Criminologist here, strap in. Spread this message.

So prisoners under the 13th amendment are able to be considered slaves and/or servants. They are excluded as people and are such seen as property of the state. The exclusionary clause of the 13th amendment removes them from the 14th amendment’s equal protections, somewhat. The 3/5ths compromise is still on the books, but is simply never used. 

Thus private prisons have not been paying taxes on their slaves. All that property being leased from the US government, that privatized prisons haven’t payed for.

Now prisoners are still given some protections. Such as they are still considered citizens and still protected via the 8th amendment. This follows the further-protections clause. Minimum wage laws apply to all working US Citizens. If a prisoner is a citizen, they should be getting paid for their work or equally compensated. Many work for 10-13¢ an hour. 

There is no further compensation. One could argue they need to cover their own room and board, but they are property on lease from the federal government. It is simply maintenance. Prisoners who have or do work have had their funds stolen from them. Often times these people are not well off monetarily in life and as a system the prisons ILLEGALLY steal due to the clause of the 13th amendment.

Essentially the 13th amendment is used to justify slave wages when in fact it nullifies taxation (as one cannot tax property itself) on wages and privatized prisons have ignored a loophole leading to massive tax fraud.

 I’m just a kid from Philly who realized some stuff. But please, read this over. Disperse it if you can.