pax train


ok but remember “waitforme” and that ended up being the video for Pax East?

Pax West is coming up in two months guys….

i think we might be in for the long haul. and i am terrified haha T-T 


Myself as Shield Knight and rubberninja as Shovel Knight at PAX! 

If we’re getting a DA:I expansion, I really, really hope that we still get to keep the Divine on our team. 

The only thing better than teaming up with Cassandra is teaming up with Battle Pope Cassandra

Especially if she gets an armour version of those robes and that hat.  Or gets a combat line about how y’all need Andraste. 


Sorry I’m so late on the PAX South Train but here are some of my favorite photos and cosplays I came across. I mean Parappa the Rapper! I also met Barbara and Chris and Blaine Gibson who all tried to mimic my mask. I finally met Markiplier! Let me tell you something guys. He’s extremely sweet and so down to earth.I felt kind of bad at the autograph signing because he looked so tired. But he waited in the lobby on that first day to meet up with fans and it was just phenomenal to see. I was shaking so bad before I met him I was so nervous. It was a really humbling experience seeing how he’s still just a normal guy like you and me that can just manage to make everyone laugh and feel better about themselves. It was an amazing experience. So thank you Mark for everything you do. Keep on Keepin’ on