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Megatronus visits Orion one day and is surprised to see a tiny pup swimming with him

Just think about Megatronus swimming up to him so happy and all of a sudden he stops, crosses his arms and just looks at this little yellow thing swimming around Orion.

Orion on the other hand is all smiles, takes Bee and holds him up to Megatronus like “look, look, look what I found.”

And that’s the story of how they became surrogate parents and how Megatronus will lay on the beach and sigh as Bee chews on his tail.


Spooky Movies - Gary S. Paxton

“When I asked my baby for a date

She said she’d rather stay at home up late.

She says my cold, cold kisses give her real cold chills

But the spooky, spooky movies always give her thrills.”

I had some difficulty figuring out who originally wrote this song, but from what I can tell, it was first written by Steve Stone and released by Roy Clark in 1963. Gary S. Paxton came along later and released this version, my favorite of the two.

Paxton was (and still is!) an eccentric character. He organized a protest with fifteen cheerleaders and an elephant pulling a Volkswagen. He was shot three times by hitmen hired by one of the singers he was producing. He converted to Christianity and jokingly referred to himself as “an armpit in the Body of Christ”. He was even the producer of the ever-famous “Monster Mash”, back when it was recorded by Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Cryptkickers! 

Greg Abbott supports allowing police cars to display crosses

After saying last year that “In God We Trust” could be displayed on police cars, Gov. Greg Abbott has thrown his support behind displaying the cross on patrol vehicles.

In a brief sent to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Abbott wrote that the crosses met constitutional muster in regard to separation of church and state.

“Even under the U.S. Supreme Court’s expansive interpretation of the Establishment Clause’s limited and unambiguous text, the court has never held that public officials are barred from acknowledging our religious heritage,” Abbott wrote in his brief. “To the contrary, the U.S. Supreme Court has long recognized the demographic and historical reality that Americans ‘are a religious people whose institutions presuppose a Supreme Being.’”

The brief was in response to a controversial move by the Brewster County sheriff’s office, which recently allowed its officers to put bumper stickers of the cross on the back of patrol vehicles. Abbott has already spoken in support of the Brewster County sheriff.

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Ross O’Donovan appreciation post!

Pictures taken at PAX South! This guy is so freakin’ photogenic! I love taking pictures of him, especially candid ones!


Please, do not repost these anywhere and please do not remove my watermark/copyright thing.  I worked very hard to get these pictures and posted them for the enjoyment of others!

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