pax band


Yeah mom, they’re such bad people!1!1


I have a treat for you, and it’s the Protomen playing their own song in Rock Band 4. Video by MetricalSky.

And the scores:

The Signs As Patrick Stump's Tweets:
  • Aries: Nah, my book would be called "I Suck At Being Famous," and it'd be all my insanely awkward interactions with celebrities.
  • Taurus: Think of a swear. Then, feel obligated to be polite and hold back that swear. Only then does the "Holy smoke," truly happen.
  • Gemini: I was trying to be there for 4/20 bro...but I got like...late.
  • Cancer: Yeah! I'm at least an adult chicken right?
  • Leo: Dear St. Patrick, thanks for the name. I happen to like it. Sincerely, Patrick.
  • Virgo: When you have a bad day, a really bad day, try and treat the world better than it treated you.
  • Libra: That's really up to the fanfics I think.
  • Scorpio: Don't quit that day job you don't seem to have...
  • Sagittarius: Hey world, hope you're having a good one (and if not, hang in there).
  • Capricorn: The world can suck, sure. Mostly though it's a blank canvas. If you want to see something brighter in it, you might have to add it yourself.
  • Aquarius: CONFESSION: I'm actually kind of glad Pete stopped wearing eyeliner.
  • Pisces: The songs know. I didn't see though. It know. Dark.

Aries: Thanks, Pete.
Taurus: Eyeliner is perfect
Gemini: I want mcr back
Cancer: It’s not a bad dick
Leo: Not bad, Joe
Virgo: Makeup is great for a guy
Libra: Milk
Scorpio: I am a proud little emo
Sagittarius: I want Patrick to shove his fedora up my ass
Capricorn: Joe troham
Aquarius: Pete wentz screaming in the distance
Pisces: Wtf is fob doing now

Look at this beautiful man.

(Credit to the person in the picture.)

Light em up up up, light em up up up, light em up up up, DUN IS ON FIREE.

Fun things to do with friends:

Listen to Fall Out Boy, that’s all.



Things That Brighten My Day:

Patrick Stump
Patrick Vaughan Martin Stump
The Singer of Fall Out Boy
The father of Declan Stump
That soul punk Singer
Pat Stumph
The little short fedora man
That thanks Pete man.
Little demon man
Patrick Stumpy stump
Side Burns man

*During a Hurricane*
  • Mom: Grab something that's important to you!
  • Dad: *grabs food and water*
  • Mom: *grabs blankets, pillow, clothes, and money*
  • Sibling(s): *grabs favorite thing*
  • Me: *grabs all my Fall Out Boy albums*
Imagine Patrick stump trying to rob someone:

Patrick: *Falls over.* Oh no. *Hits lamp and breaks.* Holy smokes, I didn’t mean that! *Gets up and doesn’t mean to kick cat.* OH NO, I’M SO SORRY LITTLE KITTY CAT, I LOVE YOU, WANT A HUG? *Takes stuff.* I feel so bad about this! *people come down.* I’m so so so so so sorry. I’ll just.. Go… Go. Yeah- *Runs out house.*