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8 Feb 2017

Plagg and I have come to… an arrangement.

Mostly because I can’t NOT feed him, and killing him is im-paw-sible it seems… (the microwave didn’t even phase him… mostly cause he phased through the door before I could even program the thing!)

So. The arrangement

Apparently, Plagg has noticed my attention straying to a specific part of Ladybug’s anatomy whenever I am transformed… mostly because whatever I look at, he has to look at as well.

Which I find to be karmic justice, since whatever cat-like tendencies he has I HAVE AS WEL—getting off topic…

So, the bottom-line is, if I can figure out who Ladybug is by the end of the week just by looking at her bottom-line…
…then Plagg will eat nothing but mozzarella cheese sticks for the next month. No more stinky camembert for a whole 30 days.

…if I can’t…I’ll have to get him two wheels of the monstrous odorous cheese, and stay off the LadyBlog for a month.
This is going to be too easy.

-Adrien No-If-Ands-or-Butts-About-It Agreste

2013 Tank Garage Winery “All or Nothing” Red

It’s Super Bowl LI, people! All or nothing! Macerated black cherries, blueberries, boysenberries, cassis, Bonne Maman  mixed berry preserves, vanilla extract, and a hint of coconut crème on the nose. Fresher on the palate with loads of blackberries, boysenberries, blueberries, and a dusting of cinnamon. Well-balanced so you don’t feel the alcohol. Just put your paws up ‘cause you were born this way, baby!

4/5 bones


Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Petit Sirah, Carignan

14.7% abv

Napa, California, USA


the good boy!!!!!!!! he’s very soft and friendly. he’s like a dad even though no one knows how old he actually is, he could be like…15, who knows
He’s strong and gentle…will climb trees to get u the best fruit at the top. his tail is always swaying happily, he’s v good. his tongue is long and blue, all his insides n flesh is blue (except for his paw pads, cause they’re all calloused). will give plenty of nice kisses and grooms
basically a dog bear

rhodiedodie  asked:

Hi I do have a question about extra toes... I have one older cat (18 yrs) and he's the first cat we had with an extra toe on his front paws, often the claws on these toes would grow into his paw and cause infection. Then our other cat (3 yrs) when he went into to get fixed, the vet offered to remove the claw from only his extra toe and we said yes because our previous experience with Elvis was so painful for everyone. Is he in pain? I would have filed his nails but I was a child and couldn't !

If his behavior has changed, then he could be in pain. Sometimes removing the claw from extra toes is medically appropriate for polydactl cats, but I don’t really have enough information to say for this case if it needed to be done. Observe him and feel the toe occasionally to make sure nothing is regrowing, and I wouldn’t worry too much if he’s not being weird about it. 

you’re so pretty (but why am I like this?)

jikook, pg13 // college au, nerd!jimin & popular kid!kook, to be crossposted to ao3

a/n: this is 100000% self-indulgent fluff because i’m just so goddamn deprived ; u ; comments are very very much appreciated and if you have to know, jimin has sweater paws & rounded glasses somewhere along this fic (cause it looks so good on him gdi) akakjkjskadksshfgha!!! also @kitsune-no-ko come cry with me && sorry this is so late!!

is that where your heart lies? because my arrow keeps missing your target.

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aairachnid  asked:

I just got Rayquaza on my Moon game and I'm just thinking to myself "This is a god of the sky and it keeps peace between the other gods. And I'm gonna pet it and give it beans."

Poke Refresh is the greatest gift we’ve ever been blessed with tbh

[1D] Meowments Like This

Title: Meowments Like This
Ship: Larry/Ziall
Genre: fluff, domestic au, kittens, fluff, more fluff and kitten paws, there’s nothing more tbh
Rating: General Audience (or T cause i think there’s a swear somewhere?)
Word count: ~2k
Summary: Harry adopts a kitten, Louis is not amused but, in fact, he is and Zayn just wants to sleep.
A/N: As @lepetitcomte already mentioned, we’re celebrating the one week anniversary of @ifheartscouldfly ‘s birthday but i’m of course late! So… I’ve did a thing. It was ready last week but then Jules came up with the idea of extending the party! How great she is, really? Big love for her for this and also for being my beta (as always) (  ^u^)
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komorebichii  asked:

switcheroo! (finger guns)

welcome to chb || accepting

                  son of aristaeus

Aristaeus is a Greek divinity whose worship was widespread but the myths of whom concern are somewhat obscure. He was essentially a benevolent deity; he introduced the cultivation of bees and the vine and olive and was the protector of herdsmen and hunters.

According to the generally accepted account, Aristaeus, son of Apollo and the nymph Cyrene, was born in Libya but later went to Thebes, where he received instruction from the Muses in the arts of healing and prophecy

you said diligence and loyalty are important character traits. in Aegean mythos dating back to as early as the Minoans, though also found throughout the Near East, bees were symbolic of oracle and were seen alongside animals such as the griffon to symbolize the other, immortal, plane of existence. they are creatures true to their home in all aspects and will fight to protect their queen. in later Greek mythology Aristaeus is the god of bee-keeping and other important aspects of agriculture/animal husbandry important to both the upkeep of society and within a mythological sense. as they are important to the continuation of society, and require a good deal of diligence to keep up, he is often associated with persistence and hard work.

Oversized Fluff Ball

Imagine a pocket-sized you glancing from the top of an upside-down cup as you watch Hoseok craft together a sweater just for you. You told him that he didn’t have to spend his time creating a sweater for you; you already have an abundance of clothing. However, Hoseok insisted that he make use of the skills he spent so many hours learning. Where he learned these skills, you still wonder to this moment.

Hoseok finishes after an hour or so, and you wait in anticipation to see his creation. Making a 45 degree turn, he asks you to raise your arms. After doing as he says, Hoseok covers you entirety with knitted fabric, a wave of instant warmth enveloping you. As he leans back to look you over, he realizes his mistake; he definitely took your measurements incorrectly. The sweater engulfs your body and much of the sweater pools at your feet due to its large size. Your arms aren’t even visible under the sweater paws that Hoseok unintentionally caused.

Scratching his head, Hoseok asks if you’d like him to fix the size for you, but you shake your head immediately, coming to love the way to sweater warms you up like a blanket. You jump off of the cup and land softly on the table Hoseok was working on, the ends of the sweater cushioning your fall. You scurry away to show off your new garment to the other members, but not before suddenly tripping on the fabric near your feet.

You fall face flat on the extra fabric, so no damage is done. The rapper abruptly stands, ready to help you up; you plopped down so quickly that he worries you hurt your face. Pushing your your body up, you wave your sweater paws in the air to tell Hoseok that you’re fine. Sighing, he gathers your sweater-covered body in his hands and begins to walk towards the other members’ rooms, realizing that there wasn’t any way that you were going to make it without tripping on the oversized sweater again.

anonymous asked:

@Rocky: Ok, Sol chickened out. But as may have heard they're already started teasing him about Hope. Your job is to put your ninja raccoon skills to use and switch the Connie and Novy dolls. Failing that you need to attach these word balloon stickers to the dolls. The one for the Novy doll says 'I 💝 Conner' and the one for the Connie dolls reads 'Nova, want to go on a date?'. These ahould get them flustered enough to leave Sol (and by inclusion you) alone for awile.

Rocky: *chuckles evilly rubbing her paws together before realizing that could cause Nova distress. Rocky sighs and shakes her head before slinking off. 

The beasts rampage (closed starter )

It was around midnight when the creature struck , it was massive wolf monster covered in thick brown fur with yellow eyes ,that on its hind legs towered over most of the building in the city the footfalls of its paws causing small tremors .

It crouched downward taking a sniff of the air and giving a deep growl as it watched the people on the ground scatter away frantically like frightened
Mice , it gave chase to a few of them though it seemed as though it couldn’t decide just about wanted to pick off , well that is until it spied a rather strange sight .