I just had to get a picture of Red’s pawfeets when he’s a munchkin cat! Amolin helped, but they’re very small. We wiggled Red around until the way they held him was pretty comfortable, except for that beautiful chubby little bottom hanging, and we put him down right after.

Black is very slimming, I love black. Going to have to change up my wardrobe soon, though.

Bonus! My wife did my claws, aren’t they gorgeous?

Someone teach me how to take a picture, my finger is in this one.

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splendidgames  asked:

I love how you see the feet o your dragon dancers!!! I've been wanting to draw my own gijinkas (not sure if I spelled that right) with dragony feets, too, and I was wondering if you could gimme some tips on how to make pawfeet look right on human legs? I have so much trouble with that.

Sorry this was delayed I’ve been sitting on this figuring out how to word it and then doubting myself and scraping the draft to retry haha >.<. It’s less that I put beans on human legs and more I use a more hybrid mammalian leg structure.

So starting with that mixed under-structure I then look at the actual dragon’s feet and kinda wing it from there.

There aren’t really any hard rules to messing with gijinka anatomy, you just have to make sure they are balanced- the look that they’re not uncomfortable or about to fall over.

Usually the knee bends as the foot elongates to counter the change in you could have human looking leg on their tippie toes with good cute beans or STRAIGHT UP BIRD LEGS haha