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Dog Person [a Barry Allen imagine]

Request: Can you do a Barry imagine we’re his gf is a werewolf and he and the team ask to see her shift into a wolf and barry is trying not to be super giddy (because he is a dog person and no one can tell me otherwise)

a/n: he totally is a dog person /requests closed right now/

Barry’s elbows rest on the metallic desk, fingers curled underneath his chin. A broad smile stretches across his slender face, creating little dimples in his cheeks. Sighing, you frown at how excited the team is; I mean, Cisco’s practically pulling a fangirl moment, waving his hands in front of his chest, and Caitlin is almost jumping up and down. You never should’ve opened your mouth, you realize this now.

Reluctantly, you morph into your wolf form; sleek black fur covering your little body, eyes shifting to a bright electric blue. A squeal leaves your boyfriend, surprising the rest of the team (especially Wally; he’s like ‘wtf?’). His notorious black and white converses pad to where you squat, gray hoodie sleeves pulled over his knuckles, which are in front of his face.

There’s a string of noises from him, followed by a small giddy yelp. Oh my god, your boyfriend is adorable! “She’s a wolf!” he squeaks, peering behind him, face scrunched up. “You’re a wolf!” Barry exclaims, flapping his arms around. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my GOD! This is amazing! Can I hold you?! I’m gonna hold you.”

You’re suddenly scooped up in his arms, pressed firmly against his soft pullover hoodie, paws folded up in the air. If you were in human form, you would be laughing hysterically. “You’re so cute! With your lil…nose and eyes and paws!” Barry giggles, green eyes squinted in happiness as he sways back and forth. Deciding to have some fun, you lick his cheek, making him yelp and giggle harder.

Cisco comes closer, “I wanna pet her too, dude!” he beams, sticking out one of his tan hands.

“No!” Barry yells, shielding your body from the engineer. “She’s my girlfriend.” he pouts, carding his long fingers through your fur. You flinch, enjoying the feeling of him scratching behind your ear. It’s a dog thing.

Putting his hands up in surrender, Cisco steps back with Caitlin. “Touchy…” he mutters under his breath, tapping on the keyboard; Caitlin chuckles quietly.

Continuing to sway, Barry walks around the Cortex with you in his arms. (Wally watches, face twisted in confusion.) “My girlfriend is a werewolf… my girlfriend is a werewolf… this is the best day of my life!” the speedster coos in a sing-song voice, nuzzling his head in your fur. “I fucking love you.”

“Barry, we kind of, erm, need you?” Caitlin says awkwardly, pointing to the screen, “There’s a robbery on thirty”

“Wally can do it, right Kid Flash?” Barry hums, not even looking in his direction. With a nod, Wally is off. You have a feeling you aren’t changing back anytime soon.

FIC: A Bear Frets

Fandom: Critical Role
Characters: Trinket & Zahra Hydris
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,017
Summary: Trinket would do anything to protect Vex. If only she would pick more reasonably-sized foes. Zahra lends an ear to his worries.
Also on: AO3
Notes: For Critical Role Relationship Week. Takes place around episode 56. 

Mostly, the people Trinket travels with understand him.

Vex best of all, obviously. He doesn’t know her language—he doesn’t have a language of his own, not really, not the way she understands it—but he knows her, and she knows him. He understands the smallest quirks in her face, what the flick of her eyes means, every twitch of her fingers in midair, the fluctuation of her voice, even if the words are never clear. They’ve never needed language. They’ve always had each other.

But things are different, now, since the dragons came. More complicated than ever before. Trinket finds himself with feelings so snared and tangled that he can’t make sense of them, and, worse, he can’t convey them. Not even to Vex. They grow like a weight in his chest, ache like thorns in his paws, and he can’t shake free of them.

After the black dragon dies, though, and they return to Whitestone, Trinket catches a familiar scent in the air: Zahra.

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New Year is coming! :)

Are you ready for the New Year holidays?



serial killer!jungkook & detective!reader

summary; All of his life Jungkook felt nothing for anyone. He always felt empty. Until he saw them. And now he wants that emptiness back.

word count; 355

a/n; here’s a sequel to Void. bc i had a feeling some of you wanted to see more lmao. just a heads up, this might become a little series. you wanted it @fairyjoons you got it. :^)))))

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All Through The Night (Star Lord Reader Insert)

this one probably wasn’t that good but it was honestly so much fun to write. enjoy!———————————————————————————————————

“You should really come with us. It’ll be fun!” You were currently trying to get the man to come have some drinks with you and the rest of the Guardians.

“I can’t. I’m so close, I can feel it in my gut,” he elucidated, squinting even harder at the screen. Quill was sitting at the table, staring at the giant monitor as he had all day. While he insisted something was wrong on Morag, you assured him time and time again that everything was fine and that he just needs to relax. But, Peter was always stubborn and hard headed and refused to listen, so you decided it was best to let him wear himself out. You were getting a little worried, however, and walked over to him. Standing behind him, you leaned down and wrapped your arms around his neck, pressing your cheek to his.

“You’re working yourself way too hard, sweetie,” you warned. He chuckled lightly and rubbed your arms tenderly.

“I’m fine. Go have a good time.” You were still concerned for him, but you chose to let him work on his own. Giving him one final kiss on his scratchy facial hair, you released him from the embrace and strolled towards the exit. The rest of the group was already there waiting for you. “Keep an eye on her please. Seriously,” Quill called. You rolled your eyes and smiled. He was always a little too possessive of you and, to be honest, you were kind of surprised he’d even let you go out in the first place without his protection. Yes, on occasion, you have been known to have a little too much to drink but it was nothing you couldn’t take on your own.

“I can handle myself, Peter. I’m not a baby,” you assured him. Still, he sent a knowing look to the rest of the group members. You blew a kiss in his direction before hopping off the ship and onto the earth of the planet you were currently visiting.

At the actual bar, you immediately headed to the center to dance. Maybe you’d gotten it from Peter, but whenever music started playing, you couldn’t help yourself. It hadn’t even been 30 minutes and Rocket, Drax, and Groot were already tipsy and making bets. Gamora was sitting in the corner and had already broken about 3 guys’ arms for trying to coax her. You tried to get her to dance, but it only ended in a harsh no. Although, when she wasn’t looking, you watched her sway gently to the heavy beat.

When you finally thought it was time for drinks, you went pretty hard. Shots, vodka soda, some weird purple thing, and just about anything with hard liquor in it. You had a cycle: drinks, dancing, repeat.

By now, you were so drunk that you hadn’t even realized some gross stranger was grinding up on you until you felt sweaty hands on your hips. So with one swift knee to the groin, you left the man clutching his privates and headed towards to door to get some air and cleanse yourself of the disgusting person.

“Hey,” a voice slurred. You turned to see Rocket lying on a tabletop with his small feet hanging off the edge. “You can’t go anywhere. Lover Boy said we have to keep an eye on you.” He drunkenly flung his limbs around and eventually let them fall in a slump. Waving him off, opened the door and felt the cool breeze of the outdoors.

“I’m fine, I’ll be right back. I’m just going to get some fresh air,” you promised. After standing out in front of the building for 15 minutes watching intoxicated people stumble out and breathing in air that was tainted by smoke or alcoholic odor, your stomach started growling. ‘Food would be fucking amazing right about now.’ Your mind wandered off to lands filled with tasty treats until it was unbearable to go another moment without some form of sustenance. And with that, you staggered off into the night in search of it.


The ships door opened and closed with a loud thud, pulling Peter out of his trance. There were faint rumbles and the sound of things being knocked over. Quill just rolled his eyes and waited for you to enter his bunk and kiss him and try to get in his pants, only to have him put you to bed like a little child. But after 10 minutes without any sight of you, Peter was genuinely confused. He got up and walked towards the kitchen, for he knew you always like to eat after some heavy drinking. But you weren’t in the kitchen. Or the bathroom. Or your bunk. So after searching around the ship twice and even three times, the anxiety started to flow over him. Quill walked to Rocket’s bunk, his footsteps heavy and his heart racing with worry.

“Hey, where is she?” he asked, trying to lower the panic in his tone. The small raccoon groaned loudly and sat up on his bed rubbing his temples.

“You’re going to have to be more specific.” Peter was quickly tired of his sarcasm. It was definitely not the time.

“The other female who lives here and who just so happened to be out with you and is now not present on the ship. Enough already, where is she?”

Rocket sighed, but didn’t answer, looking at the floor with his paws now folded together. Quill immediately started getting more nervous, his heart rate picking up even faster now.

“Where. Is. She?” he asked again, jaw tightly clenched. Once again, Rocket was quiet. “ROCKET!” Peter yelled.

“I DON’T KNOW!” he snapped back. Quill’s breathing was heavy and his chest heaved with anger. He should’ve known better than to trust a group of idiots to look after you. How do you lose a woman?!

“What happened?!” Quill’s voice was at a shouting level now. But how he could remain calm when you were missing? The worst thoughts started tumbling through his mind. On a planet as scummy as this one, you could’ve been taken. Or worse, dead. Oh God, the ideas of you being in trouble were killing him slowly.

“Look, she said she was going out to get some fresh air and that’d she be right back and she never came back.”

“So you didn’t go look for her?!” Peter’s eyes blazed with fury, his skin hot and his teeth gritted.

“We looked everywhere for her!” He couldn’t listen to this anymore. Walking out into the cabin, Peter’s first instinct was to break things. He flipped chairs and tables, smashed dishes, knocked things off shelves, kicked and punched everything in sight. The whole thing would be a mess to clean up tomorrow, but he didn’t care. Gamora rushed out and grabbed his shoulders before he could destroy anything else. But he shook her off roughly, his rage fueling his adrenaline and continued on his rampage. Then, a much stronger Drax came out, grabbing him and throwing him to the ground.

“You must calm yourself!” the tough brute said harshly. Peter got up, brushing himself off and pushed past all of them bitterly, grabbing his infamous leather jacket.

“Where are you going?” Gamora hollered after him. But the door to the ship had already slammed shut and he was off into the night.


“Ma’am, are you ready yet?” the cashier asked, obviously pissed. You’d spent 10 minutes staring at the giant menu above the register. So many options. “Ma’am?”

“Shut up, alright? I’m deciding…” you snapped. Currently at 24 hour eatery, you were aggravating the shit out of a guy. The rest of the restaurant was empty and the fluorescent lights flickered ominously. But you didn’t care how sketchy this place was, food was a major priority and it was the only thing open. Deciding among the small variety of greasy foods, another 5 minutes went by before you picked something called a “Loaded Sandwich”.

“That’ll be 15 units,” the cashier said glumly. Your eyebrows knitted together in pure astonishment.

“I’m sorry, 15 units?! For that piece of shit?! I demand a lower price!” you argued. Your voice was loud and echoed throughout the store, as the alcohol had made you completely plastered.

“Lady, you either need to calm down or leave.” You smacked your hands against the cold countertop, getting right in the kids’ face.

You need to get to the kitchen and make me a sandwich!”

“Do you have 15 units?” he retorted, obviously trying to keep his cool.


“Well, then I can’t make you a sandwich.”

“I just want a sandwich, man. I’m so fricken’ hungry,” you whined.





“LOOK, IF I MAKE YOU A SANDWICH, WILL YOU GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE?!” the cashier screamed back. You backed up, surprised at the sudden outburst.


“FINE!” Storming off to the kitchen, the cashier got to work. Because you were so heavily intoxicated, you started chanting “Loaded Sandwich” as he continued cooking. The scent of the food was filling your nostrils and your mouth was watering uncontrollably.

“Hurry it up in there, son. I ain’t getting any younger,” you called, laughing to yourself. God damnit, you were so funny. Cashier Carl mumbled something to himself, but you were too focused on the smell. What the hell is in that? Heaven?

About 2 minutes later, Cashier Carl came out with the sandwich wrapped in paper and on a disposable plate. You cheered and whooped obnoxiously, seeing a little grin playing at his lips.

“Oh my word, is that a smile I see?” you giggled, putting your hand on your chest dramatically. He immediately put back on his serious facade.

“You got your food, now go.” He pointed towards the door and you started unwrapping your sandwich, peeling back the paper.

“Hold on, my good sir. I gotta test out the product first,” you explained, sticking your finger in his face. The sandwich was pretty huge, so you took a big bite out of it. The flavor was so delicious and made your taste buds tingle. It was spicy and tangy, and the bread was nice and crunchy. You had no idea what was in it, but wow, it was definitely one of the best things you’d ever consumed.

“Oh fuck, that is good. Gold star for you,” you spoke, with your mouthful and you started sucking on your fingers. Another smile was starting to appear and you sent him a suggestive glance. He rolled his eyes and pointed toward the door again. “Okay, okay. I know when I’m not wanted.”

“Are you sure about that?” Cashier Carl asked sarcastically. But you ignored him and made your way towards the door, opening it and hearing the little bell.

“See ya later!” you waved childishly. And once again, you were gone.


Nowhere in sight. Peter had walked up and down streets, entered and left stores, and even returned to the bar on multiple occasion on the rare chance that maybe you’d returned. This was going to be harder, since not many places were open at this time, so you could’ve been anywhere. He was starting to get flustered with frustration, for the night was slowly turning into morning. It had been at least 2 hours now and still no luck. But then it occurred to Quill that maybe he needed to actually stop and think instead of blindly wandering through the city.

“Okay, so where would she go first?” he wondered out loud to himself. Then it hit him like a train. “Oh my God.” Peter started running in and out of the few operating food places near the bar, until he came into a weird looking place with creepy lights and an even creepier kid working the register.

“Can I help you?” the weird kid asked.

“Yeah, have you seen a girl about this tall. She’s got-” Peter started rambling.

“Look guy, I don’t know where your girlfriend is, okay? The only person that came in here was some drunk chick who kept screaming until I gave her a free sandwich.” Quill grinned and threw his head back, letting out a huge sigh.

“Yes, that’s her!” Peter exclaimed excitedly. “Do you know which direction she went?” The kid pointed towards the window and to the left and Peter quickly ran out of the store, hoping to catch up with you.


The breeze was so nice. The heat from the spice of the sandwich was making you sweat a little bit. You still weren’t even halfway through it, the thing was so big. Ha, that’s what she said. You kicked your feet back and forth, listening to the water rush underneath you.

It probably wasn’t the safest place to be sitting, on the ledge of a bridge with a dangerous sewage river underneath, but you felt so free. If you closed your eyes, it was almost like you were flying. Like a bird with an awesome sandwich and a tight dress. Then you felt the air against the skin of your right foot.

“Oh shit,” you whispered, watching one of your heels fall into the water with a ploosh. Shrugging, you kicked off your other shoe and let it land in the river, returning to your sandwich.

“THERE YOU ARE, JESUS CHRIST!” a familiar voice shouted. You whipped your head around until you saw Peter running towards you.

“Star Lord, my hero! Come sit with me,” you patted a spot next to you.

“How ‘bout we get off the bridge before we fall?” he spoke softly. You set your food down, swung your legs over, and hopped down to the ground. He grabbed your face and checked you over, his eyes filled with fret. “Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

“I am honestly so great right now,” you explained enthusiastically. Laughing lightly, he pressed his lips to yours. The kiss was deep as if he hadn’t seen you in 10 years. After about a minute or two, he let you face go and released a deep breath.

“I was so worried about you.” You poked him in the chest and giggled.

“I told you I could handle myself.”

“Yeah, you are never drinking ever again,” he said seriously. “Are you ready to head back?”

Looking out on the water, you nodded slowly. He walked a few steps but your feet were glued to the ground.

“What’s wrong?” You squinted at the body of water.

“My shoes are gone.”

“Where’d they go?”

“In the river.” Quill let out a sigh and turned, crouching down a little.

“I’ll carry you.” You smiled widely and jumped up on his back, wrapping your arms around his neck. His strong hands locked under your thighs and you were on your way.

You and your valiant steed were halfway back to the ship when your eyes widened.

“Oh shit!” you gasped.


“I left my sandwich on the bridge,” you complained. It was such a bomb-ass sandwich too.

“I will personally get you another one later,” Peter helped, yawning slightly as the early streams of morning light peered over the horizon. You snuggled your face next to his, as you had just a few hours earlier.

“I love you so much.”


Kinda sorta inspired by @judylavernehopps‘s post here.

Contains some strong language and suggestive sin.

The light came on with a click, and Eddie Highspott winced at its harshness. He tried to shade his eyes with a paw, but found them unable to reach that high, stopped by a force that dug into his wrists. Looking down, he saw that he was cuffed to the table he had been seated at only a second ago.

“Wh-Whuh?” he stammered. “How did you-”

“My partner’s got quick feet,” came a voice from beyond the light. “Didn’t want you trying anything funny.”

“Your partner…?” Eddie squinted, trying to adjust his eyes, and slowly the form of the voice’s owner took shape.

The fox sitting across from Eddie had his legs crossed and propped up on the table, so that his feet were practically in Eddie’s face. He stretched his arms and folded his paws behind his head as he leaned back in his seat. Using the heel of his foot to teeter the chair back and forth on its back legs, he gave Eddie a sly grin, his half-lidded green eyes regarding the hyena with humor.

“She’s over there,” he said, nodding to Eddie’s right. “Say ‘Hi,’ Fluff.”

“Fluff” did not say “Hi,” but Eddie was introduced to her very well anyway, as he needed only to turn his head a fraction before realizing that his face was perhaps two inches away from that of a rabbit’s. Like the fox, she was seated with one leg crossed over the other, but instead of being seated at the end of the table, she had chosen to rest on what looked to be a sizable stack of textbooks, positioned just next to the hyena on the table. Hence, the reason she was close enough to startle him when his head turned.

“Jeez, lady!” he cried, flinching back as far as his cuffs would allow. Looking the bunny up and down, however, he felt his confidence return almost immediately. With a smirk, he said, “What, is this a joke?”

“Mm, afraid not, Eddie,” the fox said, sitting up straight. “See, you’re here because Officer Hopps and I need some information on the little vandalism problem that’s been troubling the fine folks living in your neighborhood.” He reached to his right and slid a manila folder in front of Eddie. “I’m gonna show you a few pictures, and all you have to do is answer my questions for me. Then, we’ll let you go. Sound easy?”

“What pictures?” the hyena grunted, not bothering to even question how the fox knew his name. His eyes flickered to the bunny on the book stack every few seconds. Her eyes stayed glued to him, and the glare she wore on her face, despite being that of a bunny, began to unnerve him.

The fox flipped the folder open and spread out several pictures in front of Eddie. He pointed at the first one, a shot of a graffiti-ridden wall. He tapped on the corner of the photo, indicating the image of Eddie himself, leaning against the wall. He asked, “This is you, right?”

Eddie sneered at the fox and replied without looking at the photo, “I don’t know. Picture’s blurry.”

The bunny beside him coughed to get his attention, but before she could do anything else, the fox held up a paw to stop her.

“Easy, Carrots, I’ve got this.”

At this, the hyena snorted. “’Carrots?’” he repeated, letting out a wheezing chortle. “You call her ‘Carrots?’”

“That’s right, Eddie, I do. Only I do.” He gestured to the next photo. “Now, if you could-”

But Eddie wouldn’t let it go. “What kind of a name is ‘Carrots?’”

“The nickname kind of name, the kind that friends like to use for one another, and trust me, bud, you and Carrots here are definitely not friends, so I’d suggest you quit it with the yucks and help me figure out what’s going on in these photos we’ve got here-”

“I ain’t helping you with any pictures, Fox.” Eddie leaned back, giving the fox a slimy grin. “And I sure ain’t helping your little bunny, either.”

The fox stared at him for a moment, looking more bored than annoyed with his uncooperative behavior. Then he sighed and slid the pictures back into the folder.

“Alright, listen,” he said, pulling the folder away from Eddie and towards himself. He leaned forward, paws folded on top of the folder, and continued, “There’s a lot we need to get through, and I don’t have the time to play any games, so I’ll make you a deal. You give me the info that I know you know, and she’ll stop doing it.”

Eddie frowned. “Doing what?”

The fox smiled, and his eyes flickered to the bunny. Without uttering a word, she uncrossed her legs, raised one of them up, and, channeling all of her strength into her leg muscles, brought it down against the back of Eddie’s head, slamming his muzzle into the unyielding metal of the table with a loud crunch.

The hyena yelped as pain exploded in his nose and through the whole of his face. His vision flashed pure white, then fizzled out into splotches of dull colors before the world around him came back into view. He reached up to massage his muzzle and check to see what damage the bunny had done, only to find himself yanked by the collar of his jean jacket so that he and his attacker were face-to-fearful face. Staring into her fiery violet eyes, he felt something deep in his gut that he’d never believed a bunny would have inspired in him: pure, primal terror.

“Listen here, you punk,” the bunny snarled. “If you think I give even a single shit what you think or feel, then you are dead fucking wrong. I see fuckwads like you in here every day, thinking they’ve got their lives all figured out before they’re even done with high school, when really the moment they don’t have any mommies or daddies to go back home to once it’s dark out they’re nothing but a blubbering mess of tears and failure. You think you can just come in here and disrespect me and my partner, you’ve got another fucking thing coming!” She yanked him closer, so close that their noses were practically touching. “Now listen here, you little shit, you’re going to hear what my partner has to say. You’re going to shut your fucking mouth and you’re not going to open it unless you’re fucking spoken to, and if I decide, or my partner decides, that what you tell us isn’t fucking good enough, then Jesus Capybara as my witness I will fucking end you. Do you understand me?

Eddie’s head went on vibrate, and she shoved him back into his seat, snarling, “Good.” She stood there, breathing hard, glaring at him like she might still try to tear him limb from limb. For a second, her breathing and the low hum of the table lamp were the only sounds in the room. Then the fox blurted:

“Judy, holy crap, that was amazing!”

The bunny turned, and suddenly the fierce, dominating warrior that had been towering over Eddie was gone, replaced by an adorable, bouncing bunny who squeaked, “Really, Nick?”

“Yeah, really!” The fox had changed as well, his cool demeanor replaced with that of a child who had just met his lifelong hero for the first time.

“Are you sure?” asked Judy, tugging on her ear and looking down at the desk. “Because I kind of thought I did a little too much cursing that time-”

Nick waved his hands and shook his head. “No no, babe, you were so good! Even I was a little scared of you!”

Judy blushed, wrung her paws together, and smiled at the fox. “Aww, Nicky…”

Then she bounced over to him and kissed him on the lips.

Eddie was confused.

“What.” He squinted at them, trying to understand what was happening. When they pecked their lips together again, his eyes went wide. “Wait a minute.” He did his best to point an accusatory claw at them, tugging at the chain of his cuffs. “You’re that pred-prey couple that stopped those animals going savage!”

“Hah! Told you he’d get it, Carrots!” Nick laughed. “Looks like somebunny owes me tomorrow morning’s coffee.” He tapped a finger on the bunny’s nose, making her pout at him.

Judy rolled her eyes and folded her arms. “Fine, you win.” Her pout dissolved into a sugary smirk. “But you know I would have gotten it for you anyway, sweetheart.”

He gave her a dopey smile, resting his head in his paws. “Yeah, I know, hun-bun.”

They touched their noses together, giggling, and Eddie gagged.

“Jee-zus, that’s disgusting!” he snarled, trying to edge away from the affectionate pair.

“Mm, maybe for you,” Nick hummed, nuzzling Judy’s neck. “I think it’s pretty nice.”

“How can you two even stomach looking at each other?” the hyena cried. “You’re, like, mortal enemies, or whatever!”

“Nick and I? Gosh, no,” Judy said. “I mean, we did kind of get off on the wrong foot when we met…” She snuggled against Nick, smiling into his neck as he wrapped an arm around her waist. “…but once I knew it was true love, I just couldn’t ever stay mad at him!”

“Aw,” Nick cooed, bending his neck so he could nuzzle her forehead with his muzzle. “Love you too, babe.”

Something in Eddie’s stomach curdled, and he spat, “How are you even allowed to be cops when you do shit like this?”

“Hmph!” Judy put her paws on her hips. “I’ll have you know you’re speaking to the two best officers in the entire ZPD.”

“She’s got ya there, Eddie,” Nick agreed, leaning forward and resting his head atop Judy’s. “And wouldn’t you know it, us being together is the whole reason why we’re the very best. Although, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t entirely because this little fluff-ball keeps me going every day…” He squeezed her hips, making her giggle.


“And hey,” he added, “just because we’re on duty doesn’t mean I can’t take a few seconds out of the day for this.”

He leaned down and started planting butterfly kisses up and down her neck and face. Judy responded by bursting into a fit of giggles, almost causing her to fall onto her back as Nick carried out his onslaught of affection.

Eee! Nick, stop it!” she squealed, trying to push the fox’s muzzle away to no avail. She nearly stumbled into the lamp beside them before Nick pulled her into an embrace and they both cuddled against one another, giggling.

The gooey display made something in the back of Eddie’s brain snap, and he dragged his claws across his face, groaning, “Enough. Just let me go already! Whatever you need, I’ll do it, as long as I can get the hell away from this place!”

Nick’s ear twitched, and he did his best to stifle his laughter. “Sounds like a plan to me, Eddie. We’ll just go ahead and bring in our other officers who are working on this case. They’ve got the rest of the evidence you can help them with.”

Eddie grinned hysterically. “Yes, please! Send someone else in!”

“Alright, alright, don’t get too excited.” Nick stood up, and pulled Judy into his arms, setting her off giggling again. “C’mon, babe, let’s go get McHorn and Delgato in here.” He nuzzled the tips of their noses together, and headed for a large door at their end of the room, carrying her bridal style. She looked back at Eddie over his shoulder and gave a small wave.

“Bye!” she sang, giving a beaming, gushy smile that made him wish she was still threatening to murder him.

Nick opened the door and stepped out into the hallway beyond the interrogation room. The moment the door shut, he let Judy slide out of his arms and back onto the floor. She straightened herself out and dusted off her uniform as Nick turned to look at the rhino and lion sitting a few feet away from them.

“There you go, boys,” he said, slipping a pair of sunglasses out of his shirt pocket and putting them on. “He’s all ready for ya.”

“He really is,” McHorn said, staring at a monitor showing the inside of the interrogation room. “I think you might have driven him insane. He’s laughing alone in there.”

“Geez, and I thought I was good at scaring dumb teenagers,” Delgato murmured, scratching his jaw.

“Sorry it took so long,” Judy interjected. “Nick was being a little greedy with the ‘cuddle time.’” She made air quotes with her fingers and nodded at the fox beside her.

“Don’t act like you don’t love it when I do that,” he replied.

“Take those sunglasses off, we’re inside,” she retorted. “Dumb fox.”

Nick merely chuckled before flipping the sunglasses up onto his forehead.

“How did you know that’d work?” Delgato asked, leaning back in his seat.

“It always does, with these kinds of criminals,” Judy answered. “All it takes is a simple search through records, see whether or not their crimes have any sort of focus on predator-prey relationships, and you go from there.” She pointed to the monitor. “The kid’s graffiti was always anti-interspecific rhetoric, so all we needed was a little predator-prey affection right in his face, and he’s an open book.”

McHorn smirked at the bunny. “Must be the easiest job in the world, showing off your boyfriend to get criminals talking.”

Both Nick and Judy snorted at this.

“Yeah right,” Nick chuckled.

“We hate it when couples act all mushy in front of others,” Judy explained. “It’s annoying.”

“You have no idea how hard it is for me to say the phrase ‘hun-bun’ with a straight face.”

“We wouldn’t be caught dead actually saying that garbage to each other.”

They both laughed, and so didn’t notice the look and smirks exchanged between McHorn and Delgato.

Sure, Hopps,” the latter replied. “Good work, you two.”

“Yeah, we really appreciate it,” McHorn chimed in.

“Hey, no problem, boys,” Nick said, turning to leave. “Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have a lunch break to enjoy. C’mon, ‘babe.’”

Judy snorted again and teased, “Sure thing, ‘Nicky.’” She turned to McHorn and asked, “If you guys need any more help on this case, just give me a call, okay?”

McHorn rolled his eyes and smiled. “Yeah, yeah, Hopps, we will.” He held out his fist for Judy to bump. “Have a good lunch.”

Her paw met his, and she thanked him. Then she walked off with Nick, down the hall and around a corner at its end.

They headed towards the stairs that lead back up to the main floor of the department. As they walked, Judy considered their little interrogation method, and said, “You know, I still think the cursing’s a little excessive. Not sure why I have to do it that way every time when the important part’s the flirting.”

Nick adjusted his sunglasses on his forehead. “Mm? Oh, you don’t have to every time. I just think you’re hot when you’re angry.”

She shot him a dirty look, but couldn’t help smirking at his admission. “And the cursing?”

“Reminds me of our weekends together.”

Judy’s face turned a violent shade of crimson, and she turned away so he wouldn’t see it, bringing up a paw to scratch at a fake itch on her cheek. A plethora of memories bubbled up in her mind, and she chastised herself for letting him get to her so easily. She cleared her throat and turned back to retort at Nick, but when she looked at him she found him staring at her already, and it made her hesitate. He took the opportunity to flash her his fangs in a smile and wink, and the warmth that flooded her body at that moment disconnected any wires in her brain that allowed her to form a multiple-word sentence. Instead, she laughed, lamely and nervously, and the two officers continued towards the stairs in silence.

“…Wanna quickie in the records office before we go get lunch?” Nick asked.

“Oh my god, yes,” Judy breathed, and grabbed his paw in hers, yanking him down a hall towards their awaiting secret space.

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The large house’s silence was broken by Jace’s arrival; of course, all the small demons had been warned, but having others in their space was still alarming. Princess Leia, aptly nicknamed Princess, sat on a small cushion in the living room, his small paws folded as he peeked at the door from under fluffy white curls and blinked slowly. A few others repeated the action, namely Angel, an equally tiny demon with dark, lavender tinted skin and huge black eyes with long lashes, whose hair ran in black rivulets down their back, and Honey, a tan skinned demon with fluffy blond curls and violet eyes. They all studied Jace curiously from under their small wings and blinked. “Hello.”


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“You broke into my apartment drunk thinking it was your friend’s house and I should call the cops but my cat kinda likes you so we’re good” AU - Blaine breaking in accidentally but it's not just Kurt's cat that takes a liking to Blaine lets be real here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Klaine Bingo : Yes

The first time Kurt wakes up, he tries to forget it and go back to sleep.


Kurt hears Dinah in his sleep, sure, but he liked being asleep.

It fits his dream quite well, too, so he doesn’t see a reason to worry.

Dinah is a big girl, she can take care of herself and whatever is puzzling her in the middle of the night.

It’s the male voice that mimics her mewls that completely awakens him.

“Meow, meow, who’s a pretty–” a hiccup “–pardon me. Who’s a pretty kitty, yes it’s you, yes indeed …”

Kurt sits up and grabs his phone and the bluntest, nearest thing available–his copy of Sondheim’s biography, perfect–and slowly walks up to his bedroom’s door.

“Hold on. Since when does Santana have a cat?” The stranger muses and Kurt frowns.

There is a S. Lopez on the floor above him, is that–?

“Oh, I’m sure she just couldn’t resist your big eyes.”


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