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at PAX on saturday everyone was in line waiting for the Cow Chop signing and the section of the line I was in was like next to the table from where the line wrapped around the area and someone next to me shouted “i love you daddy!” to aleks and aleks’s head whipped around so fast and he shouted “what the FUCK did i just hear??” and honestly we were all fucking deceased after that i cant believe that happened

I spoke directly to the girl in charge of Nerds Want Equality

I spoke to the girl in charge of the now defunct Nerds Want Equality to get clarification on just what was said and what happened at PAX.

First of all, the girl in question is 16 years old and had not held a panel prior, so she was nervous. She was also unprepared for questions pertaining to LGBTQIA+ issues since her panel was intended to focus on cis sexism since that’s what she knew about from experience.

She was asked about a trans character from a game that she hadn’t heard about and when the question “should we see more trans representation i games?” arrived, so did her mistake.

She meant to say that it’s not something that she think is going to happen any time soon since we’re still dealing with basic sexism in video games, but in her nervous state she messed up and said that we shouldn’t see it at all because of the basic sexism, rather than just talking about what to expect in our current gaming community.

I then asked her about the comment that was made by her group later in the day, which she admitted to having written. I explained what was transphobic about it and why the harassment she have been receiving, as wrong as it was, likely originated from it.

She told me that she felt bad about that statement, as it was something she had written when she was angry and upset over the hateful comments she was getting over a misunderstood statement. She apologized over it, stating that she felt like an asshole having written what she did.

She’s not well educated on trans issues, she thought she was but admits that she was wrong in thinking so. She started her group in order to help people who had suffered the shit she had in games and realizes now she went in over her head.

She has deleted the Nerds Wants Equality Facebook page, she’s not going to go back into activism for a while, as she feels she wasn’t ready for it after what went down in the last 24 hours.

I don’t think she’s a bad person, she’s just a nervous teenager who happened to misspeak and then had the world fall down on her. She said things that were wrong, but she owned up to them and she was eager to listen when I explained what she had said that was wrong.

For the sake of her privacy I’m not going to post the actual conversation we had, but rather I’ll stick to this summary as well as my original write-up on Twitter.