paws screen


Sorry if this is making the rounds but it’s just too good

It’s hard to tell by the photo, but my TV has a really amazing image, it’s spectacular. And anything filmed in HD comes across amazingly vivid on the screen. The depth and detail is wonderful. And Emmie, my cat, seems to have really just noticed it. She was actively watching it. She reacted to exciting parts, including a Great White Shark breaching through the water with a sea lion in its mouth with curious head movement and bobbing, ears forward, and generally non-threatened but curious body language. When she was at the screen, she pawed at it when she saw small birds. 

Sorry to gush about her, but her behavior is fascinating! I’ve never seen this before in her! Now she’s watching the cranes and is very interested (purring too, she keeps pausing to cuddle me).

#215 Younow dog

(Lol @ that title)

Dan: He was sat at his desk as usual on a Tuesday night, waffling to his live show. Earlier in the week, your sister had told you that her dog had puppies, and since you and Dan already really wanted a dog, you figured why not.

“Hey Dan?” You peaked your head in, holding the small pup where he couldn’t see him.

“It was- yeah?” He turned around.

“I got you a thing and you have to promise that you love it,” you said in a child-like tone.

“Al..right?” He raised an eye brow. You set down the dog on the floor and it scrambled over to Dan.

“Oh my g- I can’t believe this!” He beamed. “Hello baby! Say hi!” He picked up the dog and waved its paw at the screen.

Phil: Both of you had wanted to get a dog forever, and when you found a box with a puppy in it, you knew you had to take it. It was a little risky but you knew if Phil heard the story he would give in.

“Hey Phil? I have a bit of a surprise,” you called out nervously.

“I’m in the lounge! On younow,” he called back.

You stopped. You didn’t want to give the dog to him on the liveshow- what if he didn’t want it? What if he reacted badly?

“Ok, don’t be mad, but I found this in a box on the street and it’s cold outside and I felt so bad so can we keep it?” You rushed.

“A dog? Y/n!” He laughed. “Let me see it.” You handed it to him. “I guess it is pretty cute. Hello sweet heart!” The dog began licking Phil’s hand.