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Reasons why Parks and Rec deserved an Emmy

- Set in small-town Indiana, still manages to have 40% of it’s ensemble cast be POC, and not one of them is a token either

- 40% of the cast are women. ¾ are POC. All of them are badasses. 

- Every single fucking episode is funny. Seriously. 

- Perd fucking Hapley. I can’t even explain, you just have to watch 

- Pawnee citizens holy hell 

- The flawless political commentary behind the Langman’s and the Male Men 

- The scene in Comeback Kid where Get On Your Feet is playing and they’re all struggling to walk on ice 

- Chris Traeger and his mental illness. They worked it in so that it was comedic, but if it glorified anything, it was asking for help and accepting it. 

- Okay just Chris in general 

- Gary Jerry Larry Terry Gary Gergich Gengurch Gergich 

- Donna, the character who is exactly who she needs to be throughout her life. She acknowledges the need to change her behavior occasionally, but it doesn’t dent her confidence one bit. 

- Ann Meredith Perkins, you beautiful sun-ray nurse. The best friend everyone needs. Quirky and grounded and intelligent. 



- Everything Tom Haverford has ever said 

- Ben fucking Wyatt. I can’t even elaborate without crying and combusting. Much better nerd than any weasel from The Big Bang Theory. Feminist. Best Husband Ever. 


- Cones of Dunshire and Requiem for a Tuesday 


- April Blart, Mall Cop 

- April’s character development *heart eyes* 

- Andy and April’s love 

- Mouse Rat and hits like The Pit, Catch Your Dream, and - 5000 CANDLES IN THE WIND 


- Bert Macklin, FBI 

- Johnny and Johnathan Karate 

- Andy Dwyer, secret genius 

- Ron Swanson, the manliest man to ever man, owner of the world’s best character development, hater of Canada and vegans, beautiful beautiful man 

- Duke fucking Silver 

- I dig your groovy tunes man

- Ben and Leslie’s healthy, realistic, and beautiful relationship 

- Benslie proposal 

- Benslie wedding 

- Ben’s triplets freakout 

- the BOX 

- Amy Poehler plays the most amazing woman to ever grace any screen. Leslie Knope, a socially inept but selfless woman who dedicates her life to public service, her family, and her friends. Deeply flawed main character that wasn’t made lovable by her unfortunate but relatable love of sugar and hatred of vegetables, but instead by her love for others and thoughtfulness and work ethic and optimism. Food habits aside, her character flaws were acknowledged by the writers, her loved ones, and her. No one is an enabler for Leslie Knope’s bad behavior. When she does something shitty, she gets called on it and apologizes. But at the end of the day, hard work and positivity make a difference, and she achieves her dreams. 

- Positivity. The people on this show like each other. They believe in and support each other. They apologize when they’re wrong. They forgive when they’ve been wronged. They go out of their way to make lives better. And it is still funny.


Wizard: I think we should tax all bad things. Like racism, and women’s vaginas.
Picquery: We’re not taxing anyone’s genitals.

(Parks and Recreation; season 5, episode 2: Soda Tax)

season 4 this or that

meet ‘n’ greet or end of the world? the comeback kid or campaign ad? citizen knope or smallest park? pawnee rangers or the treaty? sweet sixteen or the trial of leslie knope? campaign shake-up or bus tour? live ammo or lucky? the debate or win, lose, or draw?


Seraphina: Any questions?
Man #1: If sugar’s so bad how come Jesus made it taste so good?
Seraphina: Uh… Yes?
Woman: But isn’t all food bad for you? I’ve been eating lasagna and muffins everyday of my life for 40 years and I feel terrible.
Seraphina: Right.
Man #2: What’s so bad about corn syrup? It’s natural. Corn’s a fruit. Syrup comes from a bush.
Seraphina: Oh boy.

 (Parks and Recreation; Season 2, Episode 15: Sweetums)

A mashup for every episode (21/125)



First in Friendship (A Parks and Recreation AU)

a collaboration with @dreaminglikeeames

Meet Steve Rogers, the Deputy Director of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department. He throws himself into each and every project with an unmatched passion, always ready to serve the people of Pawnee, and he drags the rest of the Parks and Rec staff along with him. In the midst of running a children’s concert series, operating the city’s parks, fending off the shockingly aggressive raccoon population, and dealing with the passionate citizens of Pawnee, Steve has one overarching goal, a project that will be the beginning of a prestigious political career: turning Municipal Lot 48 into a beautiful park. 

As a result of the City Council’s incompetence and mismanagement, the governor dispatches a team of state auditors from Indianapolis, throwing a wrench into Steve’s grand plan. Sam Wilson is gregarious and unfailingly positive, while his partner, Peggy Carter, is prickly and inflexible. Steve tries to protect his city and his department from the budget cut machete, but the City Council’s damage is too severe. The government shuts down, but Steve is bound and determined to fix it. He is known around City Hall as the “Man With a Plan”, after all. (He is alternatively known as “that tall blond pain in the ass”, but he prefers the first one.)

Steve rallies the Parks and Rec team (plus a few other friends), and together, they bring back the Harvest Festival, an old Pawnee tradition. Steve finds himself in the midst of an uphill battle–fighting a brutal flu, bad publicity, lack of resources, the threat of losing their department entirely, a curse, an evil librarian, and a burgeoning crush on a colleague–all in the name of providing a service to the town he loves so much.

Featuring: Nick Fury as Director of P&R, Natasha Romanoff as his assistant, Clint Barton as the shoeshine guy, Thor Odinson as the office manager, Tony Stark as Steve’s assistant and department scheduler, Bruce Banner as the office accountant, and James “Bucky” Barnes as Steve’s best friend and nurse extraordinaire.


Wizard: I mean, what’s next, income? 
Picquery: Sir, you don’t pay your income tax? 
Wizard: Whether or not I pay income tax is none of the government’s business. 
Picquery: No… well… No, actually, it is.
Wizard: Well, you don’t know my name or what I look like, so good luck finding me

(Parks and Recreation: season 5, episode 2: Soda Tax)


I’m dead, guys, I’ve died.

OK, so I have no idea whether there’s any crossover between Merlin fans and Parks & Rec fans in my followers, but I could not get the idea of a Merlin Parks & Rec AU out of my head. Just:

  • Arthur Pendragon works as the deputy director of the Parks department in Pawnee, Indiana. Blonde, little bit selfish, charismatic, begrudgingly loved by all the other workers- could describe Leslie or Arthur both honestly
  • Gaius, the director of the Parks department, who’s known Arthur since he was a child and gives him the difficult advice he needs to hear
  • Arthur’s half-sister Morgana is the dark, antisocial intern who later becomes Gaius’ assistant
  • And Gwaine is Tom, obviously. Imagine Gwaine selling Snake Juice and being a club promoter. Gwaine running Entertainment 720.
  • Anyway, at a public forum, a Pawnee citizen and beautiful nurse named Guinevere asks Arthur to fill in the pit behind her house. Arthur vows to make it into a park and he and Gwen soon become best friends.
  • Then who should come into town but Kilgarrah, an upbeat rule-maker, and Merlin Emrys, a sarcastic little shit, two state auditors in charge of evaluating Pawnee’s budget.
  • Merlin gets stuck figuring out the Parks budget, which would be fine if he was just working with the practical director Gaius, but he has to deal with deputy director Arthur’s constant badgering to not cut anything from the Parks budget.
  • Arthur complaining to Gwen about the new state auditor being a “cute fascist hardass” (word for word from Leslie Knope, because the more I think about it the more these two have identical personalities)
  • Merlin and Arthur slowly grow to like each other, but when Merlin asks Kilgarrah if he can date someone in the Pawnee government, Kilgarrah says it’s against the rules
  • AND! Gwen tries to comfort Arthur about Merlin rejecting him by setting him up on an online dating site and he gets matched with Gwaine. Who gets such a kick out of it that he pretends he and Arthur are in love until Arthur kisses him to shut him up.
  • (bonus: Morgana tries to set up Gwen and Gwaine and it’s an utter disaster. Then… ignoring all Parks & Rec canon… Morgwen happens because that would be wonderful. I do not ship Ann and April but can you imagine the dynamic of goth local government intern Morgana with friendly and beautiful nurse Guinevere… this AU is everything to me)
  • Gwen telling Merlin, “You’re nice. I can see why Arthur likes you” and Merlin absolutely losing it the way that Ben did in that one episode
  • Kilgarrah sends Merlin and Arthur on a road trip to Indianapolis. Take this moment to imagine Gwen saying, “Oh come on, you’re clearly dying to be together. You could literally get a room,” and Arthur replying, “Yeah and I could literally get a-fired!”
  • Merlin and Arthur go to dinner and Merlin launches into the, “Pawnee is a very special town… with nice blonde hair… and I look forward to the moments in my day that I get to spend with the town…” speech.
  • Imagine every single iconic Ben x Leslie moment, but with Merlin and Arthur instead. EVERY SINGLE ONE GAH I’M DYING, I’M DEAD

pawnee || a parks & rec fanmix

for pawnee.

a playlist with tracks for friends and waffles and sunshine. for treat yo self, human disasters, lil sebastian, and poetic land mermaids. for litrally, breakfast food, and the parks department.

some tracks are character specific, some just remind me of the show. and of course, the one track i couldn’t not include.

(…wait, there’s not track for jerry? dammit jerry!)

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