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nine/rose, "… and I’m not even going to try.”

“…and I’m not even going to try. It’s not like it’d make any difference.”

Rose’s voice filtered down to where the Doctor was working on a repair in the depths below the console. His brow furrowed at how resigned she sounded. He thought he’d been making progress on convincing her that she was capable of doing whatever she put her mind to.

(She normally agreed with him wholeheartedly but there were moments, days, when she was pulled under by a handful of deep-rooted insecurities.)

He was about to pop his head up from the grating to ask what she was on about when she continued.

“Mum, it’s not like that! It’s different, he’s different and I’m not going to mess that up just because… because…” she broke off with a frustrated noise.

The Doctor stayed frozen in place. It sounded like she might be talking about him.

His hearts sped up a bit at the implications of her words and he debated between letting her know he was there or staying silent and hoping to hear more.

“Look, I’m not going to argue about it. This is my life, alright? You can give me all the advice you want but that doesn’t mean I’m going to take it.” Rose paused, presumably to listen to Jackie’s response.

“Yeah, alright, I’ll talk to him about coming to visit soon. Miss you too, Mum.” She rung off and the Doctor heard her sigh.

“Should’ve never told her anything,” she muttered. The words were followed by footsteps heading back towards the main corridor.

He waited until he was sure she was out of earshot before climbing back to the topside of the grating. He sat there, turning over her words in his head. The Doctor knew very well what the emotions growing in his hearts were but he hadn’t dreamed of Rose ever returning them.

(Well, he’d dreamed, but he’d never thought those dreams would even come tangent to reality.)

But now those feelings were mixing with hope and he couldn’t help the grin that spread across his face. Maybe, maybe, he could figure out a way to help her see that she really could have whatever she set her mind or heart on, even if that was him.

He switched out the coordinates he’d already input for the next morning for somewhere a little more peaceful. A day out with his precious girl and no trouble, dip a toe into the water with something that could be construed as a date if one was going to pay attention and be pedantic.

(He always was. He’d already taken her on so many dates even though he’d been refusing to call them such when it was so onesided, or so he thought.)

A date with Rose on a new planet and hope surging through his veins – it was going to be fantastic.

Hale Family Christmas

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Request: Hey, I absolutely love your writing and I just saw you added Christmas prompts! I was just wondering if you could maybe use 1 and 11 for Stiles or Derek? Fluff is fine, but if it leads to smut, have at it (: 

1- “I swear, if I have to listen to one more Christmas song…”

11- “No, I love you…it’s just…your family…”

Author’s Note: This is a normal life!AU with Derek and the Hale family! I had a ton of fun writing this, so I hope you all have fun reading it! Let me know what you think and enjoy! :)

Warnings: Language; fluff; talk of making babies

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“Y/N, is that you?” Derek’s voice called as I managed to scramble through the door with my arms full of groceries.

“No, it’s a burglar,” I yelled back playfully, picturing the eye roll that was undoubtedly happening in the other room. With a grunt, I hauled the bags into the kitchen, placing them on the counter and taking a moment to catch my breath. Large hands wrapped around my hips then, Derek’s scruff brushing against me as he placed a kiss to my cheek.

“A burglar, huh?”

“Obviously,” I snorted, leaning back into his chest so I could tilt my head up and meet his lips. “Wanna help me put theses away?” He nodded and dove in, pulling everything from their bags.

“So,” he started after a few moments of quiet. “My mom called today.”


“She said they’re doing the party on Christmas Eve this year.” I could feel his eyes on me as I let out a small groan. 

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I’m not sure if this happened for anyone else but in ACOTAR,

Rhys was really suspicious and I was always paying attention to him. I didn’t ship Feyre with him because of this (i didn’t ship her with Tamlin either) BUT the moment in the first trial in Under the Mountain when everyone didn’t know what Ferye was doing and he was the only one who smirked because he knew. He was the only one who realized what she was doing. THAT was the moment I knew that this little bat was precious and I knew he was the end of me.  

“What is it doing?” the green-faced faerie whined again. 
A deep, elegant voices replied this time. “She’s building a trap.” Rhysand. 
“But the Middengard–” 
“Relies on its scent to see,” Rhysand answered, and I gave a special glower for him as I glanced at the rim of the trench and found him smiling at me. “And Feyre just became invisible.” 
His violet eyes twinkled. I made an obscene gesture before I broke into a run, heading straight for the worm. 

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just wondering but how do you think himuro met his future wife? this blog is lovely by the way and the drabbles are so detailed!!

Aww Himuroo~
And thank you so much ;A; I’m really glad you like our detailed…ness
Ohh man, so I have this personal headcanon that Himuro met his future spouse in America when he was young sooo…

The stuffiness of the airplane ride plus the overcrowded LAX made Himuro fight to get out in the fresh air, or what little Los Angeles offered that wasn’t smog. He took a long breath in before releasing it slowly in a sigh. America, he didn’t really think he would ever be back. After graduating from Yosen he had been offered several University scholarships but none of them really stuck out to him, especially not the basketball teams which is what his scholarships stood on. After the slew of Japan school offers then came America’s. Thanks to Alex’s in touch with the WNBA he along with Kagami were offered several full rides in schools across the country. Himuro glanced back at the airport as the taxi turned out onto the street. Had kagami decided to leave Tokyo to make his way back where he started? Lost in his thoughts a familiar scene came into view.” Ah! Stop! You can let me off here I’ll walk.” The soft spoken teen paid his fee and pulled his bags from the trunk before looking at what had made him stop. This basketball court held more memories to him than any home, school, or friend. He made his way around the tall fence that hid this forgotten gem. The sound of a basketball only pulled him more into what he had left behind. As he rounded the corner his heart skipped a beat.

No, there was no way. Absolutely no way.

“ ____…”

Your hand slipped on the dribble as the familiar strained American accent echoed across the voice. There was no way in hell. You let the ball bounce it’s way to the safety of the chain linked fence as your subconscious commenced a battle on what you should do. How could he be here? Why was he here? Your body turned against your own will, betraying your conscience’s demand to ignore. There standing in the fence way was none other than the small scrawny black hair boy that always wanted to play against you and always won. ” Himuro Tatsuya…” You’re body fought but lost the battle as you smiled. He had grown up, a lot. ” Kagami still following you around?”

“Taiga and I haven’t spoke in a while. I’m sure he’s busy with school and basketball as well.” Himuro smiled, “ but I wish him the best.” His eyes drifted back to you as you retrieved the ball. You had grown up… so much since the last time he saw you. The last time you had nearly beat the snot out of him and taiga for once again creaming you at a game. Now though, you were much taller and….filled out. His body jolted as the basketball hit into his chest,“ oof!” He looked up to see your familiar smirk.

“Well, Tatsu. Why not one more for old times? I can remind you of how well we Americans play.” Your body slid into a defensive position. This is where you belonged, on this court. Between these two goals and the sound of your sneakers skidding against concrete was what you yearned and lived for.

It was obvious to the raven haired teen that you knew how to play, and you knew how to play well. Himuro smiled and let his bag fall off his shoulder to his forearm before placing it safely to the court.” I’ll warn you _____, you’re not the only one who has been working hard.” His eyes scanned your face, causing him to blink. The young woman that teased him a moment ago was gone, the intensity in her eyes burning away her facade to reveal the raging flame beneath. His lips curled in their handsome manner as he let the ball fall into a dribble and beginning the game.

His moves were eloquent and smooth, as if he was following along with a tune no one could hear but him. The sound of his sneakers against the concrete were slides instead of erupt scraps and squeals. He moved one way, then spun to move another, but there you were. Your piercing eyes watching his every move, a agile hawk waiting for its precious moment to strike and steal. Himuro couldn’t help but be caught up in the distraction of how overwhelming your presence was becoming, it was almost drowning to him. Move left? No fake her again, No— His thought was cut off as the ball was slapped from his grip.

In an instant you were around him, moving your long legs down the court to your goal, making an easy lay up. You landed and turned, seeing the shocked expression that bloomed on your opponents face. ” Pay attention Himuro, I’m not the little girl that use to cry every time you and Kagami beat me.” You moved slowly, dribbling the ball as Himuro moved into a defensive position. Your body moved side to side, swaying as if you were… you were following your own tune.

Himuro’s eyes widened as you moved quickly, dodging to his left. He moved, catching you off guard as you slid back and dribbled quickly, debating your next move. The teen struggled to pay attention as his once close friend stood in front of him. It wasn’t like he purposefully made you cry when he beat you. In all honesty, he loved playing against you. The way you put every effort to get better and that even after every loss you were determined to correct your mistakes and play again, never giving up. He moved forward to steal but you nearly jumped back, making for a shot. Himuro’s hands shot up to block the shoot but his eyes widened as you leant to the side, making your shot quickly to his left, it making it in.

Himuro looked at the shot then back at her, his usual calm collected poker face melted away to a look of shock. She was beating him, on the same court they grew up together on. He watched as your focused expression lightened as you stuck your tongue out at him. The calm, eloquent dancer of the court had found his partner.

can we just talk about this photo for a second tho…

  • you’ve got cap and kriegs over here looking princessy as ever
  • across from syd who’s gotta flaunt the bottle with some creepy ass winky face
  • then you have kelley on the left making sure the camera knows she can handle her champagne/pellegrino/whatever it is 
  • you’ve got jj and hope trying to stick their heads in the photo over the obnoxious ko (who ends up blocking pinoe as well)
  • there’s pressy? our precious little stanford tree as the only one paying attention in the back corner
  • little kling trying to make herself visible behind broon
  • and of course no photo is complete without moe making some dumb face in the back