Just Married

And so, after a long while, it finally happened.
Sweet Paw and Switch Track are officially married now!
Thanks to everypony involved!

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“Das mine!” -TY Track


Black Dice “Kokomo" Load Blown 2007


peep the teaser for Prince Rama’s new film, “Never Forever”

Get wrecked by cats, Hinata-kun. // Accepting

😼 - Sneaky lil bastard, knocks everything off of shelves and tables

“Stay away from that-” Hinata lunged at the cat, just barely saving it from batting at the thorned roses that he had received from Komaeda and Izuru. He was tired and needed a drink of water, but the cat just would not stop. It smelled like vanilla, had wet paws, and was tracking soap all over the house.

Alright…just hold still a second, so I can-


“God damn it!”

now i miss getting lost. being girl on her own path of thickets and porcelainberry and spiderwort, their green and violet smothering the tree bark, choking the oaks with sticky fingers. i never did learn how to tell apart poison from the ivy. i never worried. 

i’d study the tracks. hoof, paw, wheel, bone. turning deer trails into girl trails. hiding stones in my pockets. hoarding dirt.

i miss forgetting. i miss the sun going down. i miss knowing mother’s worry when i wasn’t home for supper

no matter how far i’d wander, i was only ever walking home