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right back at you, park jinyoung ♡

The signs in relationships

Aries: no I’m not going on a romantic walk with you we can sit here on the couch, eat ice cream and romantically watch Hannibal

Taurus: piggy back rides all the time

Gemini: sex? No I’m busy playing this game and I can’t pause

Cancer: never has quite enough money to pay for the date

Leo: fuck you, you adorable asshole I fucking hate you nO JUST KIDDING I LOVE YOU IM SORRY FUCK I FUCKED UP

Virgo: I will pay you in kisses if you feed me so I don’t have to move

Libra: romantic picnic (tries to climb a tree to watch the sunset with significant other and ends up falling down)

Scorpio: who wears the pants in the relationship? Our relationship is better when neither of us are wearing pants

Sagittarius: I will annoy you until you pay attention to me and/or squirt water in my face like a cat. Then I’ll get sad and leave and you’ll have to come apologize.

Capricorn: *tries to show S.O. their mad rap skills and ends up biting tongue and almost fucking starts crying*

Aquarius: constantly wants cuddles and attention (tbh I don’t blame you) 

Pisces: what do you mean I forgot our anniversary


Today vs exactly one month ago. It’s a very slow process but I’m getting there.