Description :
An entry for the “No More 8-Bit” Contest, but also I wanted to draw fan-art of Catalie and Pawstin anyways so yea >w> because it was more the latter (‘though the prizes are kinda really awesome :3c) I didn’t go for creativity as much as I could have, just wanted to try out stuff and all that :3

Unrelated to the contest - I think I’d be fine doing lineart+no-shade coloring later - - - much later but nonetheless later for commissions


This here is my contest entry for missbutlerart’s and alllevelsatonce’s contest for No More Eight Bit fan art! I did a little Cave Story themed entry featuring Catalie and Pawstin roaming throughout Cave Story’s Blood Stained Sanctuary stage dressed up as Curly Brace and Quote. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy!

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