes is paying forward the kindness and love he received. He is the best nurse cat there is!

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I’ve worked in a pharmacy for over 4 years, and I have some horrible stories I could tell but there was one wonderful story that has stuck with me.

It was around Christmas season and a young woman came in with her son, who was 2 years old. 

He had just gotten out of the hospital and his mother had 5 prescriptions for him and after imputing all of his information I had to inform her that his insurance was no longer active.

She had no idea, considering his father was the one who was supposed to have insurance on the boy and they are no longer together, so they didn’t speak often.

She started frantically calling around to everyone she knew, and after trying for about an hour she left to go charge her phone and “call everyone she knew that might help her.”

While she was gone I tried everything possible to get her son’s prescriptions to the lowest amount possible, and after all of my hard work I got them from $645 to $260 dollars, still quite a lot by any means.

She called back later in the day to see how low I could get them so that she knew exactly how much she’d need to borrow, and after talking with her on the phone I had another patient walk up. I continued talking about the price and then we started discussing maybe her only getting two of them instead of all 5, she then told me she’d would be back up later to get the two.

After I had hung up, the patient I had waiting asked me if the person I was talking to on the phone couldn’t afford their medicine, and I just said yes.

And with no hesitation, she said “can you let me pay for them?”

I was stunned. I told her the prescriptions were over 200 dollars and she said “that’s fine.”

I took her to the register rang up the prescription and said “what would you like me to tell her?”

and she said “tell her Merry Christmas, and to pay it forward.”

I immediately called the patient who didn’t answer her phone.

About 3 hours later right before my shift ended she came in, and walked to the register and started thanking me for getting the prescriptions to a lower price.

and I had the pleasure of looking into the woman’s eyes and saying “they have already been paid for, I was told to tell you Marry Christmas and to pay it forward" 

And she immediately broke down into tears.

Cinema-observation #3

Intonations, voices & sounds.

The voice is one of the most important instrument of actor’s technique. But only actors who have a musical ear can use this instrument with a jeweler’s precision. The voice is changes with aging and becomes deeper and lower. But in every age each talented actor finds an interesting especial sound of his ‘instrument’. Like Kevin Spacey did it:

Matthew's Legacy

It took me awhile to post this, mostly because of how much this story reminds me of my best friend Joseph. :’(

Link to the story:

A man named Matthew did something nice for someone. This wasn’t just a one time thing for him. This was something he’s always done.

A single mom was at the grocery store with her child. She couldn’t pay for her groceries. A generous man took care of the bill and only asked that she pay it forward later on.

The person he helped was grateful for his generosity. She wanted to thank him for his good deeds, but unfortunately, he passed away 2 days later.

She was so touched by what he did, she decided to continue his legacy of good deeds, calling it Matthew’s Legacy.
She wanted to continue showing the kindness he gave to others. She wanted him to be remembered.

I cried so much after reading this story. This is so similar to my life.

My best friend Joseph was just like Matthew. Always kind, always helpful. A wonderful and inspiring person. Especially to me.

He would always help people out. He would drive people around, use his knowledge of auto repair to fix peoples cars, always helping out and volunteering.

He was the kindest and gentlest soul in the world. But like Matthew….his life was tragical cut short. :’(

He lost his life to a drunk driving accident. He was taken suddenly and violently from this world, just like Matthew.

My heart was crushed when this happen. I cried so much. I lost my only best friend. Why did this have to happen? :’(

Why did this wonderful and caring person have to be taken? Why did fate decide it was his time???

What did he do to deserve this?? I still don’t have an answer for this.

Why did Matthew have to suffer the same fate? Why do the good have to die young?

They are the ones this world needs most. They make life better for everyone….

Perhaps there will never be an answer.

But while they are no longer here, the good works they’ve done will not stop.

All the goodwill they have done, will continue. We, the ones inspired by them, will pick up where they left off. We will continue to give to others in their name. We shall continue the kindness and generosity they have shown us.

In their names, we will continue on. It is our honor to keep their memories alive.

This will be our mission in life. To ensure these wonderful people are never forgotten. To keep them alive in our hearts. :)

I am inspired to see that other people are paying it forward, just like I do with Joseph’s memory.

This is Matthew’s legacy. This is Joseph’s legacy. And maybe, if I fortunate enough, my legacy.

It is times like these that I thankful to be alive.
I may be sad that my best friend is gone, but I am joyful to know that there are others like me, like him, who open our hearts to others.

I know the future is difficult. I know life can be trying. But if we care for and support one another, we can make this world a better place.
Not just for those here, but those who have passed on as well.

I am so thankful to have had Joseph’s presence in my life. No matter how short it was.

He showed me how wonderful it is to care for my fellow man. He showed me how selfless one can be living for others.

Thank you Joseph. Thank you for everything. :)

I still miss you very much. :’( Every single day I am missing you.

Just thinking of the day you went away, the bond between us that was broken. I cry so much just thinking about it. :,(

But my memory of you is not all sadness.

I am proud to be given the chance to call you my friend. You changed my life so much. I am proud to call you my brother.

You will always be with me in my heart.

You will always be my brother, in this world and the next.

This I swear to you.

With my time on this earth, I will continue to live the life you shown me is possible.

And when my time is done. I will see you on the other side.

Thank you again guiding me straight and true, and through the many obstacles in my path, and for keeping me resolute when things seemed lost.

Thank you for showing me that others like you are still in this world.

Thank you Joseph.

Thank you Matthew.

I hope I can make both of you proud of me.

Joseph brought out my good side.

And Matthew continues to inspire me to keep moving forward.

I know that whatever good I will do in this world, it will be because of you two.

This is my life.

For Joseph.

For Matthew.

For myself.

For others.

“In that book which is my memory, on the first page of the chapter that is the day that I first met you, appear the words…‘Here begins a new life’ ”

-La Vita Nuova