paw prints weekly

I really didn't think it could be done.

On top of that, I didn’t think it could be done by me.

If you know anything about me, you know that I never set goals.

On top of that, I never accomplish those goals.

But here I am, with every single box checked off; signed, sealed, & delivered to classrooms around campus. Here I am, with my completed Journalism Bucket List, in all its glory.

header/folio: Last Issue of the Year. I did not think this was be so difficult when I asked Angela to reserve it for me a few months ago. But due to IB testing, double-registers, and blocked faces, I was forced to manually Photoshop 6 people. It’s worth it though; the header is going to double as my new Facebook timeline cover photo, and that translates to Likes. and for me, it’s always worth it for the Likes.

news article: so bland! But I think I got it off easy because I wrote about Guitar Club’s Jingle Bell (Acoustic) Rock concert, which I was actually co-MC for. Interviewing wasn’t so tough because I was familiar with everybody in Guitar Club. The best part was being able to input my own name (and Kenneth’s) into my article. I love loopholes~

editorial article: All editorial articles are anonymous, but nobody reads the newspaper or my blog, so I think it’s safe to reveal that I wrote about how PRIDE classes should improve on grade-specific curriculum. Editorials aren’t really my style of writing, although Wendy was a very helpful editor and supportive in my direction.

entertainment article: A spur of the moment decision, but I’m glad I was able to write about the Wizards of Waverly Place series finale. There was a lot more freedom involved in writing for this section and if I had the chance, I would do it again (almost asked to write about the Jonas reality show…)

perspectives article: my first article! I remember working on this back in October! It was when MEMBERies was born~ I’m really glad I decided to write about the appropriateness of fonts because it’s something I’m passionate about but I hate explaining individually. Alan was a butthole when I wrote for him but I know he only wanted the best for the paper and for me as a writer. I was also able to make my own graphic for my article!

feature: I had the pleasure of interviewing the 2012 Mr. Wilson candidates! It was hectic to have to run around and play scavenger hunt for all the guys, but I was able to talk to people I never had a chance to, but seeing the finished page (photographed & made my own graphics for this page too) made all the scrambling around worthwhile! Thank you to Grace & Daniel for all the encouragement and useful feedback~

sports: Just because he asked me to Prom doesn’t excuse me from having to write an article for Kenneth’s section. I saved this article for last because I knew it would not be fun to write Sports… In the end I chose to write about Badminton during the first week of CST testing. This made interviewing easier but I would still never write for Sports again~

graphics: Aside from those already mentioned, I recall making a graphic for the 9/11 Feature, April’s diet-betes Perspectives article, and just today, Aaron’s article. I really don’t consider myself a graphic artist, and my style is very clean & straightforward, but I’ve enjoyed the challenge.

word on the street: photographed for the 9/11 Feature and interviewed&photographed for the Dream Job article

art: drew my own art for my Editorial article

ad: designed the ads I sold (Varsity Waterpolo (lmao can’t believe they actually bought it) and Prom Hair/Makeup ad

briefcases: cannot believe I willingly wrote for News section again…. but this was easier so it wasn’t all that bad

photography: This was the position I originally signed on for at the beginning of the year because it’s what I’m most confident in, but I joined Journalism knowing I would also fulfill duties of other positions. My job as photographer on Paw Prints Weekly staff has really challenged my technical skills. And it has also allowed me to further share my photography with others not only through the school newspaper, but also through my Facebook album, home to all of my Journalism Rejects. 

I don’t regret not joining Journalism earlier. I actually don’t think I would feel comfortable had I joined as a sophomore or junior. There’s just something about the confidence I gained when I became a senior that was the perfect accompaniment for my role(s) in Paw Prints. Nevertheless, I remember why I wanted to join in the first place: it was because I wanted to be a part of a family; and oh, what a family we’ve become (apparently I’m the Mom…). Consider this a lame, shortened version of my Senior Goodbye (can’t officially write one because I’m not an editor~)

Leaving the last work day today put things into perspective.

This is the beginning of the end.

The first of the lasts.

Twenty more days (give or take) of high school left… T_____T

PS! Be on the lookout for a special edition of Paw Prints Weekly with all my work compiled~

EDIT: Wow… I’m really self-absorbed…