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PAX 2017 Saturday Cosplay!

Had an outstanding time with my good buds @anoia, @zorkinian, and Rhias!  Also ran into @godslush and a few other buds that I wasn’t expecting!

@anoia​ was absolutely rocking the Scotsman’s Daughter costume and a few peeps even recognized her outright! It’s always a blast to wear Scaramouche out and about, had a ton of fun during this con, and the cooling fans were an absolute Godsend.


Ever wondered what 300 plus people look like while waiting for Jacksepticeye to emerge from the pits of hell……I mean the back area?

The second picture was taken just as the doors began to open (hence the reason I didn’t get a shot of him walking into the room, I was leaping (yes that’s what I call it) off the chair and trying to get into position!)

PAX West 2017: Jacksepticeye Autograph session

(as always, click the image for a larger version)

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From TF:Prime, episode 23 “One Shall Fall”

Jack: “Hey Optimus… Wanna see something funny?”

Optimus: “No.”

Arcee: “Don’t take it personally. PRIMES are just built that way.”

Bulkhead: “Never see Optimus laugh, cry, or loose his cool…”

*somewhere, sometime, who knows…*

Elita One: *sticks her glossa out*

Optimus: *struggling to suppress laughter under his mask*