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I am going to PAX Prime and will hopefully be able to meet them. 

Currently I am making a scrapbook for each of them. It will be filled with messages, artwork, and stories from fans. If you have art, stories, or messages you want them to see, send them to me and I’ll put them in the scrapbooks. 

See for more info on submitting art and text for the scrapbooks.

If you have any questions not answered there, please send me a message or ask. 

I hope many see this so we can get as many submissions as possible, I would love for this to be a huge collaborative project so Jack and Mark can see all your work! 

M,J,F panel

Basically you’re a youtuber doing a surprise show up the pax prime (2015) with markiplier, jacksepticeye, pewdiepie, and cinnamontoastken. You were Christian delegrosso’s sister so people knew you from His vlogs. The people in charge of the panel asked if you could do a performance singing gossip girl by Grace Vanderwaal and people have never heard you sing before so it was a shock. Especially towards the boys who had no idea what was going on. Just laughs all around. Plz notify me of tag me if you have written this out. Thx

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Pictures of cosplays (and a puppy) I took at Pax West.

If you’re any of these cosplayers please let me know, you’re all so cute and awesome and I loved every single one of you!


There always seems to be a need for these gifs, sadly. I haven’t reposted them since I remade the blog, so here they are. The last three are full-width gifs. Here are those same three in half-width:

For use in text posts.

Feel free to save them and repost them whenever you need to support friends or defend yourselves/others from hate anons claiming to speak for the community. 

All these gifs came from the Pax Prime 2015 Markiplier & Friends Panel. 

Jack pretending to strip and Mark showing off his legs
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OK, I’ll admit it.  I wasn’t a fan of PewDiePie before (no I didn’t hate him, I just didn’t watch him). Now after seeing him live, interacting with other people and meeting him, well not a fan but an admirer.  Will I watch his vids?  Already started.

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Fandom: Markiplier / jacksepticeye

Characters: Mark Fischbach (Markiplier), Jack/Sean McLoughlin (jacksepticeye), CinnamonToastKen, Pewdiepie, Bob and Wade

Relationship: Septiplier - Markiplier / jacksepticeye, Mark Fischbach / Jack/Sean McLoughlin

Words: 0.4k

Summary: Jack and Mark publicly share their relationship at PAX. But, everyone seems skeptical about their spark.

Also on ao3.

Mark and Jack were arguably the cutest pair on YouTube. Or even online, generally. But that…that was just as friends. When the two came out and announced they were dating on Twitter and Tumblr just hours before their first panel together at PAX, their communities started to doubt how well they would fit together. In many ways, Mark and Jack were nearly opposites.

Mark and Jack weren’t worried. They knew they’d be fine, and that was all that mattered to them.

Their first panel was with Ken and Felix. They were doubtful too, not that they would admit that right to the couple’s faces.

There was a sort of hush throughout the panel, as many of the fans were lost in their own thoughts on the relationship. But as time passed, they began to notice a couple of things. They were very small things, but they were also very important.

They noticed how Jack made Mark stop worrying about what others thought of him, and how Mark directed Jack’s energy to adding a little extra effort into everything he did. They noticed all the little touches and glances that were exchanged between the two, the giggles and the wonderful smiles with the crinkled eyes.

And backstage, Ken and Felix noticed some things themselves. Things like how Mark treated Jack like an entire sun, lighting up and warming his life. They noticed how Jack looked at Mark like he was a whole universe, full of mysteries that only he knew. They noticed shy little kisses to cheeks, and the pecks to lips when they felt a bit braver.

Hours later, there were still things to notice. Bob and Wade caught these during their panel with the two. They noticed how Mark made Jack just a little less hyper, so he wasn’t so overwhelming. He became more thoughtful in his answers and was more gentle around others. They noticed how Jack had the opposite effect on Mark. Around Jack, Mark became louder and braver, not afraid at all to make a fool of himself. He shouted whatever came to his mind, and laughed heartily at each little thing.

There was something they all noticed, though. Bob and Wade, Ken and Felix, even the fans.

They noticed how behind every “damn you!” and “screw off!”, there was love. Love in their voices, their eyes, their body movement.

And, well.

Maybe they did sort of fit.