season 4 this or that

meet ‘n’ greet or end of the world? the comeback kid or campaign ad? citizen knope or smallest park? pawnee rangers or the treaty? sweet sixteen or the trial of leslie knope? campaign shake-up or bus tour? live ammo or lucky? the debate or win, lose, or draw?

When people say the finale ruined April Ludgate’s character

So you think April wasn’t meant to be a mother. You think she hates everyone, she hates kids, she would never ever want kids, she would never be a mother.

Did you forget the time she was swarmed up with young girls who loved her art?

Did you forget the time she was having fun with all the Pawnee Rangers for a pillow fight? Did you forget that even Ann, beautiful popular Ann, didn’t partake in that pillow fight?

Did you forget the time she ran and cheered with all the Pawnee scouts when Andy started a boat race?

Did you forget the time when she had to remind Andy, of all people, Andy who adores kids, that he had to get out of character because he was scaring a little kid? And spent a good portion of her day helping that child find his way back to his mom? Would she have done the same for a lost adult in the building? 

Did you forget the time she accepted a kids concert for Andy and had so much fun? So much so that she said she’d never found him as attractive as when he was singing to children? Is that the attitude of someone who hates kids?

Did you forget that Andy and April babysat the triplets? That Leslie literally called her Auntie April? That Ben, who always worries about everything, told Andy to let April handle everything? Would he say that, would they trust their precious children to someone who hates kids? Would she accept to do it?

Did you forget that April had her very special part in the Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show, April’s Animal Corner? That she literally pushed and encouraged Andy into a career in kids entertainment? Is that what someone who hates kids would do?

Did you forget the time she couldn’t help but be the sweetest toward Oliver and Leslie, even though she’s always had a less-than-idyllic relationship with their mother? Is that the attitude of someone who hates kids?

It’s okay if you don’t like kids. It’s okay if you don’t want kids. It really is. But that’s you. Liking children has always been part of April’s character. She has never had a negative interaction with a child in the show. She has always liked kids and wanted to help them and have fun with them. The finale didn’t ruin who she was, it confirmed it.