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Do you think you could give some pointers as to how to draw dragons? I'm stuck whenever I try and the anatomy and proportions never seems to line up.

That’s the fun part about dragons though - you can throw anatomy out the window for the most part because there’s no specific one way to draw them.

[I made this at 3am and forgot about it in my drafts, so please let me know if you want clarification on a specific thing]

I like to push for variety and variation with dragons. The most common dragon we usually see is a Western Dragon; long neck, spikes, webbed wings, horns on their head. [you can probably picture one from pop culture based on that reference alone]

But that doesn’t have to be the only way to draw dragons. There are also Wyverns, Eastern Orientals, Hyrdas, Serpents, and more. Play around with the body and faces of dragons to make them a bit more unique and give them more personality and don’t be afraid to make them look “ugly”, they could end up pretty badass.

Dragons can have a wide variety of body types. These can vary from proper quadruped legs to bipedal with a weight offset. Front legs can be shorter than back legs, or they can even resemble real-life animals with “dragony” features. 

If you’re worried about proportioning, try breaking up your dragon’s body. I’ll use the Body Type + Appearance Dragons as examples;

  • Large: 33% Head // 33% Body // 33% Tail // [1% Extra/Pudge hehe]
  • Skinny: 10% Head // 20% Neck // 25% Body // 45% Tail
  • Lean: 10% Head // 20% Neck // 35% Body // 35% Tail
  • Bipedal: 10% Head // 40% Body // 50% Tail

With wings, you’re going to want them to be larger than your dragon’s body [unless they’re earthbound, in which case they can be tiny] Ideal wings are usually as long as your dragons body without the tail.

If you’re struggling with wings, I often break them up into two or three parts. Consider it to be like your arm, going from bicep to forearm to hand and fingers. Note that the Butterfly wings seen above don’t use this same method and are one solid piece.

If you’re designing a dragon, consider where they live or what they’ll be doing. Oceanic dragon? Try webbed hands or fins. Earthbound dragon? Give them big, powerful claw-paws so they can dig through the toughest of dirt. Again, there’s no right way to draw a dragon, so have fun with it!

El Paso Evening Post, Texas, April 4, 1928 

Spring’s in the air, or visitors at the Washington Park zoo in Milwaukee would not yet have seen this little polar bear cub. On the warmest days the mother brings it out of the dark den where she was kept it hidden for about 14 weeks. So carefully does she guard the youngster between her powerful paws that zoo attendants have been unable to touch it.

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Also size difference, my god. Tyler has huge hands conspired to Ethan, it's dumb.

Yooooo bonus for size difference: Ethan wearing Tyler’s clothes and they’re huge on him; sweatpants that he could trip on, tshirts that are super long and sweatshirts and jackets with sleeves too long and maximum sweatpaws
I am actually dying why do you do this to me? The way they hold hands sometimes is both of Ethan’s sandwiched between Tyler’s and Ethan always gets super blushy about it! Also Ethan in oversized clothing is tOO CUTE oh lord! Him wearing Ty’s clothes starts when Tyler goes away for a weekend and Ethan buries himself in hoodies because they smell like Tyler? But then it becomes an addiction and he’s always walking around the house in Tyler’s clothes. It’s not even the type of thing where it’s like “Wait a second…are you wearing my shirt?”

Because Ethan is smol and he looks like he’s wearing a dress rather than a shirt. Tyler complains a little about the legs of his sweatpants dragging on the floor, but Ethan swats him with the super powerful sweater paws? Also Tyler grabbing Ethan by the loose clothing and pulling him up into a kiss? And cuddle sessions where Tyler’s hands have to search through baggy clothes to find Eth’s ticklish spots.

pLus Ethan wearing Tyler’s jackets when it’s chilly or rainy out! And Mark is like, “Dude, just wear a coat that fits” and in response Ethan slides his arm out of the extremely long sleeves to flip him off.

Hurting - Jacob Black Imagine

The heart that could’ve belonged to the male imprint shattered. Her ears caught the voices in front of her speaking about Bella. Jacob, her imprint, had kissed Bella. Tears brimmed in her eyes as she shook her head denying it all. Why would he do that to me? He didn’t imprint on her. It was me that he imprinted on. I imprinted on him too. She balled her hands into fists and stomped up to the male. She took a swing at him and nailed him in the face. He stumbled back as she tried to control her anger so she wouldn’t change out in the opening. He seemed surprised that she was there standing before him. 

“Look,” He put his hands up and approached her. “I can explain.”

“Okay, explain.” She snapped at him. He sighed as he quickly thought of an excuse. “Hey, idiot. I can read your mind.” 

“I-I,” he wanted to cry for his imprint. He wanted to hold her in his arms and give her all his attention. 

“What?” She choked on her words. He stood there not saying anything. She couldn’t even read his mind anymore. Bella stepped forward and pushed Jacob back hastily.

“Hey, I am so-”

“It’s fine.” her voice cracked as her walls started crumbling down. She turned around and ran for the woods. Jacob called her name but she couldn’t hear him. Jacob watched the woman her love disappear in the woods. The only thing she heard was her heartbeat in her ears. Anger built up inside her body. Her body changed into the usual wolf form that was all white. Voices from the other members started to fill her mind. They called out to her but she ignored them. One decision caused her to shiver. She blocked all contact from them and ran through the woods. A scent from the distance caused her nose to twitch in disgust. Vampire. The vampire was not the Cullens. This was the scent of something more powerful. Her paws skidded to a stop when she came face to the vampire.

“Hello, mutt.” The leech had a British accent. She gave the male a threatening growl. “You have lost everything that you ever loved.” Another growl but a louder one erupted from her throat. “First your parents, and now the one that you imprinted on. Tell me, darling. How does that feel?” She turned her nose away when she silently agreed with him. “Why don’t you change back and listen to me?” She shook her head not wanting to change in front of the leech. She most definitely did not want to be naked in front of the male. She continued to debate on ending the male right here. “Come on, you have so much more power than any other wolf.” A smirk came upon her face when she became confused. Hands wrapped around her throat as teeth sunk into her skin through the white fur. Blood covered her white coat while the leeches smirking. She howled in agony. 

“Well, that went better than I thought it would.” A feminine voice said coldly through her screaming. The male took off his coat and placed it over the female on the ground that suddenly became human again. 

“Shall we take her?” He hoisted her up who felt pain. The pain was unbearable like she couldn’t handle it. The pain from a broken heart and the pain from a vampire mixed together. She was hurting and there was nothing she could do about it.

“She will be wonderful.”

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Hoped you all enjoyed that one. I enjoyed writing it. Should there be a part two?

Imagine young Spark being the awkward trainer all along and obviously he admires his friends blanche and candela bc they are powerful af (and totally in love) but he does not have a particular style of breeding pokèmon, and this makes him feel like he is just the average one in the team

candela has power, blanche has wisdom and he has ???? a strong love for pokèmon for sure but that is nothing special, damn, they all love and care about their pokèmon

but prof willow wants him to join too and he accepts of course, but he really feels like nothing special (and he talks about this to blanche and candela and they both get mad because he is an awesome trainer with great talent he should never say that again or they will rip his sorry ass) but still the feeling remains and he can’t help it

And then there was that mission. They were instructed to go and explore a new zone and analyse the species of pokèmon that lived there.
All was going as predicted, with blanche making them keeping up with their schedule, but then Candela screamed. Candela never screams, she is that kind of girl that is never scared of anything. Blanche and him ran as fast as they could, only to find a terrified Candela trying her best to fight a nidoking and a nidoqueen with her flareon, that was already suffering a horrible wound. The two huge pokèmons were livid, growling and totally out of their league.
Blanche was petrified the moment they saw the scene, being too well aware of the danger they were in. After all, their critical thinking drove them out of the worst situation. But this was beyond any worst they ever faced. And he was the most useless of them, most of his pokèmon being electric types and their oppenents being two powerful poison/ground types.

He knew all of this. Blanche used to describe him as “the only one that could make his life out of being completely lacking of common sense” and when he called his Jolteon out of his pokeball, the look Blanche throwed at him pratically screamed that sentence. They did not dare to talk though, the sound could have pissed off the two pokèmon even more. He didn’t know what he was doing, but something in the gaze of the two pokèmon told him that they were not that angry just because Candela had stepped in their territory. Pokèmon were never aggressive to other pokèmon or people without a valid reason. His Jolteon waited for an order, even if her spiked fur was shaking. He stepped forward waving a hand, asking the eletric pokèmon to cover him. The Nidoking growled louder, lowering his head, ready to attack. Spark opened his arms wide, and continued to walk towards him and his female counterpart. He heard Candela whispering “Spark, no!” while he was passing by her. He didn’t listen. Now the two Nidos were confused. He didn’t seem like someone who wanted to hurt them. They waited. He kept walking. When he was near enough, so close that the Nidoking could have hit him with a swing of his powerful paw, he spoke.

“Where is your baby?”
He didn’t know if they had one. He just assumed that they were protecting something. When they smelled the young pokèmon trainer and the fire eevelution, they attacked out of fear.
Silence fell. He stood still, waiting, his heart racing, looking the female pokèmon in the eye. Nidoqueen growled, breaking the silence. The Nidoking returned to his normal position, not keeping his guard high anymore. She turned around, to reveal the two baby Nidorans that were hiding behind her strong tail. They were two little males. One of them, tough, had a deep cut in his rear leg.
He faced again the Nidoqueen, asking for permission. The pokèmon growled again, watching him cagily. Then he kneeled, observing the small pokèmon, trying to sort out how to treat the wound.
“Blanche!” He called. “Come over here!”
Blanche, that was now way more calmer but still vigilant, approached the pokèmon imitating the young man, then kneeling next to him. They watched the wound closely, analysing it. “It’s a deep wound, but with a few stitches and a Full Restore, he should be fine.” They drawed the item out of their backpack, as well as the needle and the thread. They asked again permission to the two parents, that were now very close to them, the belligerency from before disappeared, leaving space for a very worried expression. The skilled hands of Blanche moved rapidly, while he was keeping the little Nidoran still. Candela arrived some minutes later, her Flareon already returned to his pokèball and cured. When Blanche finished, after cleaning the blood and made sure the Nidoran drank all of the potion, the pokèmon emitted a faint sound of contentment. Blanche, Candela and him smiled to each other, then Nidoking approached the group of friends and enclosed them with his tail, howling out of happiness. Nidoqueen licked her cubs, then joined her partner, almost crushing the three trainers. When they let them go, Spark caressed their horned heads, then Jolteon jumped on her trainer, nuzzling him. They left the pokèmon family with the promise of returning to check on the Nidoran.

When they were out of their sight, Candela jumped on Spark, screaming, hugging him tightly and bringing Blanche along in the hug. They didn’t complain. “How did you know?” She asked, after releasing everyone.
“I didn’t, really!” Spark was bright red, and his two friends watched him skeptically. “I just imagined that they had something to protect to be that aggressive. I mostly acted following my instincts…” He smiled wide. “In the end, it worked out just fine. And the little Nidoran was cured. I guess I’m a genius!” He tried to keep a straight face, but then Candela laughed and he followed, both pratically choking of laughter. Blanche was serious, their hand holding their chin, thinking. “That’s it.” They said. “That’s your way of breeding… no, more, that’s your way of life, Spark. You never think something through. You act, following your instinct, not worrying for one moment if that could be a right or wrong move. If it gaves you a good vibe, then it must be right. Even if you are in a deadly situation. This is your strength.” Candela smiled. “Yeah, right. Spark, that was the most unbelievable and yet the bravest thing I ever saw. And you didn’t even realize how friggin’ awesome was that. You are the real deal, man!” He was speechless. He didn’t actually expect that to be… Brave? He just did it because it felt right. He smiled even brighter. Blanche was right. This was his strenght. He took his two friends under his arms, kissing them on the forehead. “What would I do without you two?” Blanche scrunched their nose. “You would be probably eating some shitty fastfood while bingewatching anime”
“and laughing like a retarted seal on some meme on the internet” Candela added.
“Wow, if that isn’t an accurate depiction of me. You guys know me too well. And Cands, you laugh at memes too, you moron!”

“I’m Spark, leader of Team Instinct.” He proudly said three years later, introducing himself to the rookies.
“Alright, now who wants cookies?”

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Super quick before bed sketch that I was too lazy to color.

So how does she do it? Well, she built up her muscles on her front legs. So buff. I like to think that somehow the clan came up with some kind of floaty system for her back legs, and then she practiced swim therapy with jayfeather to begin strengthening, and then she found out on her own that she could walk on two legs. She uses her tail for balance, and splays her toes out so that her weight is distributed more and she again had more balance. She can go VERY FAST!

If she gets tired or is taking a break from walking she just plops her butt down.

So I was having trouble with ideas for battle moves. Ok, so she could just scare cats off. But she has to have some sort of attack ability. 

So I was thinking she can run quickly at her enemy, surprising them long enough to plop her butt down, swipe with her powerful front paws, and get up and run off. 

I would love ideas from others too <3

But most importantly, she’s able to move around, doesn’t feel guilty anymore “for being a burden”, able to be the warrior she always wanted, and she’s happy. 

The Protector

I was simultaneously super excited and nervous that I found myself hyperventilating. This was the closest I had ever been to the king of the jungle, in the middle of the Serengeti. I tried to remain calm but I could only remember quietly squealing, “Oh my God, oh my god, oh my god” under my breath. At only five feet away, this lion could literally annihilate me with a swipe of his powerful paw so I tried my best not to be a distraction. Focusing on his confident and calm stride, his beautiful mane and powerful presence, I couldn’t help but wonder in awe of all the beautiful creations on this earth. It is a humbling experience and also a great reminder of our responsibility to protect the wild and look after one another.