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A/N: This is from the point of view from a reader with chronic migraines inspired by something posted earlier about not seeing many sick readers in the fluff department and because I just watched Kingsmen tonight. Hope this is something like you had in mind.

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“Go on. Give it a go.” He bit his lip in anticipation. You eyed him and the dog before beginning to speak.

“JB, fetch my favorite sweater.” The dog leaped off the bed and scurried out to the living room. You could hear the scrap of his nails and tap or his paw pads tracking through the house. Then there was a pause followed by the noise returning. JB came to the edge of your side of the bed holding Eggsy grey sweater you loved to steal when you missed him or your headaches got the best of you. Accepting the sweater your lips pulled up in a tight smile. You didn’t like crying especially even if they were happy tears. “You taught him that just for me?” Your boyfriend was beaming at this point.

“That’s not all! He can also fetch your pills or a water bottle and he can bring the phone over or push the speed dial I installed should you ever need me.” There was no way you could hold back the tears any longer. “Oi, why are you crying? It ya head again?”

“No. No. Nothing of the sort. You just…” He gently wiped the tears as you marveled at him. “I love this sweater.” You both burst into chuckles.

“I know you do and you’ll always have it, aight?” He peered into your eyes earnestly and you nodded back at the bright blues. You pulled him down for a heated kiss that you didn’t break until you heard a small whine. “Oh bugger off JB.” He whined back making you laugh again. Patting the spot on the bed for him the small pug leaped back up to get comfy.

“Thank you.” You whispered cuddling into his chest.

“Anything for you, love.” He murmured into your hair as he rubbed your back until you fell asleep.

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“And then there was Azor, the Baron [de Steuben’s] dog, who stayed at his master’s side from Paris until after the end of the War for independence. By all accounts, Azor was a large dog with a gargantuan appetite; Duponceau described him as an "Italian greyhound.” Steuben loved and indulged Azor without reservation. A few years later, while he and one of his aides traveled by coach down a muddy New York road, Azor–who had been trotting alongside–took advantage of a pause in the journey to leap through the coach’s open window and right onto the laps of the two men. The Baron and his aide were wearing brand-new uniforms that Steuben had just purchased at great expense only a couple of days before. Azor’s huge paws tracked clods of mud all over the Baron’s immaculate white breeches as he nestled himself in the man’s lap. Steuben was fussy about his appearance, but he just couldn’t bring himself to be angry with his dog. Instead, he laughingly tugged on Azor’s ears and called him a “damned rascal.”“

The Drillmaster of Valley Forge: The Baron de Steuben and the Making of the American Army by Paul Lockhart

  1. I love and support Azor in everything he ever did. He was a Good Boy.
  2. Lockhart went on to explain how there was confusion over Azor’s breed in a footnote. While "Historians have described [his] breed as anything from an Irish wolfhound to a mastiff,” Duponceau was the only contemporary to name a breed, that of Italian greyhound. Today we know this breed as a very small dog, but Azor was consistently referred to as being huge, so no one really knows what he was besides, again, a Good Boy.
11. “How could you ask me that?” 53. “Who cares about what they think?” 43. “You have no idea how much I want you right now.”

Rocket request by anon. Everyone’s favorite crabby puppy.

400 units?!  It cost me twice that just to make the damn thing!”  

“I’m sorry, uh sir, but this piece is heavily modified with illegal components.  The reputation of my business must be considered.” Rocket glared at the store owner, then glanced at the merchandise behind the counter.  All illegal.  More so than his creation.  Sensing how tense he was, you place a hand on his shoulder.

“C’mon, there are other vendors we can try.” He huffs but grabs his weapon and follows you towards the exit.

“Be sure to keep your little pet on a leash next time, miss.”  

Rocket stops dead in his tracks; his paws ball into fists.  He shrugs a rather large gun from his back and begins warming it up.  

“Rocket, stop.  He isn’t worth it.” You turn around and address the vendor, “Even if he’s being a complete asshole.”  Rocket takes a few steady breaths and ultimately shuts his weapon down.

“Yeah whatever,” he spits and marches out of the shop.




Rocket didn’t say a thing on the walk back to the Milano.  The anger was self-evident, but the way he was carrying himself you could tell how much his sorrow was weighing down on him.  

Abruptly, Rocket pauses and turns slightly towards you.

“…Why are you following me?”

This took you aback, and quite frankly stung.  Lately your partner was pushing everyone away.  Everyone but you.  Until this moment.

“How could you say that?”

“They think I’m your pet, Y/n.  Having me around is far more trouble than it’s worth.”  The pain in his voice betrayed his surly composure; you kneel to his level.  “Who cares about what they think?”  Rocket meets your gaze.  “And anyone who does care can fight me personally.”  He chuckles, the woe welling in his eyes retreating.  He sniffs, and rubs them away with his paw, a half-hearted smile takes its place.  You return the smile, giving his fur a comforting pet.  

“You have no idea how much I want you right now.”  Your hand instantly jerks away.

Both of you desperately try to keep a straight face but end up doubled over with laughter.  

“We need to work on your sarcasm,” rolling your eyes you stand up and resume your trek.

Sarcasm?  That is straight out of the Star-Lord Seduction Book, I’ll have you know.”

“And how well does that work for him?”  

“Ehhh…”  Rocket tips his paw sideways, pantomiming an outdated measuring scale.

You cock a solitary eyebrow.

“Point taken.  C’mon.  Groot is probably halfway through your stash of snacks by now.”

You blink repeatedly, “…”Your?!”

Familiar Witch AU

Characters: Familiar! Yoongi and Witch!Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1078

Genre: Supernatural

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Zootopia: Wild Times

by @nickwildeandjudyhoppsaremyotp​ and @zootopiahustle

Nick Wilde woke up at 5:00 am and smiled. Today was the day. He and Judy get the day off and they get to visit the best amusement park in all of Zootopia, Wild Times. Nick got out of bed and got dressed. He then drove by a doughnut place and brought some doughnuts and coffee. Soon he arrived at Judy’s apartment and he knocked on the door. “Hey Carrots,” Nick said. “Are you awake?”

Judy stumbled out of bed, struggling to respond. After getting herself somewhat together and into some clean clothes, she answered the door, stretching. “Mm? Oh hi Nick. Good morning!”

“Morning Judy,” Nick said smiling. “I brought some doughnuts and coffee. Want some?” He asked as he showed Judy the box of doughnuts.

Judy took the box smiling.
“Of course! Thanks Nick. I bet you’re excited for us having the day off.”

“You know it Carrots,” Nick said chuckling. Nick handed Judy a doughnut and her coffee. He then began eating a strawberry doughnut and drinking his coffee. “What do you think of the coffee and doughnut?” He asked.

Judy tried to speak through her mouthful of doughnut, but decided against it and awkwardly gave her partner a thumbs up with a smile.

Nick smiled as he finished his doughnut. “I’m glad you like it,” he said. “What do you want to do first when we get to Wild Times?”

Judy tapped her chin thoughtfully as she finished her doughnut. “Hm… I think we should do some exciting roller coasters! You know? Get our day off to a rousing start.”

“Sounds great,” Nick said “I love the roller coasters there. You ready to go, Carrots?”

“Yup!” Judy grinned, stretching.

“Alright then,” Nick said chuckling. “Let’s go” he exited the apartment and went to his car.

Following him, Judy couldn’t help but imagine herself and her partner at the top of a huge Ferris Wheel, laughing and pointing out what they saw. Shaking herself from her daydream, she reminded herself that if she thought about what the day could be like, she’d never actually enjoy what the day was.

Nick smiled and started to drive. In about 45 minutes they arrived outside of a large theme park. “Is this your first time here Carrots?” Nick asked as he parked the car.

Judy unbuckled her seat belt, somewhat distracted as she looked out of the window at the park. “Huh? Oh um… Yeah actually. I’ve heard of it before, though.”

“I’ve only been here once,” Nick said as he for out of the car. They crossed the parking lot and gave a ticket taker their tickets. The fox and bunny entered the park. “Seeing as how you want to go on a roller coaster first do you want to go on the best one?” Nick asked.

Judy looked around, practically vibrating with excitement. “I want to go on all of them at the same time! But which one is best?”

Nick pointed to a large roller coaster that encircled the park. “That is,” Nick said with a smirk. “It’s called Saber Tooth Mountain. Wanna go on it?”

Judy stared up at the ride in awe. “Go…on that…? Um… O-Of course!”

“You OK Carrots?” Nick asked. “Are you afraid of heights?”

Judy bit her lip to keep from screaming at the thought of getting stuck at the very top of the ride. It just seemed so…far away…
“What? Ha! Noooooo. I’m fine.”

Nick smiled and grabbed Judy’s paw and ran towards the coaster. Soon they were at the front of the line and Nick hopped into the coaster saving a seat for Judy. Come on Carrots!“ Nick said with a smirk. “You’ll love it!”

Judy, forcing herself to smile, hopped in next to Nick. Still trying to seem nonchalant, she fidgeted. “So… Is this one pretty rough?”

“Not really,” Nick said. Soon the safety bar raised down. Nick held on to them tightly,not knowing he grabbed Judy’s paw as well. The roller coaster zoomed off and Nick laughed loudly.

Judy gasped and held her eyes shut at first, but once she felt Nick’s paw on hers and realized that she wasn’t dead yet, she opened one eye. The rush of adrenaline was enough to make her open both eyes and start enjoying the ride. She screamed with joy and also a little bit of fear.

The coaster went way up into the sky and then quickly went down. Nick hollered with joy. The view of the park was amazing and Nick loved it. He looked ahead and saw a few loops. “HANG ON CARROTS!” Nick laughed.

Judy grinned and screamed with joy as the coaster raced on its track, her paw clutching the safety bar as hard as she could. The adrenaline rush was unlike anything she’d ever experienced before.

Eventually the ride ended and Nick stepped off, realizing he holding onto Judy’s paw the whole time. “What did you think Judy?” Nick asked laughing.

Judy grinned and bounced on her toes. “That was awesome!!! It was…and then we…and the loops… And it just… That was awesome!!!” Realizing her paw was fitting snugly in Nick’s, her cheeks burned red. “O-Oh um… I…”

Nick blushed and let go of Judy’s paw. “Sorry Carrots. What ride do you want to go on next?” Nick asked trying to sound relaxed.

Judy’s paw felt cold without Nick’s, but she forced her feelings down and smiled. “Um… The bumper cars look fun.”

Nick tried to stop to stop blushing. “Follow me,” Nick said as he grabbed Judy’s paw again and ran with her to the bumper cars Nick jumped into a green bumper car. “You ready Carrots?” Nick asked laughing.

Her heart jumped when Nick grabbed her paw, but she laughed anyway and hopped into an orange bumper car. “The question is, are you?” Judy grinned.

Nick laughed and the bumper cars began moving. Nick drove his car and bumped into other cars. He then saw Judy and bumped his car into Judy’s car.

Judy grinned and swerved her car back to bump into Nick, smirking. “Ha!” She sped off after some other cars, laughing the whole way.

Nick laughed as Judy bumped into him and he began bumping into other cars. Eventually the ride ended and it was revealed that the animal with the most points was… Judy.

Judy finished her laughing fit and looked up at the score. “Huh? I…I won? Really? Awesome!” She grinned, bouncing.

Nick smiled at Judy. He always over seeing her happy. An employee came over and gave Judy a large stuffed toy of a bear. “Great job out there Carrots,” Nick said. “I’d say the winner should choose the next ride. Where do you want to go next?”

Judy nuzzled her prize, smiling brightly. “Hm… What other rides are great?”

Nick looked around the area. “Well I’m this area there’s the Ferris Wheel, this log flume ride called Waterfall Canyon, and…” Nick blushed heavily and stopped talking when he noticed the tunnel of love.

Judy felt her heart jump as she noticed what he was looking at. “O-Oh uh… We could… Go on that. We could make fun of the lovey-dovey couples! I mean… If you want to. Besides, the lines are really long for everything else…”

Nick laughed trying to act natural and nodded. “Sure thing Carrots,” Nick said. “Anything you want.” Nick walked over to the line for the Tunnel of Love and waited.

Judy blushed softly, cuddling her stuffed animal as they waited in line. She struggled to remain calm, but her heart was pounding so hard she felt the whole world could hear it.

Soon the duo were at the front of the line and a heart shape boat floated up to them. Nick stepped into the boat and extended his paw to Judy. “You ready Carrots?” Nick asked, blushing.

Judy nodded, taking his paw gently and stepping in. “As ready as I’ll ever be…”

The boat slowly drifted into the tunnel. The tunnel was dimly lit by pink lights in the shape of hearts. Nick whistled in amazement. “Whoa it’s actually pretty in here.” Nick said smiling.

Judy smiled, looking around. “Yeah…it is. Well, I guess it would kind of have to be…”

“Yeah,” Nick said. “Hey Carrots, have I ever told you how glad I am that I have you in my life?”

Judy blushed softly and smiled. “Well…once or twice…”

Nick smiled and placed his paw around Judy’s paw. “I mean it Judy,” Nick said, unable to stop blushing. “My life became so much better when I met you. Carrots I-” but Nick cut himself off.

Judy jumped a little at his touch, and found that she couldn’t stop blushing either. “W-What is it, Nick?” Her heart was pounding and she was sure that her ears were bright red, but she just had to know what he wanted to say.

Nick looked at Judy and took a deep breath. “I love you Judy,” he said. “I’ve loved you for a long time now,” 

Judy felt her heart jump and she smiled, squeezing his paw gently. “You do…? I…I…I love you too Nick. I realized that a while ago…I just…didn’t know how to tell you…” 

Nick felt his heart jump as well. He gently pulled Judy close to him and he kissed her, not wanting to let go of her. Judy smiled, feeling as if her heart would burst at any moment. His kisses were like candy, and she’d never experienced this kind of joy before.  “So does this mean we’re a couple now?” He asked in between the kiss. 

 “I guess it does. Heh. I definitely didn’t see this coming when I got up this morning…” She giggled. 

“Neither did I,” Nick said, chuckling. Soon the ride ended and the couple got out of the boat. Nick held Judy’s paw. “So where do you want to go next?“Nick asked as he kissed her cheek. 

Judy giggled and squirmed a bit, not yet used to the idea of having a fox boyfriend. “What about that log ride?” She pointed at it, her giddy smile stuck to her face.

Nick smiled and took Judy’s paw and ran with her to the ride. The line for the ride was short and soon they stepped into a boat shaped like a log. Nick stepped in with Judy. Soon the log began to move. “Hang on Carrots!” Nick laughed 

Judy laughed, holding onto Nick’s paw tightly. “Trust me, I am!” She grinned. 

The of flume climbed a current of way that was ascending into the sky. Soon the current descended back to the ground and the boat went faster, causing a massive splash getting the couple soaking wet. Nick was laughing the whole time.

Judy laughed when the water practically drowned them, shaking the water from her fur afterwards. “That was so cool! Freezing cold, but cool!” She giggled, water dripping from her ears. 

Nick smiled and wrapped his arms around Judy to try to warm her up. “This place also has a water park by the way,” Nick said. “Wanna go there later?” 

Judy nestled into his arms and smiled contentedly.
“That sounds like fun. I was wanting to get in a pool anyway.”

“Great,” Nick said. “You’ll love it the pool is beautiful. But first would you like to go on the Ferris Wheel? The view is gorgeous.” 

Judy nodded. “I love Ferris Wheels! Let’s go.” 

Nick smiled and held onto Judy’s paw and walked over to the Ferris Wheel. There wasn’t a line to it so the couple got to get in it pretty quickly. They stepped into the passenger car and the Ferris Wheel began to slowly move. Soon they could see the whole park. “What do you think Judy?” Nick asked as he kissed her cheek. 

Judy blushed, smiled, and leaned against him. “I think its gorgeous… Just amazing.” She thought about how usually she wasn’t great with heights, but right now everything seemed a-okay. 

Nick smiled “I’m glad you like it Judy,” he said. “But the view isn’t as beautiful as you.” Nick winked at Judy. 

Judy laughed and elbowed him gently. “You’re such a dork sometimes…” 

Nick chuckled. “Yeah but I’m your dork,” he said. Nick then kissed Judy as their car reached the top and stopped to let other passengers on. 

Judy just giggled into the kiss and kissed him back. It was hard not to feel at least a little overwhelmed by the sweet, romantic atmosphere, mixed with her sheer happiness. Forcing herself not to scream her joy to the world, she settled for squeezing her fox’s paw. 

Nick squeezed back. Soon they were back on the ground. And Nick led Judy to the Waterpark. The Waterpark looked like something out of a dream. There were waterfalls, replicas of pirate ships and at the deepest end was what looked like a large, ancient castle. “Ready to go swimming Carrots?” Nick asked, smiling. 

Judy bounced up and down, grinning. “I’ve never been more ready! Just look at all that water!” 

Nick smiled at Judy as he walked off and went to change into his swimming trunks. Soon Nick came back and jumped into the pool. He dove up and looked at Judy. “Come on in Carrots,” Nick said. “The water is perfect.”

Judy went and changed into her swimsuit, then hopped in the pool. The water really was perfect.

“If you think this is cool you should see what’s it like underwater,” Nick said as he put on a pair of goggles. He then gave Judy a pair of goggles and dove beneath the water.

Judy laughed and slipped on the goggles. She dove down into the water, and grinned. The water was completely clear, and she could see Nick smiling from where she was.

Nick waved at her and swam over to the wall of the pool, revealing a beautiful mural of ocean life. Nick looked over at Judy and smiled as if to ask what she thought of it. 

Judy swam closer to it and looked at the mural. She caught his eye and grinned. She nodded and gave him a thumbs up. 

Nick smiled and swam over to Judy. He grabbed her paw and pointed to an underwater tunnel. He looked at the tunnel and then back to Judy as if to ask if she wants to go in it. 

Judy blinked, hesitated, then smiled and nodded, squeezing his paw slightly. 

Nick swam with Judy through the tunnel. Once they were in the tunnel they swam up to a large secret air pocket that made it look like they outside at night. “What do you think Carrots?” Nick asked as he caught his breath and put his goggles in his head. 

Judy looked around, her mouth slightly open in awe. “This is…wow…” 

Nick smiled at Judy and swam up to her. “I’m so glad you like it Carrots,” Nick said as he kissed her. “So I take it you’re enjoying the day?”

Judy smiled and nuzzled right under his chin. “I love this day… Mostly because I’m with you…” 

Nick smiled. “I also love today Carrots ” Nick said. “Because I get to be with you.” Suddenly the simulation began showing shooting stars. Nick kissed Judy’s head as he watched the simulation.

Judy let herself relax against him, her eyes locked on the simulation. “Oh wow… Its so…wow…” 

Nick nodded in agreement. “Hey Judy mind if I ask you a question?“he asked 

Judy looked over at Nick, blushing softly. “What is it, Nick?” 

“When did you realize you had a crush on me?” He asked with a smile and a wink.

Judy laughed uncomfortably, tugging an ear softly. “Well um… A few weeks after we partnered up… I just kinda looked at you and I…I thought you were attractive…” 

Nick blushed. “Why thank you Carrots,” he said as he kissed Judy passionately. 

Judy felt her heart pounding in her chest, and a warm tingly feeling spread from her toes to the top of her head. She pulled away giggling, slightly out of breath. “You’re throwing me off, Nick…” 

“Sorry Carrots,” he laughed. He didn’t realize that he began wagging his tail and accidentally splashed Judy gently.

Judy noticed his wagging and laughed when he splashed her. “You alright there, Slick?” 

Nick noticed that his tail was wagging and blushed. “Sorry about that Carrots,” he chuckled. “I just guess I’m happy to see you happy.” 

Judy grinned and tapped his nose. “That’s alright. I’m happy you’re happy too. So… Now what?” She asked, looking around. 

“Wanna go back to the main part of the pool?” Nick asked as he slid his goggles back on.

Judy nodded, clearing her goggles and making sure they were on comfortably. “Yup!”

Nick smiled and took Judy by the paw and dove underwater. Soon they were back in the main part of the pool. “Hey this place has this awesome water slide,” Nick said. “Wanna go on that?

Judy shook the water from her face and slid off the goggles. “Sounds like fun! Lead the way!” 

Nick stepped out of the pool with Judy and walked her to large waterside that spiraled around the tower it was connected to. Eventually they got to the top of the tower and an employee gave them a large water tube to sit in. “You two ready?” The employee ask. “I am,” Nick said. “How about you Carrot?” 

Judy took a deep breath and nodded. “Yup! Let’s do this!” She forced a grin, when in all actuality her heart was pounding and her hands were trembling. 

The employee pushed the tube and the began to go down the slide. “WOOHOO!” Nick yelled as he raised his paws in the air. 

Judy screamed in fear at first, unsure whether or not she liked the ride. A few seconds later, she found herself listening to Nick’s joyful cries and started laughing and yelling herself. 

Eventually the tube was close to the bottom and as it hit the water, causing a large splash, Nick kissed Judy.

Judy gasped in pleasant surprise, the tips of her ears turning bright red. 

Nick noticed Judy’s gasp and smiled. “What did you think of the ride Carrots?” Nick asked. 

Judy giggled and grinned. “It was really fun! Especially the end.” She smirked, then playfully punched his arm before scooting out of reach.

Nick laughed. “I’m glad you liked it Carrots,” Nick said with a wink. He hopped out of the tube and went back into the pool.

Judy laughed and slid back into the pool, shuddering a little. 

Nick swam over to Judy. “You feeling alright Carrots?” He asked 

Judy nodded, a bit confused. “Of course I am… Maybe a bit cold…” 

Nick swam over and wrapped his tail around Judy. “How does that feel Judy?” Nick asked as he kissed her “Do you feel warmer?” 

Judy giggled softly, curling into him. “Mmhm. Much warmer. How did you know what to do?” 

Nick smiled. “I just guessed,” Nick said as he nuzzled Judy and kissed her again. 

Judy grinned and kissed him back, humming softly. “You know me so well already.” 

“I guess I do,” Nick said chuckling softly. “I’m glad to see you happy.” 

Judy smiled, burying herself deeper in his arms. “Its always nice to see you happy too, Nick…” 

“Hey Carrots,” Nick said. “You ready to eat lunch?”

Judy thought for a moment, then nodded and smiled. “Now that I think about it, I am kinda hungry. 

Nick smiled and dove underwater. He shortly doves up so that Judy was riding on his back. He began swimming out of the pool with Judy on his back. “What would you like to eat Carrots?” He asked, laughing.

Judy giggled and blushed, holding onto him tightly. “Hmm… I’m kinda craving some kind of carnival food…” 

Nick arrive at the edge of the pool and climbed out. He began walking to a food court. “How do pretzels sound?“Nick asked. “And maybe some ice cream.” 

Judy grinned and hummed with happiness. “That sounds great! Especially the ice cream!” 

Nick smiled and ordered their food. Nick paid the cashier and handed Judy a pretzel. Nick took a bit out of his and began eating. “What kind of ice cream do you want Carrots?” Nick asked.

Judy bounced around a bit as she ate, then pointed at the cookies and cream ice cream. “Mm!” 

Nick was almost done with his pretzel and smiled. “I love that kind too Carrots,” he said. Nick ordered two cookies and cream ice creams and gave one to Judy as he paid the cashier. Nick finished his pretzel and began eating his ice cream. He held Judy’s paw. “How does it taste Judy?” Nick asked. 

Judy smiled at him, not knowing she had ice cream on her nose. “It’s really delicious! This is the best cookies and cream I’ve had in a while. I wonder how they do it?” 

Nick smiled at Judy at kissed her nose. "You had ice cream on it,” he said. He did not realize he had some in his nose as well. 

Judy smirked and giggled. "I guess we both do.” She grinned, kissing his nose softly and blushing. “All better…” 

Nick laughed and blushed. “Thanks Carrots,” he said. When Nick finished his ice cream he looked at Judy. “Ready to go back into the pool? or do you want to go on more rides?”

Judy made sure her mouth was clean, then looked at him. “Isn’t there some saying about not swimming right after eating?” 

“Oh you’re right!” Nick exclaimed. “Thanks for reminding me Carrots.” Nick kissed Judy’s head.

Judy laughed and smiled. “You’re welcome, Nick. I had a feeling you didn’t want to get a cramp…” 

Nick smiled at Judy and sat down at the edge of the pool. “It’s a beautiful day huh Carrots?” Nick asked.

Judy splashed the water a bit with her feet, smiling wistfully. “Yeah it is… I think it hasn’t been this nice in a while.” 

“It’s even better now because I can spend the day with you,” Nick said kissing Judy. 

Judy giggled, smiling into the kiss. She didn’t care who saw her or what they thought. She and Nick were meant to be together. 

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Dragon slayers reacting to finding their soul mate in their living room surrounded by fluffy cats!! please do this one!!!

Wow uhmm….I’ve never been in this situation before LOL By soul mate I’m guessing you mean like s/o and they are actually together but if you don’t mean that then please submit another ask when the ask box opens again later!


He would raise his eyebrows and just look around the room before diving next to you and snuggling against the other cats in the room. You would laugh softly at how he was practically crowd surfing on the cats to get to you. He flops down onto the couch next to you with a laugh before turning to you to ask, “Why do we have so many cats in the house?”

You could only give a meek smile before confessing, “…They followed me home.”


He heard a loud crash from the living room and your scream followed after so of course he dashed out of his room to see what had happened. “_____ what happened-” His words were cut short when he witnessed you being squished by many, many cats. He had to blink a few times to realize this was real and was actually happening. “What’re you doing there?”

You sat up and blew a few stray fur strands off of your nose, “Pantherlily decided to have some friends over.”


He scrunched up his nose at the sight of you snuggling with dozens of cats in the bed that you two SHARED. You turned to the side and so did all the other felines, stomach up and snoring. It was pretty laughable. But Laxus wasn’t one for jokes. Especially when cats and beds were involved. He stood above you with a frown before softly pushing a few of the cats out of the way to be able to pull you into his arms. “What am I going to do with you, _____?”

You opened one of your eyes and stared up dreamily at him, “Don’t forget to clean out the litter box tomorrow.”


He raised up another cat and yelled, “This one’s not Lector either!” You turned around to show another cat at your boyfriend, “Not him either!” The two of you had lost Lector in a sea of cats and were currently trying to find the feline friend once more. You tripped on a bump on the floor, groaning when you opened your eyes again to realize you were being walked on by the cats. “______?! Where did you go?! Oh crap I lost you too!”

You managed to raise your arm from the floor while being crushed by cats and waved it around, “I’M RIGHT HERE!”


“Let’s name him Poseidon,” you suggested as Rogue held up another one of your many cats. He raised an eyebrow and shook his head, “That’s a horrible name, ______. We’re not naming a GIRL cat a GOD’s name.” You rolled your eyes before picking up another kitten with a scowl, “Oh but we get to name this one, Troy Bolton?” Rogue nodded with a triumphant smirk, “Because I’m giving them good names.”

You pulled the kitty into your arms and pet its head softly, “What about we name him Luke Skywalker?”

“______, no.”


He raised an eyebrow at your cat frenzied state as you walked through the door. Dozens of cats swarmed around your messy figure, their paws tracking dirt inside the house. “Got something to tell me, ______?” You throw him a dirty look and toss the bag of cat food at him before growling, “It’s complicated.” The cats purr lovingly when you flop onto the couch with a sigh. “Is this food for you or the animals? Because with hair like that I’m not sure which one’s which now.”

“Cobra!” you growl before chucking a pillow at his face whilst he disappears into the kitchen. 


She tries not to laugh but it’s too much for her and she bursts out in melodic laughter when one of the cats starts to play with your hair again. You groan in agony when the other kittens start to lick at the fallen cream all around you. Wendy thankfully saved the cake before it slipped from your hands but the whipped cream filling couldn’t resist plummeting to the floor along with you. “Are you okay, _____?”

You chuckle against your hand before throwing some of the excess cream onto Wendy’s nose, “Now I am.” And that was when your pastry war begun with the cats as your spectators. You could have sworn Charle was dictating the bets between the kittens but you weren’t sure until you saw her slip some bills to the smallest kitty of them all.

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tater always considered himself a dog person. dogs are loud, energetic, sweet, goofy… tater sort of identified with them, even if he hasn’t had one since playing in the nhl

then he meets kit

it’s a wary meeting at first, what with alexei pretty sure he doesn’t like cats and kit not liking much of anyone besides kent. tater’s not really sure what to do with this small, white floof he’s secretly afraid he’ll crush, but he has to admit that - objectively speaking - she’s kind of… cute

when the falconers’ cup dreams go up in a puff of smoke but the aces are still going strong, tater agrees to look after the cat for the duration (he gets some… favors… he’s been asking for in return). the first night is a tenuous peace, with tater watching kent’s game on tv and kit perched on what must be the most ludicrously expensive cat tree alexei’s ever seen, watching him cautiously but unafraid. it’s a start

most days, he’s up before dawn; he has to be to get his run in and miss the oppressive, shimmering heat of the desert. kit is usually up but just barely, not long enough for her to be looking for food. she’s usually resting on the back of the couch, chin on her paws. her eyes track tater as he opens a can of wet food for her and her ears twitch just a bit, but she doesn’t make a move toward the food until tater’s gone. at least he assumes as much, since the bowl is always empty when he returns from his jog, the first rays of light peaking over the mountains

it’s not until the third week of playoffs, when the aces are this close to knocking out the kings, that tater decides to sleep in for once. something tugs him out of unconsciousness to find the morning sun spilling across kent’s white comforter. it takes him a moment to place himself in context and a moment longer to realize it’s kit’s plaintive cries, coming from the floor next to the bed, that have awoken him

he peers over the edge of the bed and her clear green eyes swivel up to his. she lets out one more cry that, fuck him, tugs on his heartstrings, before chirping and padding across the hardwood toward the door. he just stares after her and within a few seconds, the little pats of her paws stop. she looks over at him, still laying there, and comes back over, holding eye contact and prancing impatiently in a few lopsided circles before coming closer

alexei slowly extends a hand out from under the covers, palm up. she sniffs it daintily, watching him, before she bumps her head against his knuckles and he can’t help but smile. she meows again, quiet and conversational, before walking off toward the door again

maybe cats aren’t so bad

S2 Boueibu rambling

Imagine how funny it would be if Zundar were to tell the CA boys what’s going on in their absence. Like, he finds out what’s going down, realizes that someone is probably going to try to blame him for it somehow, so he decides to take matters into his own paws. So he tracks down his old team, and it’s like…

“Please don’t get excited, I’m just here to…”
“…let you…”
“…know that…”
*glass shattering*
“…someone is…”
*cat screeching*
“…trying to…”
*squealing tires*
“…destroy your…”
“…high school.”
“Wait, what?”