pay all the debt

Spending Sugar Money

As most experienced sugar babies will know, when first starting off an arrangement, determining how to spend your new windfall allowance is difficult.  To assist newbies and other babies in the bowl, check out my strategy below!

Beginning Allowance (when first entering the bowl/a new arrangement):  

  1. Save up three months worth of rent (keep in savings for rainy day, continue paying rent out of pocket from vanilla job)
  2. Purchase general necessities (stock up on things like shampoo, toothpaste, other toiletries, etc. also for rainy day; stock up on non-perishable food also or grocery store gift cards)
  3. Pay off all credit card debt (minor debt)
  4. Begin chipping away at Student Loan Debt (major debt)

Percent of what goes where:

  • 50% - student loans (or other large debt you may be carrying.
  • 30% - high yield savings account (I use Capital One 360 because I like the ability to make sub accounts)
  • 10% - personal spending fun (if you’re in a lot of debt you might be tempted to put all your money in savings or paying things off, but be realistic here. You will always want to have a little bit of fun spending money! If you don’t include it in your budget, you will throw your whole budget off)
  • 5% - sugaring necessities (makeup, hair, nails, tanning, lingerie - don’t forget to invest in yourself! This is important!)
  • 5% - house cash (random necessities - food, toiletries, cleaning supplies, bed sheets, etc.)

What does this look like in monthly allowances?

…And so on.  You get the idea.  It doesn’t matter what kind of allowance you have.  It’s still money you didn’t have before!  Remember to think of your sugar money as a windfall and put it to good use! 

Can we talk about the fact that every time anybody is asked “what would you do if you won the lottery”, everybody’s first and immediate response is “Pay off all my debt”. It’s not “buy a sports car”, “go on vacation”. First response is always “pay off all my debt”

Like America’s citizens are so damn poor that people literally have to fantasize about winning the lottery in order to not be in debt anymore.
That’s so sad and pathetic of America. Richest country in the world and people have to fantasize about winning an impossible game in order to live the standard American dream.

History Time!

I said I would, so today I’m going to talk to everyone about German Expressionism, a distinct cinema style that emerged from Germany in the 1920s.

But first, a brief introduction to film history:
Before the 20s filming was mostly a novelty hobby. A few feature films did exist, some pioneering complex editing techniques (like we’re used to now; in the beginning it was just one shot of something happening until the film ran out!). By the time World War I rolled around, film cameras were used mostly to make recordings of the war or were dropped altogether (people quickly saw the use of film for propaganda reasons). But after the war ended, it became more of an art form and was really used for self-expression.

Now for a brief look into German history:
World War I was settled through the Treaty of Versailles, which made Germany responsible for paying back all the war debts to France and England. Germany was driven into economic ruin and debt and closed its borders in a period of isolation. 

Classic German Expressionism arose from the anguish of the people. Their money was worthless and they felt isolated and trapped within Europe. 

Sets like this (from the film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, dir. Robert Weine, 1920) were common in Expressionist films. They were shot at low, odd angles with a high contrast between very light and very dark. The sets themselves were very Tim Burton-esque, being odd and distorted. Nothing seemed real, but this was reality in the film: dark and twisted.

(From Nosferatu, dir. F.W. Murnau, 1922)
German Expressionism also uses a lot of shadows and silhouettes to build an eerie kind of suspense and thrill, making it the ancestor of the modern horror/thriller movie. The use of contrast and shadows also makes it a predecessor to American detective films (Film Noir), but it is most notably the birth of the horror film. 

Essentially what directors were trying to do was share to the world what the German people felt; they felt helpless and alone, gripped at the throat of the rest of Europe.

In the 1930s with the rise of the Third Reich, films became most widely used for propaganda and very few Expressionist films were being made in Germany. However, most German Expressionist filmmakers fled Europe for America and brought their ideas about film with them, allowing for these dark and suspenseful themes to become part of American cinema (examples include F.W. Murnau, Fritz Lang).



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All my friends are all the greatest people I have ever known
The would pay me back for all the debts that they had never owed
184 eleven I’ve got hopes to never see again
raise my hands up to my chin I hum a prayer and say amen
Something bout the way you said goodbye had made me feel like I could never understand the way emotions come and go however
Now I’m focused on my own achievement and my own endeavors
Working on myself and now I’m Killin it I’m so much better
I’m so much better than I was
Grinding grinding
All these verses into dust
They all thought a pretty boy like me would always be a bust
Bitch look at my flow then reevaluate and suck my nuts

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Bruce (@rabbruad1) wrote:

‘Ellenya has left her mark on society. Society is not at all happy about it. In fact, there’ll be a hearing next week to determine if she’ll be required to REMOVE it (didn’t I warn you, sweetie?)’

'Tis true, I placed a taint of paint upon a Saint. The city lodged a complaint, said my art showed no restraint and I must repaint. I felt faint, so I feinted which, while quaint, did not halt my attaint or the banks distraint to pay the debts from all the paint. I guess I must adhere to their constraint…

Sweet Revenge

Now he bleeds
His soul seeps out
Lap it up, have your feed

Stab him again
His suffering’s purpose
Is to heal you, to clear your pain

Best served cold
Feed some more
He feels so tired, feels so old

Never ceasing
He has to pay
Settle his debt for your pleasing

Take all you can
Until he has no more
Success, he’s a broken man

Is it sweet?
Now he’s cowered & broken
At your feet

You’ve had your fill
You’re no longer vexed
What happens next?

a reincarnation au!! 

(also on ao3!!)


Mon-El’s tired when he drags himself home, and considers changing his job for the millionth time. He could surely get a job as a barista - and it would probably get him free coffee as well - instead of slaving away in the bar until the early hours of the morning. As he’s blindly putting his key into his lock, all he can think about is sleep and how he wishes he didn’t have to pay all of his college debts.

What does he even need a degree for? Honestly.

He would head straight to bed if it wasn’t for the hunger that’s growing in his stomach, and so his feet lead him to the kitchen. He’s half-awake as he starts microwaving some milk for his cereal, which by now has become a habit. He’s watching the number slowly decrease when the fire alarms turn on.

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In your eyes, we aren't human. In your eyes, we aren't deserving of love because we are flawed. To you, it's acceptable to push us apart, keep us in the margins of society and let us die. And all this in the name of Christianity. No wonder I've abandoned religions when there are still bigots like you out there preaching hatred in the name of holiness.

That’s not what I believe at all. If that’s what I believed, none of us would be human or deserving of love because we are all flawed and in need of Christ as Savior to pay the debt of our sins. We have all fallen short of God’s glorious standards and need to be saved from our sin.

And please tell me how my stating homosexuality is a sin equates in your mind to me wanting homosexuals to “die”. That honestly makes no sense. That’s like saying I believe heterosexual people who have sex outside marriage, people who steal, people who gossip, people who are prone to anger, etc all should die - because those are all sins, too. Stop drawing assumptions and jumping to conclusions. Disagreement with something a person does is not equivalent to wishing them dead, for crying out loud.

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do these anons not get how calling the police on a mentally ill black person rarely goes well?? plus wondie has financial troubles, he will be in DEBT for YEARS if forced to pay for all the shit they make you go through. I'm so fucking sorry that shit is bad right now and fuck all you guys who think eliie is a bad friend for being AWARE OF HOW MUCH NEGATIVITY CALLING THE AUTHORITIES CAN AND WILL CAUSE!! Ellie is doing all that they can right now, even if these anons dont think so.

thank you anon

Nezumi’s hand extended to grasp Shion’s collar. He was pushed against the bookshelf.

“I owe a debt to you,” his low voice hissed at Shion’s ear. “Four years ago, you saved my life. I’m paying back that debt. That’s all.

"Then you’ve paid enough. Too much, even.” Shion gripped Nezumi’s wrist to pry it away from his collar. But Nezumi’s taut muscles showed no signs of relaxing.

“Let go.”
“Make me, little boy.”

“I’ll bite your nose off.” Shion clicked his teeth. … “Biting noses off is my speciality.”


Atsuko Asano; No.6 (Novel)

So I really enjoyed this moment, because of the stark difference between anime/manga!Shion and novel!Shion. Don’t get me wrong, I love the anime and the manga, but there’s something about Shion clicking his teeth and telling Nezumi that he’ll bite his nose off that’s just attractive to me.

In the anime, specifically, I felt like the fighting was too often only Nezumi’s anger. So to me it’s really attractive to see Shion be stubborn and threatening, to the point of clicking his teeth and everything.

It has a sort of “boyish” charm that I’m really enjoying, after all, they are sixteen year old boys bickering over difference in ideologies.

I also like the way the fight ends. With books falling on them and Nezumi asking Shion if he’s okay. The fight ends as abruptly as it begins with the boys getting distracted by something else. It’s quite endearing to be honest.

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Salam aleykum ukthy how are you? I have a question and I hope you could maybe advise me for a book or maybe you'll know the answer in sha Allah. My grand father died and we know that sadaqa given by the child of the dead person can reach him.. my question, does my mom have to give charity with the wealth that my grandad left or she can do it with her own money?

و علیك السلام و رحمة الله و بركاته

I’m well Alhamdulillah and i hope you are too. May Allah have Mercy upon your grandfather and elevate His status in Jannah. And may Allah reward you and your family for your patience and good intentions.

With regards to the money, you have to go by the shari'ah first;

1. His burial, ghusl, kafan etc, are all paid from his wealth.

2. All his debts are payed off from his wealth

3. Whatever requests he had are fulfilled using his wealth.

4. Then his children and heirs are given a share of the estate.

After all that, if there is still wealth left over, you can use that to give sadaqah on his behalf. And if there isn’t any wealth left after you’ve carried out all the above, then your mum can give sadaqah jaariyah using her own wealth.

And Allah knows best.

It would be much better for you though, if you asked a local Imam or someone knowledgeable who can give you advice using the rulings of your madhab. May Allah bless you. ❤

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Hello! I read through all your top 5 lists and I love them ALL! They made me smile so much! Thank you! :3 Have a nice day! (or night depending on what time it is)

I’m so happy you liked them! Making a person smile everyday is one of my goals so I’m glad I succeeded :D Also thank YOU for reading them all, they are quite a few, aren’t they? 

Here in Italy is night, but have a nice day/night wherever you are my dear <3