pax art

It’s been a while since I could sit down and draw since I just moved, but I got inspired by how happy it had made me to see @therealjacksepticeye​ interacting with his fans. He makes people so happy and I love seeing all these videos and pictures of him meeting people and how happy it makes them!

After I’m done school and have the money to go, I definitely want to go to PAX to meet him!

I wussed out on Ethan’s signing this weekend at PAXWest, and didn’t have the gonads to hand him this piece in the first place, BUT OTHERWISE PAX was amazing and I did get to meet his friends on the escalator! 

Parker gave us a high five and called Ethan “the worst,” and was all “ugh yeah, hate that guy,” and Shelby very sweetly added “he never pays for his food,” while Andrew hopped right in with a bitter “he spat in my eye once, the shit,” all topped off with Parker looking me right in the eye to inform me, “you know he microwaves puppies for fun?” HAHHAHA. I could’ve talked to them for hours about Ethan and YouTube and misadventures in IKEA–they were hilarious.

Anyway, congrats on 5 years AND your first PAX solo panel, Ethan! That’s a pretty big deal! Can’t wait to grow some balls and congratulate you in person next year! 

a few people asked, so this is literally the only other shot i took of this cosplay…whoops lol. also cosplay accuracy is hard when you are so very small good god

if anyone knows who this marcus is please let me know so i can tag him! he was awesome and also very tall


Magic: the Gathering - Ixalan PAX West Panel


The Sun Empire is a prosperous empire on the continent of Ixalan, which is located on the Plane of the same name.  The emperor resides within the Tocatli palace in the capital city of Pachatupa.  The Sun Priests protect the Empire’s warriors who ride dinosaurs to protect and expand their power.  The Empire had displaced the Merfolk River Heralds as the dominant force on the continent, but now are harried by both the Brazen Coalition and Legion of Dusk.  Lost cities and ancient ruins from before the Sun Empire’s rise to power can now be found, overgrown and half-buried, in the depths of the jungle.

Pirates, Vampires, Merfolk, Dinosaurs, and more stand between you and bold new discoveries in the world of Ixalan! Brave the unknown at Ixalan prerelease on September 23rd and September 24th. Available in stores September 29th.

Ixalan Trailer -

PAX WEST - Ixalan World Building Panel, with Wizards of the Coast Team members Marisa Fulmer, Cynthia Sheppard, Jeremy Jarvis and Jams Wyatt.  Recorded on Twitch here (starting a 3:20) -