Just Married

And so, after a long while, it finally happened.
Sweet Paw and Switch Track are officially married now!
Thanks to everypony involved!

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“Das mine!” -TY Track


Black Dice “Kokomo" Load Blown 2007


peep the teaser for Prince Rama’s new film, “Never Forever”

now i miss getting lost. being girl on her own path of thickets and porcelainberry and spiderwort, their green and violet smothering the tree bark, choking the oaks with sticky fingers. i never did learn how to tell apart poison from the ivy. i never worried. 

i’d study the tracks. hoof, paw, wheel, bone. turning deer trails into girl trails. hiding stones in my pockets. hoarding dirt.

i miss forgetting. i miss the sun going down. i miss knowing mother’s worry when i wasn’t home for supper

no matter how far i’d wander, i was only ever walking home

here comes the indian is amazing and i feel like its the perfect soundtrack 2 24 hours in a forest with some friends and like idk whenever i listen 2 it all these images pop in to my mind and they’re connected, kind of like the entire album is telling a story lol i feel like its their most contained album and its like one piece and only makes sense and is good when you listen to the whole thing, or at least side 1 (native bell/hey light and infant dressing table/panic) or side 2 because i feel like each side is a day in the story and you can hear day/side 1 or day/side 2 and it would make sense

lets get in2 this thing!!!!!!

ok so native bell at the beginning every1 is entering the forest thats like the start of the day every1s havin fun and running around and stuf and so is hey light and after that they chill out and take a rest (the clapping part) then infant dressing table is like everyones chillin and sittin and theres this weird animal / forest monster and its around them and stalking them but they dont care and they rnt paying attention but then right as panic starts they hear the monster and they freak out!!!!!! holy shit its around us fuxk fuxk fuck that kinda thing and its stalking them and they see t on the shadows and hear its calls like basically avey tares vocal YEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHOOOOOWAAAYOWAYYYY part thats the animals calls and stuff and idk whats avey tares weird vocal part thats rly processed at the end is but its rly cool but then the monster goes away and its nighttime now…… the monster was stalking them when the sun was setting

side 2!!!!!

2 sails is like its night time everyones sleeping and stuff but its sort of half sleeping half hallucinating???? idk something like that everyones asleep so thats why its the longest song and its sort of the same thing fo like 12 mins ok but then halfway thru it gets louder and stuff so thats when ppl r starting to wake up a tiny lil bit like maybe open eyes for a few secs but not move around or anything or get up or something like that but then the last two mins everybody goes back to sleep for like an hour or so maybe and then………….

slippi!!! wake wake wake up lets have fun the monsters gone it didnt eat us!!!! woohoo!!! ur awoken with a lot of noise and stuff and u got a lot of sleep so now ur up n at em!!!!!! lets get up and party and stuff and all the while the sun is starting 2 rise and theres rly long shadows or whatever and its just so happy and upbeat and stuff woohoo!!!!!!!! and then at 1:53 the sun is totally up and everybodys running around in a circle and chanting along w/ the part and then toward the end they chill out and sit down and stuff and then……

2 soon!!!!! is like eating/making breakfast and theres conversation and everyones happy and reflecting on how great the day was and stuff…. ya so the part at 3:11 and all the parts tgat sound liek it  everybody is laughkng like thats a laughing sound and like the title “too soon” everyone wants to stay longer but they have to leave now and its ~too soon~ lol