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US Presidents and their Pets

CNN report on Presidents and their pets and how they impact (maybe) elections.

Need an internship? We have two available

What To Do This Summer?

Well if you love dogs and care for other dog lovers (like you) then we may have two intern openings this summer. Comes with a free T Shirt, fun, some money, lots of learning.

We are planning something big to launch in next one month and need an enthusiastic tag team. And for the right person, this could be the launch-pad in becoming a core member of a start-up in NY / NJ area.

What Do You Have Do?

We are looking for someone who loves dogs and other dog lovers.

Someone who frequents dog parks.

Someone who knows where the small and medium size pet stores are in NY city. Someone who loves to volunteer.

Someone who is comfortable with working four-eight hours every week for six-seven weeks this summer. Someone who is young at heart and mature in thoughts.

Someone who is highly talkative and persuasive. Someone who is friendly, collaborative, have decent computer skills (internet, anyone?)

email us at or tweet your application to @pawrks