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Have Yourself a Merry Leo Christmas

Merry Christmas Admin O. Sorry I broke you. (But I’m not even actually sorry).

You wandered aimlessly down the street; kicking snow with your heeled ankle boots. It was cold and snowing miserably, but you just plodded along. It had been forty minutes since you left your friend’s party without a word. You’d tried so hard to pretend to enjoy yourself, but when your ex-fiancée of barely a month walked in and introduced himself as you friend’s boyfriend you were done. You walked out without a word. The cheating bastard tried to blame you, but you guessed it was your fault, at least the split was - Once a cheater always a cheater. You could feel that carefully crafted curls starting to droop under the weight of the snow melting on your hair and you were sure that your mascara was down your cheeks from the hot tears that now froze on your face. No one had even noticed that you’d left. You felt hurt that they didn’t tell you about their relationship, that he had betrayed you, that no one cared enough to ask how you were getting home. You were almost there; it took you nearly an hour to walk home from work each day, so this was nothing, but the cold made you numb and your earmuffs did nothing to keep you warm. All you wanted was some spiked cocoa and your heated blanket. Who needed friends anyway? You kicked another snow bank, why did the holidays always have to suck so much?

You entered your apartment and were greeted by a ball of fur nearly knocking you over. “Hello to you, too, Marni” you said as you patted your shepherd on the head. You gave her a deep hug, until she wriggled free; animals always made you feel better. You looked around your bare apartment and sighed. You hadn’t felt like decorating at all. “Come on girl, lets go for a walk. Its sad here.” You clipped on her leash and headed to the park. At least the trees were pretty and lit, some beauty to cheer you up after the social disaster tonight was. Being in the park was like a wonderland of white and blue lights that took you away from the fact that you were alone for the holiday. You’d planned to spend it with… him and ended up too late and broke to get plane tickets home and of course there was no one to watch Marni for you. You unhooked Marni’s leash and watched as she jumped through the snow playing. You cracked a smile as she shoved her face in the snow, spluttered and shook. She was yipping and dancing in circles for a few minutes before she took off unexpectedly. “Marni!” You yelled after her, struggling to run through the snow in heels. She’d never run from you before.

You were running so hard towards her bark that you didn’t even realize that the ground was pure ice in front of you until you went down. You felt your ankle twist as you went down and sat down hard on the icy ground. Marni came rushing over to lick your face as the tears came running down from the pain. “What?… Are you okay?” A soft, hesitant voice broke through the curtain of pain. This must be why Marni ran off, she heard someone else in the park. You used your coat sleeve to sop up the tears on your face and let out a breath that ended in a pathetic hiccup. “No, no I’m not okay! All I wanted was some alone time to get over the fact that my life sucks, my ex-fiancée is with my best friend and I’m alone on freaking Christmas and now! Now, I can’t even walk because my dog ran off and my ankle is sprained!” You turned your face up as you yelled in frustration to be met with the most angelic face you’d ever seen. In frustration and anger you burst into another fit of tears. He regarded you silently for a moment before kneeling down on the ice to examine your ankle. You tried to pull it back in protest, but he had a firm grip on your leg and swiftly removed your boot. Marni sat next to you and you swiftly hooked her leash. You tried to stand before he could remove your sock, using Marni as support, yanking your foot away, but quickly lost balance and fell into the stranger who was still holding your boot. A shot of pain went up your leg and you yelped, nearly going down again, but the stranger caught you just in time to hold you up by your arms – keeping you at a distance before releasing you. ”I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have yelled at you like that, you were only trying to help. I’m just having a really bad year.” He regarded you quietly as you attempted to bow and put your shoe on at the same time. You tried to take another step but failed again and again you felt a warm hand support you, this time from your elbow. “My name is Leo, let me help.” He gently took the leash from your hand; Marni didn’t seem to mind at all. This was odd considering she was normally not stranger friendly. She had never warmed up to your ex-fiancée and you’d been with him for two years. You leaned your weight on him and took a few steps forward. It hurt, but it was tolerable, especially since you were so cold and wet you had forgotten what your feet felt like ten minutes ago anyway. The two of you limped your way to the path out of the park, towards your apartment. Leo kept looking at you from the side with a concerned expression until you reached a small coffee kiosk. “Sit” You didn’t really have a choice as he pretty much plopped you down on a bench after swiping it clean of snow. He handed you the leash and disappeared for a few moments. When he came back he had a cup of hot cocoa. “Drink this, you’re cold” You couldn’t deny how cold you were, “Why are you being so nice to me, I’ve been nothing but awful to you?” You took the cup from him; the warmth on your bare fingers was scalding. “Thank you. My name is _____, I don’t think I told you that before.” He nodded in acknowledgement and ruffled Marni’s fur. She nestled between his and your legs comfortably. Quietly he removed his leather gloves, it was only now that you noticed he was wearing a long peacoat that fit his body like it was tailored for him. He reached over slowly and deliberately to take your free hand and he slid his glove on it. He did the same with the other as he took the cup from you and placed it on the bench. You blushed crimson. “Thanks,” It comes out a whispered murmur. He has the cutest smirk, but you can see his cheeks turning pink in embarrassment.

You shyly picked up the cocoa and took a sip. It was the perfect temperature. Leo scratched the back of his head nervously and abruptly stood up. He paced a few steps away as if to leave, but turned back quickly when Marni whined. She put her nose between her paws and whined again. Your ankle had gone back to smarting something awful in those few minutes and she was sensitive to your pain. She had been trained as a therapy dog to help care for your grandmother. Leo bent down in front of you and patted Marni on the head, “What’s wrong?” He started talking to her quietly, asking if she was cold or hurt or tired. You couldn’t help but smile at the sweetness. She picked up her head and nudged it under your hand, an urge for you to pet her and assure that you were okay. You patted her gently, “It’s okay girl”.  She whined again softly and stood, a message to go home. “Wait,” Leo was still kneeling and his eyes seemed to look straight through your soul. He smoothly turned around, “Get on”.  You were glad he wasn’t looking at you, because as you leaned forward to grasp his shoulders the blush on your face blossomed into a full on fire. He was built. Your thighs clasped around his midsection and you could feel the powerful ripple of muscles through his back as he slid into a standing position and simultaneously took Marni’s leash again. “Marni, home” you commanded, she grabbed the leash in her mouth and tugged lightly, leading Leo on the way to your apartment. Every movement he made cause another wave of blush to hit you as you felt his muscles contract and expand under your limbs. It was an agonizing ten minutes home, but not because of your ankle. You were nearly panting from the way he kept shifting under you and the smooth glide of his muscles. The stairs were the worst, and the best.  Marni opened the door with a practiced twist of her paws and let the three of you into the apartment. Leo deposited you gently on the couch and made his way to the kitchen. “You don’t have to…” Your voice trailed off as you watched his form from behind. His form coming towards you was even better.

He reached down to put an icepack on your ankle, but you had forgotten about the pain. He was so close to you, you could feel the heat radiating from him. His angelic features concentrated on easing your pain. He went to change positions as you bent down, your lips brushed against each others. He turned red, “S..S..sorry” He tried to scramble backwards abruptly, but the coffee table was in the way. “I didn’t mind” Your own cheeks flushed a similar color. You slid off the couch to kiss him again. He was hesitant and sweet, but fell into the rhythm quickly. His hand caressed your face and he spread his long fingers into your hair. His other hand tentatively slid down your body to rest on your hip. His tongue brushed your mouth gently as he begged for entrance. You parted your lips and let his tongue work its magic with your own. A shiver ran down your spine as his hand slid beneath your shirt. You grasped his muscular arms as he shifted to be on top of you. His mouth worked its way down your neck to the soft spot of your collarbone. You grasped desperately at his shirt, but he didn’t seem to get the idea until you began to tug it forcefully over his head. Oh God, this man was built. You ran your hand over his taught muscles and felt them contract under your cool fingers. In a brief moment of freedom from his onslaught you dipped your head down and ran a line with your tongue from his abs to his chest, circling his nipple with your tongue. The groan that sounded from deep inside him let you know he was enjoying himself just as much as you were. His hands had gravitated lower to find your ass and he squeezed mercilessly as he began to grind himself into you. You could feel his need pulsating with each thrust against your jeans and it nearly drove you insane. Somehow your shirt had disappeared and you felt him tugging on the button of your jeans as he worked his mouth lower and lower towards your core. You squirmed beneath him, writhing in the agony that was your want.

He ran his tongue across the top of your jeans that were now open before yanking them off. The sudden loss of body contact left you whirling. It wasn’t for long though as he shed his own pants in a swift motion. He stood at attention, dripping in his boxer briefs. You licked your lips in anticipation. He scooped you up in his arms, the change in temperature making your nipples tighten. Within seconds you were on the bed and he was ravaging your body with his mouth. You whimpered slightly as the movement jostled your now bruised ankle. Leo stopped abruptly, his eyebrows knitted together and concern etched through the haze of desire on his face. Its fine, keep going” you gasped. You could see the concern still there, but the cloud of desire won over. Your bra was yanked below your breasts as Leo felt, fondled and suckled them in a way that had you begging for more. You managed to gain the upper hand enough to flip him onto his back and trail your own line of torture down his body. You quickly rid him of his boxer briefs and ran your tongue along his length. A shudder ran down his body in a delicious way as you circled his head with your tongue. You took him deeper and could almost feel him groan as his fingers tangled into your hair, urging you to keep going. You gained rhythm as you trailed your fingernails down his body and grasped at his hips. He spread his legs further as you added a hand to the mix, and he couldn’t control himself to stop from thrusting a bit. With a grunt you were on your back again, breathless, and he was at your entrance. A poorly contained control Leo slid into you, inch by inch. You were so tight, but it didn’t hurt. It was the first time you’d ever felt so full and your wetness made the entrance smooth. He nestled in tight, his body pressed against your clit before withdrawing and slamming into you. Your breath hitched and you clasped your hands to his lower back, nails sinking into the muscle. He thrust slowly one more time before nearly collapsing and picking up speed. It was a tangle of thrusts, nails, bites and kisses. You could barely come up for air before the next onslaught of pleasure. Your sweat intermingled with his and your bodies slid over each other, meeting thrust for thrust. Leo began to slow in an attempt to keep going, but your body had other plans. You clenched around him, nipping his ear and sending the tip of your tongue along the backside of it. He groaned loudly and resumed his onslaught with fervor. You tightened even further and nearly screamed your release. Leo followed close behind with a groan and powerful thrust. A shudder ran though him as he was still inside you and you gasped in the after waves of orgasm. Your lower half clenched again as he slid out and rose to pull you closer. Your bodies fit together like puzzle pieces as he pulled a blanket over you. You sighed in contentment as he kissed the back of your neck and grasped your hand before falling into sleep.

Here Kitty, Kitty

Title: Here Kitty, Kitty

Requested By: ask-the-summer-jester

Rating: G

Original Imagine: Imagine finding an orange tabby cat on your doorstep one day. You’re not allowed to have pets, and try to shoo him away, but he sits resolutely on the doormat and meows at you, green eyes stretched wide. You finally give up and take him inside…

“Go home.”

The orange tabby cocked his head at you, tail swishing, and gave a questioning meow.

You groaned, dragging a hand over your face. You liked cats. You really did. Your landlord, however, did not. But this spunky little tabby didn’t seem to be getting the point. He had been hanging around the gate when you got home, followed you up all four flights of stairs to your door, and now refused to budge; even when you gently nudged him with your foot. He merely blinked his large green eyes at you and batted at your shoelaces.

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Your paws beneath your thin ankles and your clinical obesity
Make a perfect combination
Your slightly oversized eyes and the wrinkles that increase in number
Every day are quite fine
Your exhausted strides and your occasional snoring
Are all just pretty to me and my heart begin to flutter
Why did you only come now? 
You’re my type

rewritten lyrics for My Type (Obang ver) trans: ikonOT7

pomegranate02 answered: Stiles is a dog-walker & his dogs keep running into/over Derek.

“This was not a well thought out plan,” Stiles muttered under his breath.

There was no possible way Tall, Dark & Brooding could hear him, and yet his glare still intensified.  Milton, Dunne, and Bob didn’t seem to care and kept jumping all over him.  It was high time Stiles intervened.

“Yo, furballs!” Stiles called, and whistled loudly. “Leave the poor man alone.”

He hurried across the park and tried to make a grab for the leashes.  The dogs totally ignored him.  They were supposed to entice Tall, Dark & Brooding in with their cuteness, and then Stiles was going to be witty and charming.  Which would then culminate in a name and a phone number.  It was foolproof, except that TDB was apparently a little too irresistible to dogs.

Stiles tried grabbing Bob’s collar and missed, accidentally punching TDB in the shin.  Bob paid him no mind and tried to leap into TDB’s arms.

“Sorry about that,” Stiles said, grinning. It would be completely inappropriate to check TDB’s shin for bruises.  Right?  “They don’t usually act like this.  Did you bathe in bacon?” Stiles took an exaggerated sniff of the air. “Mmm, you smell like, um… oranges.  That’s an interesting choice for cologne.”

“It’s the orange juice your dogs spilled all over me,” TDB said coldly.  Whoops.  “Here."  He easily grabbed all three leashes and handed them over to Stiles. "Keep a closer eye on your dogs.”

Stiles gaped at his retreating back, his face flaming.  Dunne whimpered at the loss of his new buddy.

“No complaints from you three,” Stiles said, shaking his finger at them and trying to sound stern. “That was embarrassing, that was.  Just wait until I tell your parents.”

Bob whined and pawed at Stiles’ ankle, Milton huffed and looked away, and Dunne glared at the other two.  Typical.

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Stockholm Syndrome: part 3

Part 1 / Part 2

After Michael had left, you were left alone with your thoughts. You couldn’t even believe the situation you were in: Kidnapped. Like actually kidnapped. You would always watch TV and see news about girls going missing but you had never thought that it would happen to you. 

A chill ran up your spine as you realized the conditions of the basement around you. You assessed everything that was around you, trying to think of a way to escape. The walls were made up of gray bricks, meaning you can’t punch your way out. The floor was concrete, ruining any escape plan that involved digging The pipes in the room, like the one you were leaning against, was leaking. You started to cry again, this time fully aware of what was happening to you. On the floor was a single sheet, laid out nearly near the furnace. 

“Am I meant to sleep on this!?” You screamed out, knowing that they didn’t give a shit. 

When you didn’t get a response you just huffed and dragged yourself over to your “bed.“ 

You tried your hardest to get comfortable, but you couldn’t on the account that your hands and feet were tied together. 

After finally finding a good spot to rest without cutting off the circulation in your hands, you found it hard to sleep. You stared at the ceiling. 


That’s what it was. 

Gray like the walls and floor of this room. 

Gray like Michael and Calum’s hearts. 

Gray like the person you knew you’d have to become if you wanted to survive here. 

The thoughts racing through your mind was enough to put you to sleep. 

You were woken up by the horrendous sound of your stomach growling. 

You groggily sat up trying to figure out what time of day it was. 

"It’s 11:30,” You heard a voice behind you. 

You spun around to see Michael, in all of his punk rock glory. He was wearing basketball shorts, a Motley Crüe tank top, and a SnapBack. 

You cursed yourself for still thinking he was hot even after what he’s done to you. 

“Just wanted to come down and check on you,” He said before showing you the clothes in his hands. 

“Thanks,” You replied, wanting nothing more than to stretch your arms out. 

“I brought you some clothes,” Michael said, putting them down next to you and pulling a switchblade out of his pocket. “Calum said that I could cut your ties so you could get dressed but after that they go back on." 

You nodded your head, not caring that your hands would be tied again. All you wanted was to stretch your body out. 

Michael cut the ties behind your back and then the ones around your ankles. 

You stood up, finally stretching your aching limbs. You walked around the room trying to get used to using your legs again. 

"Hurry up and get dressed.” Michael said, the gleam of the switchblade in his hand forced you back into reality. The reality that said you were a victim and could be killed any second. 

You grabbed the pile of clothes trying to figure out what was what. 

“Uh Michael? These are awfully big" 

"Oh yeah, they’re mine,” He said rubbing the back of his neck. “We didn’t have any girl clothes so Calum told me to just give you some of mine,” he finished. 

“Oh, ok” you said not really caring. All you wanted to do was get out of your sweaty dirty clothes. 

Calum came down the stairs looking at the two of you. “Good job Michael,” He said giving him a clap to the back. 

“Where am I supposed to change?” You asked looking between the two of them. 

“This isn’t a 4 star hotel princess, change right here,” Calum said annoyed at the fact you would ask that. 

“What!? I don’t want to get changed in front of you two!" 

"Too bad, change now or else we’ll make you change,” Calum said taking a step towards you. 

“Michael?” You asked hoping he would help you out. 

“Michael!” Calum yelled in his ear.

“Get dressed now!” Michael yelled louder than Calum. 

With trembling hands, you slid off your t-shirt and shorts, your back facing Michael and Calum. Tears streamed down your face as you quickly re-dressed yourself not wanting them to see you in a vulnerable state. 

You turned around shaking and on the verge of hyperventilating. 

“Tie her up alright?” Calum said walking back up the stairs, but not before looking back to make sure Michael didn’t go easy on you. 

He roughly sat you down and yanked your arms behind your back. Not able to locate your hands because of Michael’s long-sleeved shirt, he just tied the rope around your sweater paws. 

Calum nodded in approval and went upstairs after seeing Michael tie your ankles together. As soon as the door shut, Michael grabbed you and pulled you into a hug. 

“I’m so sorry,” Michael whispered in your ear. “I didn’t want you to do that. I would’ve left, but Calum came down. I’m so sorry,” Michael rushed out running your back gently. 

Why was he doing this? Why was he being so nice to you? He fucking kidnapped you!? If he wanted to be nice he wouldn’t have kidnapped you in the first place! 

Michael let you go searching your eyes for any emotion. You kept a blank face. If Michael was going to be your saving grace, he was going to have to prove it, and until then, you would stick to your plan; earn their trust and then kill them. 

After Michael had let you go, he looked into your eyes, and for a moment you felt like he wasn’t the villain he had made himself out to be. He was a human, a human being who cared for other human beings. For a moment, there was fear in his eyes. You weren’t sure if it was fear for himself or fear for your well-being. 

“I’ll be back down soon, I promise. I’ll try and make your stay here as painless as possible.” And with that he was gone; up the stairs and out the door. 

You sat there trying to make out what the fuck just happened. You had only been here for two days and already everything was more confusing than when you first arrived. 

Suddenly, the thought of your family and friends panicking over you entered your mind. They were probably frantically searching for you. Y/f/n was probably frantic, probably blaming herself. After all, you did say you were gonna be back in 15 minutes and then joked that you’d get kidnapped. For fucks sake, you practically predicted your future. A sob escaped your mouth. 

“Y/F/N!” You screamed desperately, hoping that your friend would hear their name. You knew that it was futile but it was worth a shot. 

You heard some shuffling upstairs. The door swung open and you saw Calum’s silhouette in the doorway. Preparing for the worst, you didn’t even notice when the door shut and a pair of gentle hands untied your wrists. You looked up to see Michael. 

“Listen to me. When I say you have to follow the rules, you have to follow the rules.” He said, allowing you to sit down then sat down in front of you. “I’m trying my best to help you out here, but you can’t just be acting like this all the time! That’s why I’m down here instead of Calum. Because of your outburst, you were supposed to get some more kicks to he stomach, but I told him I would come down here and watch you." 

Your eyes went wide. why would Michael do that? 

"I’m sorry,” You said. 

Why were you apologizing? You were the one who was kidnapped. 

“Calum’s going away on ‘business’ for the next few days so it’ll be just me and you. You can walk around without your bounds, but when he comes back you’ll have to cooperate okay?" 

You nodded your head. 

"He’s leaving tomorrow, if you can make it through the night, then it can just be me and you and you can ask me any question you want and I’ll try my best to answer them.”

 "Can I ask you one now?“ You asked. 

He nodded his head yes. 

"Are there more than two of you?” You remembered hearing about there being more than just Michael and Calum and you wanted to know who else. 

Michael rubbed the back of his neck looking anywhere but your face. 

“Yeah,” he said not looking you in the eye. 

“Who are they?” You inquired. 

Again Michael refuses to look at your eyes 

“Michael,” you asked making him look you in the eyes, “Who are they?" 

"Well you know the recent spike in kidnappings?" 

"Yeah?” You answered, afraid of what he would say next. 

“And you know how you always end up seeing the girls bodies washed up on a beach a week later?" 

Tears brimmed your eyes as you slowly nodded your head yes. 

"Well, it’s the two guys who are responsible for the deaths of all those girls,” he continued. “I met Calum first and then he introduced me to them and the rest, as they say, was history,” he finished looming at your now horror stricken face.

“Y/n?” He asked waving his hand in front of your face. 

“So you were the reason, those girls were murdered?” You asked, staring at the floor.

“No!” He answers immediately. “I had nothing to do with them, they were doing that without me knowing. It wasn’t until one day I followed Calum to some sketchy-looking building and saw a girl tied to a chair. There were two other guys surrounding her. I couldn’t see what they looked like, but one of them was really tall with blonde hair and the other was slightly shorter with semi long brown hair." 

You nodded your head letting him know you were still listening. 

"Long story short, they saw me and Calum had to save my ass, and ever since then, I have been with them. I’ve never killed anyone and I’ve never caused harm to anyone. I’ve just never saved anyone, that is until I saw you.”