Photos from my SCP Foundation Researcher costume for PAX. Simplistic, but I think that it was pretty decent for a week’s notice! What else do I add? I’ve seen some cosplay pictures with SCP-logo’d clipboards, and those are pretty tight.

The badge is here, as are the cards I handed out.

Bonus: Selfie of me with blaroth and/or midnightofserpents.

Wait, you’re thinking. Isn’t blaroth grey, and Midnight black? Yes. This was not true cat, but a dangerous anomaly.

Fortunately, I was able to respond to the threat appropriately.

kalatash asked:

The Eldrazi prop: Who made it? Was it done in house, or did you find another company who did the actual ****-huge sculpture?

It was built in Everett, WA! We worked with a local company to design and construct the Eldrazi.

Over 50 designers, fabricators, painters, sculptors and installers helped make our monster a reality. It weights around 10k pounds and is covered with about 50 gallons of paint and 50 gallons of polyshield (the material used to keep it firm and safe).


@spencer_lovell: More Cats at PAX

New “Zendikari vampire” and Eldrazi Scion token arts

I just watched another PAX panel (From Concept to Cosplay) and noticed two new BFZ arts that I haven’t seen popping up in my dashboard. Here they are for those that also haven’t seen it yet.

While Mel Li presented her Dominator Drone cosplay, we were able to see another BFZ vampire-related art, but something is different with this one: there’s something glowing red inside his belly (is he being targeted by a removal spell?), and the skull plate looks more like a mask than like a “living” Eldrazi parasite (nothing is grabbing his shoulder horns).

We know about how Drana and other Kalastria vampires were and still are resistant to reproduce the Zendikari vampires’ past of enlavement maily because of these two flavour texts:

Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief
If our former masters would have us kneel again, they shall feel our defiance slashed across their membranes.

Defiant Bloodlord
“Despite their bravado, mortals are fragile. If Zendikar is to endure, its lords must save it.” —Drana, Kalastria bloodchief

Yet, we also know that Kalitas, the Ghet bloodchief, is now a thrall of Ulamog. It seems (to me), from these bits of information, that Malakir is yet a stronhold against the Eldrazi advance, as its Kalatria denizens are still resisting, while those that dwell outside it’s gates (Ghet bloodline vampires) may have fallen.

So, is this a vampire using Eldrazi parts (or a common animal skull) as a trophy (how can he see throught that?), or is that a parasite beginning its domination?

Speaking of vampires, we also saw the extended art for the aforementioned Dominator Drone.

The art for the Eldrazi Scion token was also released (they refferred to it as “spawn”, though).

Bonus: The amazing Eldrazi animatronic by Mel Li (have you ever wanted to pet an eldritch abomination?).

A video posted by Mel Li (@smelissali) on Aug 28, 2015 at 10:47pm PDT

Images source: From Concept to Cosplay panel.


Day two of pax was great, we attended the people doing panel where Pewdiepie, markiplier, Jacksepticeye and cinnamontoastken. After their panel I was able to get them all to sign my badge and get a picture with Felix. It was probably one of the best moments since I have been watching Felix for years and he has really brought a smile to my face when I was down. Mary was also there and I am so glad that I got to also meet her and grab a quick photo.