pawn shop amp

Next, the goddamn Fender Excelsior.  An amp that’s been getting a LOT of attention this year, I finally had a chance to try one.  

It’s a quirky little thing.  Made to look like a vintage Supro or Sears or an even older amp (more specifically modeled after some sort of accordion amp from back in the day), it’s a 13 watt tube amp with a 15" speaker, three separate inputs (guitar, mic, accordion), and built-in tremolo.  All this at a $299 price tag.  

Initial impressions?  Wonderful.  It doesn’t have a particularly rich or complex tone like some Fenders do; instead, it’s very clear and open, striking a rather good balance between bright and warm.  You get a single volume knob and a bright/dark switch, and that’s really all that’s needed.  I didn’t have a chance to push it and see how loud it gets before breaking into overdrive (which will be THE factor whether or not I get one), but the TONE of the amp was quite great.  So many cool points.  It’s high on the want list, though I’ll know for sure once I spend some more time with it.