Why I loathe the Pokémon anime

Anime: Mimikyu is an evil psycho. It’s Ghost type, what did you expect lol

Actual Pokémon games: Mimikyus are friendly shadow fairy babies that want to be your friend and high five you in Pokémon Refresh.

Anime: The entire Ghost type is the actual spawn of Hell

Actual Pokémon games: Duskulls don’t like it when kids treat others badly and make special efforts to pop out at bullies and go boo. The existence of Shauntal.

Anime: The entire Dark type is heartless and cruel.

Actual Pokémon games: Hydreigons do a happy dance when you pet them. Bisharps and Pawniards have a meritocracy where the best fencer leads the pack. Incineroars are actually cuddly kitties! AND ABSOL. The existence of Grimsley.

Anime: Only very specific Pokémon can be friendly or cute.

Actual Pokémon games: There is a young couple getting their marriage license at Hau'oli city hall, excited to move into their new home with their… GASTLY. Awwww!


Deleted everything, so here’s all of the Pkmn LND stuff in one post [of things posted so far; ill continue posting if people are interested but i am not sure. ill be drawing it regardless lol let me know if you are interested.]

daily-pokemon-family  asked:

(From Mun Skyler) your best headcanons on Pawniards/Bisharps?

I personally like this one the best, but here’s an extra one:

A shiny Bisharp plays the main villain in a popular children’s cartoon. He commands an army of Pawniard, but the heroes (one of every Eeveelution) can summon the power of their types to defeat him and save the day. Some (over-zealous) fans complain that the Sylveon and Glaceon get kidnapped too often, though.

One of his strangest evil schemes involved him, his army, a doomsday laser, an unusually large birthday cake, and a reporter. It was a three-parter.