pay attention to the road


When Corrus entered the guest house near the end of the road, he didn’t pay much attention to the room which was dark and only lit by some candles. The guards left him at the door and only when he closed it and walked to the table in the middle of the room he saw that someone was there with him. He looked up at Magus Yanis who was sitting on a wooden rack with a book in his hands.
“What happened?” Yanis asked when he saw the blood on the warrior’s face. Corrus slowly sat on a chair and finally felt the pain in his jaw; must have been hit harder than he thought. He didn’t even wonder why the wizard was here. “Ugh…nothing. Just someone disrespecting me.”
The wizard put his book aside and walked up to the table, closely watching the man who was sitting on the chair with his arms leaning on the table and his head tilted. “Let me see it,” he said. Corrus looked up. It was obvious that he was drunk but Yanis said nothing.
“It’s just a scratch.” Yet he flinched when Magus Yanis touched his head trying to get a better look. The wizard shook his head. “Let me help you, this needs to be cleaned.”

Corrus gave in and leaned back at the chair, so that the wizard could watch the wound. But he wasn’t very pleased about it, he felt more like going to sleep. Magus Yanis left and soon after returned with a bowl of water. “I’m just gonna wash this ‘scratch’.”
Corrus looked at him. “Well do it quickly then.” The wizard took the wet piece of cloth and started to clean the mouth and chin from dried blood. It was nothing but a small wound inside the mouth from his teeth. “Why are you doing this?”
Corrus opened his eyes and looked up. “What?” Yanis thought about an answer which would be appropriate enough. “Your will to do anything to hurt yourself. And you also make others worry.”

Corrus almost rolled his eyes and made a small grunt before closing them. “Are you here to reach into my conscience, wizard? Cause it won’t have no use.”
Magus Yanis stopped cleaning the wound and slowly put away the bowl and cloth. He couldn’t hide his frustration about the warrior’s words, but he had to accept it. “I got an invite from my old mentor to visit him here in Tarif. He said it would be a very important reason for me.” Yanis walked away from the table and grabbed the book he had read. “And they want to send me to Sarma Outpost.”
Corrus didn’t answer right away, he just looked at the wizard standing there. Going to Sarma Outpost was a great achievement for sure. “You should go then. Why are you telling me this?”
Magus Yanis moved around to look at him. “Because I consider you my friend.” He then left the room and the guest house, and Corrus had time to think about these words.

BTS While Driving (Shit my friends say and do)
  • Yoongi: Motherfucking cock sucking dick head mother fucker wanna move? DO you see this prick? EVERYBODY KNOWS SPEED LIMITS ARE SUGGESTIONS!
  • Jhope: *dances in the car* Not to worry you or anything but I sometimes forget to pay attention to the road. But don't worry, I know the roads here well. I've only gotten into 3 accidents.
  • Namjoon: *backs up into the pole. Drives into the fence. Backs back into the pole.* FUCK! There is like no space to drive.
  • Jimin: *you tell him to turn left. Almost turns right.* THAT WAS LEFT?! *you tell him that was right* SINCE WHEN?
  • Taehyung: *speeds through red light. Hits breaks and reverses* SHIT!! I thought those were the blinky lights that mean keep going.
  • Jungkook: *goes to a practically empty parking lot and parks next to the one of the only cars there*
end of the road; chapter one

summary: Neil’s just trying to avoid the bright lights of tour, but it’s hard when everyone’s living on top of each other and, despite the existence of one Andrew Minyard, he’s managed to make himself the resident mystery.

word count: 9551


“Neil, yes?” A blonde man, who looks startlingly, terrifyingly familiar, says.

Neil makes a confused gesture, hoping his panic isn’t immediately evident. He’d ditched his name badge as soon after training as he could. “Yeah? And you are?”

The man raises his eyebrows, unimpressed by- something; Neil’s attempt at covering his fear, his lack of recognition, his appearance. The blank looks jars a memory, a still face in a shot of moving colours and lights.

“Oh, I recognise you. The rock star. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll, yeah?” Neil asks, with an almost ironic blank smile. He’s known too many of the type not to be jaded by them. They’re all the same; preaching about how it’s all for the music, how it’s about integrity and authenticity and, above all, about the sound. Then they fall into the pit of fame, or lack of it, and- well, at least the downward spirals sometimes vary. Alcohol, drugs, abuse, adultery, mental instability - Neil’s seen it all. He’s been on the receiving end of the worst of it.

Well, Neil hasn’t. But his old personas have. Neil’s just here for his pay; low wage, but cash under the table, no questions asked. He was hired because he doesn’t flinch at any face that comes through the door, injured, famous, tattooed, infamous, whatever.

But the other man just stares. The calm on his face has to be manufactured somehow, because not a single muscle on his face moves. Drugs, Neil thinks, then remembers who he’s looking at. Andrew, he guesses, of the Monsters. Mental instability, he corrects himself before taking in the cracker dust he ordered. Mental instability and drugs.

“You play guitar?” Maybe-Andrew asks, blatantly ignoring Neil’s question.

“What?” Neil asks, hoping his panic is covered by how out-of-the-blue the question is. “No.”

“Don’t lie,” Andrew replies, and it’s only then Neil realises that the blank tone Andrew had spoken it meant it hadn’t been a question. “We heard you. Yesterday.”

“We?” Neil casts his mind back frantically, and… yes. He picked up a guitar someone had left at a booth to pull into safety, and when there was no one in the kitchen, he’d strummed. It had been the end of his shift and he was supposed to lock up. He had thought he’d been alone. Stupid, he thinks.

Andrew ignores that. “Our guitar tech just got arrested and we’re going on tour tomorrow. There’s no one we can get, so that means we need anyone who knows their way around a guitar. That means you.”

right before they get hit by frank’s car mac is leaning across the divide going, “well dude, now that we’re… alone… you can admit it. i mean, i swayed you on evolution a little bit, right?” and dennis kinda laughs and goes, “well, mac…” and mac starts doing this big cheesy smile and then they get hit by frank’s car and dennis’s cereal goes flying into the windshield… too busy being gay to pay attention to road safety

Signs playing Pokémon Go

This is the only thing I’ll go outside for: Leo, Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces

That one person not paying attention and walking in the middle of the road trying to get their Pokémon: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Cancer, Gemini

This is so addicting…and I’m going outside…: Virgo, Aries, Libra, Scorpio


‘When you said ‘short ride’, I presumed the car would come back in one piece, Y/n.”

You grinned sheepishly. Right now, you and Nick were standing in front a his police car. That was now crushed, broken and sitting in flames.

“Well, in my defence,” You said, trying to ignore the hissing noises now coming from the demolished car. “I was paying attention to the road this time. All this sort of… happened.”

Nick crossed his arms. “Sort of happened? And what do you mean you were paying attention to the road this time?”

“Uh, nothing,” You spurted out, trying to find a way out of this conversation.

Nick chuckled, wrapping his arm around your shoulders. “You’re lucky that I love you, Y/n.”

“ — so “, - when elijah begins a sentence with “so” you know it’ll be a wild ride of a story. - “  i totally almost crashed my car after only two minutes of driving today. i think this is enough proof to claim that i’m the absolute worst driver on the planet and should have never gotten my license. “ elijah’s words were only half joking, half serious. he had been paying attention to the road, but he was just genuinely a bad driver. 

The Moon and the Sun- A Suho Wolf!Au (part 2)

Part 1, Part 3

He got in the car quickly, and roared the engine awake, driving off rapidly. He made his way back home without paying any attention to the road, his senses just taking him back. He was lucky the road was fairly empty, because he hadn’t yet calmed down from his encounter with you, and his mind was racing with thoughts of you.

He could almost smell you in the car with him, your sweet scent overpowering his senses. He remembered the beautiful color of your irises, and the way you lips moved as you breathed in and out. He couldn’t shake you out of his mind. His chest was heaving; his hands gripped the steering wheel so tightly his knuckles were turning white. His eyes shifted color, from the usually warm brown, to the frightening wolfy yellow color they became once he transformed.

He sped down the road, ready to get back home, to their house in the countryside, back to safety, where it would be okay if he transformed, or lost his mind, or just  broke down, because there would be no strangers to stare at him, or question him. His eyes found his reflection in the rearview mirror, and he closed them tightly for a second, trying to get them to regain their natural pigmentation. He hated himself. He hated what he was, he hated not being normal.

If he had been a normal guy, just like the rest of the men out in the street today, he could have stopped you, and handed you your handkerchief with a smile, possibly asking for your number, and offering to walk you to whatever destination you had in mind. If he was a normal guy, he would have tried to charm you with his wit, and his manners, and would have offered to take you out on a date, to get to know you better. If he was a normal guy, he would have surely caused a much better first impression, and that was something he would never get back.

But instead, he was stuck on being wolf boy, the idiot who had panicked the moment he caught a whiff of your scent, his whole body going on overdrive, unable to contain himself. He couldn’t even ask you for your name, and now it wasn’t likely that he’d ever see you again, and all you would think of him was that he was a creep who was scared of talking to girls. Why couldn’t he just be normal?

He forcefully opened the door to the house that used to be his grandfather’s and now he shared with other 11 men, and slammed it shut behind him. Kris’ head popped up by the door.

“Everything alright?” He asked, eyeing his alpha curiously. His eyebrows raised in question.

“Hey Suho! Did you bring our pastries?” Asked Sehun as he jumped up from the sofa, and chased the older boy to the kitchen. Tao followed him closely behind.

“No, I’m sorry, I didn’t get them.” Suho replied through gritted teeth. The younger kids moaned and complained.

“I said I was sorry, okay? Something came up” He replied, his eyes narrowing, and for the very first time in a long time, the younger boys stopped yapping, the full force of the alpha influence coming upon them. Suho sighed. Kris noticed this, and ushered the boys out of the kitchen, closing the door behind their complaining bodies, before turning to his alpha.

“What happened out there? Why did you come back looking like you’d seen a ghost?” He questioned, crossing his arms over his chest, as he leaned on the door. Suho turned to him, one eye brown, the other one a bright yellow, his chest heaving.

“It’s true Kris. The legends, they are all true.” He whispered, his words fast and harsh, as he grabbed the other boy’s arms, with eyes open wide in bewilderment. Kris looked at him with confusion plastered all over his face.

“What are you talking about Suho?” He questioned, looking at his alpha deep in the eyes, his bicolored eyes.

“The legends! About finding a mate, a partner. I think they are true… Today downtown, I saw  a girl, her scent drew me towards her, I was at the bakery, but all I could smell was her, her sweet scent. And then when our eyes met…. When our eyes met it was like instead of gravity, what held me on the ground was the pull on her. Kris… I think I bonded with this girl. I think we bonded Kris…”  Suho spoke, staring at his friend with eyes wide open, his heart pumping so harshly against his chest he thought it would pop right through.

“You bonded?” Kris whispered back harshly, mouth hanging open.

“SUHO HYUNG BONDED?!” They heard Jongdae and Baekhyun scream behind the door. Kris sighed, and stood away from the door, which was flung open. Suddenly the small kitchen was filled with the remaining 10 guys of the pack. Suho rolled his eyes.

“So it’s true, the legends are all true. It is possible to bond with someone?” Chanyeol asked, looking around, both excited and confused. Suho nodded looking at the ground.

“It seems so, yeah” Kris replied seriously, suddenly all 12 wolf boys seemed a little revolutionized, this was a whole new concept none of them had ever believed in.

“What is she like hyung? When will you bring her here to us?” Asked Tao, staring at the alpha with sparkly eyes full of  wonder and curiosity.

“I don’t know…” Suho mumbled. 11 faces turned to look at him with similar confused expressions, even Kris struggled to keep his cool as they all stared at their alpha like he had said something completely ridiculous.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Luhan snapped, questioningly, as he folded his arms over his chest.

“I ran away from her okay? I was overwhelmed. It completely dominated all of my senses! Our eyes met, and I was astounded. It was too much for me. How did you expect me to react?! I didn’t even believe things like these could happen and all of a sudden there I am standing like the world was shaking underneath me, and all I could see was her face. I was mortified!” Suho exclaimed, flailing his arms around as he turned away from the 11 prying stares. Kris chuckled, and placed his hand over the alpha’s shoulder. The other guys all shared a similar amused expression. Tao and Sehun looked at each other, silently speaking of how they both wished to experiment the same sensation soon.

“I’m sure you’ll meet her again. You’ve bonded after all… It’s only a matter of time before you meet her again.” Kris comforted his friend, with a small smile on his face. Suho smiled weakly at him, but deep down, he had lost all hopes to see you again.

They were all turning around to go back to the living room to continue watching a movie before dinner, when the bell rang, echoing through the house, bouncing off the walls. They all froze in place, sniffing the air for a familiar scent. The younger pups looked at each other questioningly; the scent didn’t belong to any of their neighbors, or any of the police officers. Kris turned towards Suho, whose pupils had dilated once again. His body began shaking, as he made his way towards the door.

His hand trembled as he stretched it over towards the handle. He opened the door as he took a deep breath. He felt his heart skip a beat. Time stopped for him. His breath hitched in his throat, and suddenly the only thing he could focus was your body at the door.

“Hi…” You whispered, your eyes glued to him, completely ignoring the fact that there were 11 other boys jumping on top of each other, and pushing each other around right behind him.

  • Regina: Killian put that dagger down before you get yourself killed
  • Regina: Killian don't touch that sword, you might get killed
  • Regina: Killian pay attention to where you're walking, there are CARS on that road
  • Regina: Killian THAT IS SHARP put it down
  • Regina: Killian you really should wear a life vest when you're out on the ship
  • Regina: Killian I don't care what David says, driving the truck with one hand is NOT SAFE
  • Regina:
  • Regina: not that I care
You only root for one team - Tyler Seguin

Tyler was driving to  American Airlines Center with you in the car, but things weren’t so great right now for the two of you. Tyler and the rest of the Stars players were going to play the Red Wings. You being from Detriot you were a huge Red Wings fan and you decided to wear a  Zetterberg’s jersey and that just got Tyler jealous. “I don’t know why you are wearing that jersey.” Tyler said while he was paying attention to the road.

You could tell that he was pissed. His light brown eyes were dead straight on the road and he was gripping the steering wheel so hard that you thought he was going to rip it off. “Really? You know that I am from Detriot.” Tyler couldn’t even believe that you were trying to say that it was okay to wear another teams jersey. “Is this really pissing you off?” 

Once he pulled to a red light he turned to you and nodded his head. “Yeah, it is.” Tyler was giving you a sad puppy dog face which he knew very well that you always caved when he did that. “Ty, the light is green.” You said softly.

He went back to driving and was still hoping that you would take it off. “If this make you happy I have your jersey in my bag and I can put it on when we arrive.” Tyler glanced at you and finally gave you a small smile. “It’s about damn time you smile at me.” You said smile right back at him, teasing him. “I do love you.” He said taking a hand off the wheel and lacing it with yours. “I love you too.” You kissed him cheek and rest your head on his shoulder while he drove. 

gothic-princess-witch  asked:

Another mini fic prompt: 20 for Durill Hawke/Fenris? 😄💖

20. Things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear

“Maker take him, he’s too fucking pretty for my own damn good,” Hawke groaned, and Varric nodded unsympathetically, moving a few papers still wet with ink out of the way before Hawke’s head crashed onto the table. They sat in Varric’s upstairs suite at the Hanged Man, papers, quills, and ink spread haphazardly across the table’s long surface.

“There, there,” the dwarf said, and Hawke rolled his head to the side to stare at him. Varric was absorbed in whatever he held in front of him, probably related to their Deep Roads venture, and was barely paying attention to Hawke. Probably for the best, though, Hawke figured. He really shouldn’t be focusing on the Maker-damned elf so much, anyway. Varric had the right of it: they had work to do before they could set out to make themselves rich. Or dead. But hopefully rich. Living in Gamlen’s house with Bethany and his mother was slowly driving Hawke insane; he already spent much of his time away, wandering around Kirkwall or heading out to the Coast, but it wasn’t enough. If he got Leandra’s ancestral home back, then at least there would be more room for them to spread out in. And they wouldn’t be living with Gamlen.

To that end, Hawke had arrived early for their weekly Wicked Grace game, intending to help Varric sort through some of this document mess before the others arrived, but instead he had spent much of the time stalking around the suite, his hands twitching as he waged a pitched inner battle over picking up and throwing Varric’s breakables. He had parted from Fenris at the stairs to Hightown, muttering a reminder about the game that night before turning on his heel and marching off, and hadn’t been able to concentrate properly since. Picking up papers had only led to frustration and the tossing of said papers.

He needed to calm down, he needed to work. He needed to not let this strange, lyrium-covered elf occupy his thoughts. A divided mind was dangerous enough; a preoccupied one moreso.

He wrapped his arms around his head as he sat at the table and screamed into the small cave he’d made. He stopped when Varric flicked a quill nub at him. Sighing, he lifted his head and shuffled through the papers on the table, looking for the supply requisition sheet to make sure Bartand would purchase the correct tools for sharpening his sword. Not that he didn’t have a whetstone he could bring, but if Bartand was buying things anyway, why not get a new one? And a few oilcloths, some extra small knives…

Hawke caught movement out of the corner of his eye and turned his head sharply toward the door. Just Isabela, who waggled her fingers at him as he relaxed.

“Glad I’m not the first one here; I hate coming early.” She winked and laughed, hoisting a bottle of wine. Varric chuckled and began gathering up the papers, sorting them into a stack that he placed on the stand next to his bed. Hawke stood too, intending to go check the downstairs of the Hanged Man for anyone else. If Isabela had barged into the suite, he figured the rest of the gang must be waiting patiently down there to be invited up. As he turned, Fenris stepped out from behind the wall next to the door. Their eyes met, and Fenris’s widened slightly before he turned his gaze to the side.

“I… Good evening.”

Hawke’s expression flattened and he pressed his lips together. “Fenris.”

Fenris moved, entering the suite and standing to the side, out of Hawke’s way, inclining his head slightly. Hawke nodded his thanks and swept out of the room and down the stairs.

AU ideas

If for writing prompts, short stories, RPs or anything else.
Here is a list of 15 AUs to consider! Have fun using them!
Be creative with them!

  1. Don’t take it out on the plate: Person A is under a lot of stress after they recently moved into another city and Person B happens to be the neighbour that wanted to ask for something (butter, eggs, be creative!) as A just threw a plate onto the floor and B is now worried if A is ok.
  2. You want some sugar with that?: Person A is a Confectioner and Person B is asking for a cake made with a special recipe. As A looks at the recipe, they notice the list is missing sugar as an ingredient.
  3. Take the next bus: Person A is late for work/training/anything and is running to catch their bus/train but as they want to run across the road they don’t pay attention to the traffic and Person B is saves A’s ass from getting run over PLEASE LOOK AT WHERE YOU ARE GOIN ARE YOU HURT?
  4. Laugh Buddy: Person A are sitting next to and Person B  at a comedy show and A can’t stop laughing and their laugh is so contagious/funny, B just has to laugh no matter what. Please let us be friends
  5. Dancing King: Person A is dance instructor and Person B is one of the students but B is so bad that A feels sorry for their partner and decided to become B’s partner, only to find out B was just pretending to be bad because they hated their partner.
  6. Shut Up-Vlog: Person A is trying to film a Video log while Person B (their roommate/sibling/parent/friend) is constantly making background noises, purposly pissing A off until they stop their recording to ‘punish’ B.
  7. Radio Star: Person A is nervous because they have a job interview very soon. A stands in front of a mirror/window and tries to build his charisma by talking to himself just as Person B passes by and watches until A notices.
  8. Secure laughter: Person A is a security guard at a club and Person B had one too many drink and wants to go home but every time they try to talk to A, they start laughing for no reason.
  9. Karaoke Dream Team: Person A is at a Karaoke bar with friends but they are totally boring and when A sees B picking a duett-song without a partner they walk over to join in because they came here to have fun and wow, I don’t know you but your voice is so nice wanna sing another song together? please say yes!
  10. Action!: Person A is filming a video and happened to record Person B tripping and falling. 
  11. Face to face: Person A is out shopping after a rough day and they spot a baby in stroller that’s looking at them. A keeps pulling faces at the baby until B look at them like excuse me why are you doing those weird faces? before seeing the baby and they both try to make funny faces to see who can make the baby laugh.
  12. Theatre buddies: Person A and Person B are working on the same theatre performance and the director explained a scene in which they have to kiss. After they kiss, A is blown away because WOW B is a really good kisser, this kiss was too good to be an act, hey can we do that again?
  13. Driving through: Person A has finished their driving lesson and has to pick up Person B because they are next in line for a driving lesson. When A stops near the house, they see B, a person they know from school, walking towards the car, unaware that B is now going to drive them home until they get into the car.
  14. SK8ER: Person A is new to this neighbourhood and has a passion for skating and they found a skate park full of people. While checking out the location they spot Person B, a skater that is famous for their tricks and skills in this park, as they are performing a cool trick.
  15. Go wild!: Person A is stranded on an island and Person B is the person that found A. Person A has lost their memory of what happened to them and B tries to support them so they can go back home.  
Broad Ripple Ave

I drove through Broad Ripple today and I forgot that spring time and warmer weather means there’s a lot of pretty girls in pretty clothes.

I almost got into an accident because I saw this really pretty girl with black clothes and tattoos. I need to pay more attention to the road when I drive.

tonight at dinner my grandparents asked me if i like driving. i don’t! i hate it! i’m tired of it already and i don’t even have my licence yet OTL. it was an interesting novelty at first but that novelty has worn off and i just don’t want to do it anymore, let alone for the rest of my life. but i don’t have any other choice and that just sucks. i don’t like paying attention to the road. i wanna stare out the window and daydream or use my phone. i! hate! driving!