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Shards of glass fell to the carpet along with the remains of the red wine moments after Neeka had hurled the wineglass towards the fireplace, the stone it connected with causing it to shatter.

“What the fuck is wrong with me?” Fingers curled into the hair on her temples as she let out another frustrated growl. The grasp on her own hair was quickly released as she threw arms in the and began to stalk towards the table.

“Stupid. Fucking STUPID!” She shrieked like a madwoman, both hands resting on the table only a second before she swept all the contents off…fruit rolling on the carpet and glass shattering spilling liquid all over the expensive carpet.

More curses and yelling came from the room, loud enough to be heard in the house but the staff knew better than to interrupt her. By the end of the night every breakable object in the master bedroom of the La’fleur manor had been broken, books torn apart and dents in the wallpaper.

A hurricane named none other than Neeka had passed through, it would be a chore to fix the place back up. It’d be hours before the woman found herself calm enough to leave the room, but when she did…

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“Which one of you knocked on my fucking door?”

HERE IT IS. AT LAST. I have been slaving away over this for the past week because I am horribly slow at digital inking, but this was one of those times where I kinda wanted the practice? ANYWAY. 

This is my thanks for the cool people of Riskbreakers for doing the RP thing with me, and letting Goober finally be free from those dumb Garleans.

Story behind it: Gaufrier’s been under the loving totally awful Garlean army as a captive as they try to develop some sort of Aether Supressor Thing. Jenesis got a bunch of people together to assault Castrum to finally free him!

TL;DR, I got to use my Echo power to give em one last push against the bad guy and their Device and it was REALLY EPIC AND I HAD A LOT OF FUN OKAY.

…so I had to put it into a drawing, cause that’s what I do.

So thank y’all for giving me an RP outlet, and I look forward to doing more with you! <3 

…now it’s onto those other doodles I wanted to do finally.


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[ Closed RP ] Paws off

It’s 2 AM and she could finally get some shut eye. With simple movements, she changed into her cozy pajamas once and for all, as well as loosening her hair. Spending hours upon hours on homework, she couldn’t have been more grateful to land upon the comfort of her bed once all her assignments were completed. Marinette set Tikki onto her pillow, thankful to her kwami for being a great supporter through all this.

She could feel her eyes grow heavy as she allowed them to close, ready for the bliss of sleep – well, until she heard sneezing. Her gaze was directed toward the window above her bed, the girl sighing to herself. She just couldn’t catch a break.

Telling the kwami to remain there, she got on her feet and opened the hatch. Peeking her head out with a narrowed gaze, she took a quick glance around until she caught sight of the one standing there.

“Chat Noir?!” she exclaimed in a whisper, eyes wide. No, she didn’t expect him here. Especially not at this hour. No, no, no. It couldn’t be he figured her out, could it?! She clearly had shock written all over her face, mouth agape. All she could hope for is that he didn’t know.

Open RP: Sticky Paws (modern)

Police sirens sounded as blinking cars blazed through the urban streets. The warning alarms made many pedestrian’ heads turn as the cars, at least four of them, whizzed by in search for their wanted criminals on the run. Black paws and bare feet raced passed the crowds as the white and black cars with their incandescent lights chased after them. It was a bold move indeed. The canine with golden watches and other costly items clenched between his teeth as his owner beside him heaved a large duffel bag as the ran. Teal hues scanned vigorously for a way out of their mess, eventually coming to an alley well up ahead. Changing their course, the duo disappears into an alley, sprinting across it’s dark shadows before splitting ways at the end of the street. Like lightning, the girl dressed in all black dives right beside a dumpster, camouflaging herself with the darkness that circles her. She holds her breath as she watched half of the police cars going the opposite direction, one whizzing right passed her while two policeman hopped out of their one vehicle to scan the area. I’m doomed she cried to herself.

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