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This is the cutest webtoon I’ve read in a long time and I actually love it just as much as ToG!!  Lumine is cinnamon roll precious (white lovable dork on left)! Like Bam!!  Kody is tsundere precious (unimpressed rich witch on the right)!  Like Kun!!  

And there are bunnies!  And werewolves!!  And weredogs!!  And witches!!  And macaroons!!  Uhm…oh!  And, like ToG, it focuses on adventure rather than romance!!  And it has its own world that’s just as creative as ToG, but not as complicated, hehe!  Or disturbing (eff you zahard)!!  Look at all my caps!  See my caps??

In this, I tag @hicristy  @chubtato-chip  @bluecubics @littlestarprincess  because I want to share my excitement with everyone and specifically you four haha.  I’m sorry for tagging without permission, but I’m just so excited. ‘^_^ 


Leslie Demeniuk was responsible for the murders of her two children, twin boys John and James who were only 4 years old at the time of their deaths. In 2001 Demeniuk shot her two children and claimed that she committed the crime as a result of insanity which was caused by medication she was taking. At the time of the crime Demeniuk had just changed her anti-depressant prescription from Paxil (paroxetine) to Zoloft (sertraline), and the defence claimed that a reaction between these drugs and alcohol caused a psychotic episode.

The prosecution, however, argued that Demeniuk had murdered her two boys in an attempt to punish their father as the couples divorce was being finalised. In the end it was found that there was no scientific evidence to corroborate the defence’s argument of a drug interaction, and Demeniuk was found guilty and received two life sentences.

I worry a little about becoming a grinning idiot, but I figure I already have the idiocy part down

“And what existential journey hasn’t been aided by chemistry? I’ve been in and out of speech therapy all my life, but nothing has mitigated my stuttering as effectively as taking a half milligram of Alprazolam before giving a public reading. The ibuprofen, the muscle relaxants have certainly helped my back, but the Paxil has been transformative. […] Paxil has apparently been used to treat chronic pain for more than a decade. For the last few years I’ve been taking one ten-milligram tablet of Paxil a day. I worry a little about becoming a grinning idiot, but I figure I already have the idiocy part down, and I’m so far over on the grouchy side of the continuum that a little grinning isn’t going to kill me

~ David Shields, from “Com Lit 101: Advice from My Dad” in "Other People: Takes & Mistakes” (Knopf, February 21, 2017)

Just this past week did I finally go and decide to get some treatment for my GAD and moderate depression. I’m only a few days in on a super low dose of paxil so there isn’t much improvement yet but I at least have been given hope that I didn’t have before. I finally decided to go get treatment because my anxiety was causing me to completely shut down and have anxiety attacks at the thought of even hanging out with old friends. My fiance has been so supportive in this process and I’m so grateful that I have him. Don’t be afraid to seek help. Medication is a stepping stepping stone for improvement, not an elevator to a problem free life. It takes hard work to make progress and not be discouraged.

Important: Please read

I’m changing medications for the first time in 8 years, from Paxil to Prozac. This is in no way an excuse for any rudeness or bad behaviour on my part. However, if in the next week I do or say anything really weird or worrisome, let me know so I can tell my doctor. Thank you.

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I was put on Paxil at the age of 13 when I asked for a sleep aid (it's an antidepressant) and was not told about the huge increase in suicidal ideation in adolescents on the drug. I now have massive baggage with taking ANY pill, even a cold med, because of that plastic smile.


Christopher Frank Pittman was convicted in 2005 of murdering his grandparents, Joe and Joy Pittman, at age 12, on November 28, 2001. The case drew national attention in part because of his age at the time of the crime and in part because his defense that the prescription drug Zoloft caused him to act.

At age twelve Pittman ran away from home, threatened suicide, was picked up by police, and confined to a facility for troubled or runaway children. He was confined there for six days. While there, he was put on Paxil for mild depression. His father, Joe sent him away from their home in Oxford, Florida, to live with his grandparents in Chester, South Carolina, where he frequently visited. His paternal grandparents had been a source of stability to him for years in a life with a mother who had run out on him twice and a father who Pittman claimed to have been abusive.

Pittman had an argument on the school bus, choked a fellow student, and later disturbed the person playing piano in his church. That night, November 28, 2001, after receiving a paddle spanking from his grandfather, Pittman went into his grandparents’ bedroom and murdered them with their own shotgun which he had been taught how to use. After the murder he set fire to the house using a candle and papers. Pittman took his grandparents’ car, their guns, his dog, and $33 and left. He was picked up after getting stuck two counties away. Before confessing, he told a story of a large black male who had kidnapped him after murdering his grandparents and setting fire to their house. When he ultimately confessed he proclaimed that his grandparents deserved what they got. Pittman’s father testified that the incident occurred two days after Christopher’s Zoloft dosage had been doubled

On Monday, January 31, 2005, three years after the murders, he was trialed as an adult and on February 15, 2005 Pittman was convicted of murder and sentenced to 30 years in prison.  On July 27, 2010 South Carolina Circuit Court Judge Roger Young approved Pitman’s post conviction relief petition and granted him a new trial based on a finding of ineffective counsel. In November 2010 Judge Young refused a request by the state to reconsider his decision. In December 2010 Pittman entered into a plea bargain pursuant to which he pled guilty to the crime of voluntary manslaughter and received a 25-year sentence. He had been serving a 30-year to life sentence

The signs as quotes from New Girl

Aries: “The economy stinks, bees are dying, and movies are pretty much all sequels now.”

Taurus:  “Okay now Saturday is a day for sleeping. And damn it, you will not take that away from me!”

Gemini: “If I were off my rocker, would I take a weekly selfie with my cat?”

Cancer: “Why can’t I have the things that I want?!”

Leo: “This place is fancy and I don’t know which fork to kill myself with.”

Virgo: “Please take that off. You look like a homeless pencil.”

Libra: “They say they have a boob shape preference, but when the chips are down, they’ll take anything”

Sagittarius: “Know this: your caveman ideas about manhood are so over. Manhood today is about exfoliation, cheese courses, emotional honesty, and Paxil.”

Capricorn: “When you question my pajamas, you make me question our entire friendship!”

Aquarius: “I feel like I wanna murder someone. And also, I want soft pretzels.”

Pisces: “I’m going to end up alone. I’m going to be a single old lady flashing people on the subway.”