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We received this a while ago and we have to admit it took us quite a long time to figure it out! They’re verses of very well-known Basque songs turned into hieroglyphs using emojis.

You will find the songs we think they refer to - with links to YouTube so you can listen to them - clicking on Read More, but before you go there, see if you can discover the songs without hints!

Zorte on!! Good luck!!

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AFTER A NICE WINTER BREAK, it’s time to get back into this project. This is one of my favorite songs in the Undertale soundtrack, and Papyrus is one of my favorite characters of all time. Needless to say, I have an enormous grin on my face the entire time I worked on this,

Pay what you want music composition/cover commissions are currently open.

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“Rent” fans on December 24th at 9pm Eastern Standard Time


Groffsauce is a savage 

ok but

how did Lafayette go back to France for money and come back with an army?

bc right now I’m imagining him entering Louis’s throne room and it playing out like this:

Lafayette: Sir, can I have some more money? Please?

Louis XVI: Is this so you can go help your little friends in America?


Louis: and why should I?



Lafayette: it’ll royally piss off the British?

Louis: Take my entire army


       Mama, wenn ich älter werde, such mir k e i n e n Mann

       alles was mich glüklich macht kann ich a l l e i n

Pia Douwes & Maya Hakvoort in the Original Vienna Production of Elisabeth

Things that annoy music majors

-stems going in the wrong direction
-do re mi fa so la ti
-practice rooms are full
-parents question why your wardrobe is 99% black
-when 99% of your wardrobe is black but nonE OF THEM MATCH
-needing to practice on your off day
-when the weather messes with your instrument
-when it’s really cold and your fingers forget how to move
-having to leave the music building for a non-music class
-having to pay for so much music
-being really confused in theory
-people who wear white socks with black shoes
-when the composer hasn’t been dead long enough for the piece to be on IMSLP
-getting really thirsty after double tonguing
-vocalists trying to sing and conduct at the same time
-playing a piece that’s really modern so it sounds like you’re screwing up but that’s how it goes
-anything with more than 5 sharps
-‘you’re studying music? Wow that must be so easy!’
-when you have so much class and rehearsal that there is no time to stop for coffee



it’s not with the school’s lab – in a strange turn of events im going to be uptown making and baking cookies and cashing out drunk college kids into the wee hours of the morning ¯\_(ツ)_/¯