Meet Suzi Q Kitty from Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue in San Francisco, who’s a little shy and a lotta sweet!

She likes burrowing in blankies, exploring the spaces under furniture (you never know what pawsome things you might find!), and all string or noodle-shaped toys she can bap her paws at – including her own tail! #neverbored

She HATES being cold, or when her foster brother steals her food. #unfair

In fact, even though she’s grateful and her foster moms are nice, she really would like to say goodbye forever to her food-stealing foster bro and find a home where she can completely relax and let her guard down! 

We bet YOU know a place like that, hint hint? And if not, can you reblog her, because you never know who might see it! #powerofsocialmedia

Email her friend to arrange a meeting – Suzi says, bring food!

Sketchy expression practice. I used screenshots from Miraculous Ladybug. I’m soooo obsessed about this show. Really obsessed xD The hair is sooo unfinished, but I don’t have enough time… :’(  Have a pawsome day ;) or night in my case

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